star wars movies rated by amount of clone content

the phantom menace: no clones. not a single one. not even a twinkle in jango fett’s eyes. palpatine might be off planning something, but he’s always doing that so it hardly counts. the pre-clone galaxy barely even merits mentioning. 0/10

attack of the clones: they’re here! they’re even in the title! you get everything from tiny baby clones on up, at home on kamino, fighting battles, all of it, and they’re ready to fuck shit up. i love all my sons. 100/10

the clone wars: what can i say, it’s all covered there in the title. the pinnacle of clone appreciation. 1000000000/10

revenge of the sith: and now my guys are here to ruin everything. it’s okay, though, i still love them. cody is here, the 501st is here, and they might be on the murdery side but i support them in all their endeavors. 10/10

bonus entry: rebels: rex is there but wolffe and gregor showed up once, never to be seen again, and no other clones are in evidence. there is still time for this to improve, but while rex is kicking ass, there are not enough clones to give it perfect marks. 9/10

a new hope: no clones, but luke and obi-wan discuss the clone wars, so hey, i’ll take that as meaning all the clones are there in spirit. and you never know,  some of those stormtroopers could still be clones under all that armor. however, this mostly clone free movie is ultimately disappointing. 2/10

the empire strikes back: there’s boba fett! he’s a terrible clone, and depending on what version of the movie you happen to be watching, he may or may not sound like a clone, and he almost certainly doesn’t want anyone knowing he’s a clone, but he is. so there. 7/10 

return of the jedi: and boba fett is back. he doesn’t get any lines, just sort of flies around like an annoying wasp trying to look menacing before he gets chomped on. screams once or twice. not very interesting. also there’s an old guy on endor who might be captain rex, but used to be nik sant, we just don’t know. 5/10

the force awakens: once again, the clones are gone. but! my boys get a shout out! “perhaps leader snoke should consider using a clone army.” damn right, he only wishes he could, they’re the best. e for effort. 1/10