Highly improbable that this could happen.  Just imagine that millions of men from every job sector walked off their job to protest the disrespect shown to them by females and society at large.  Imagine the initial responses from females, mockingly referring to the walk out as male tears, then imagine the coming days as garbage piled up, utilities went unprepared, women start getting to work looking extra haggard because they have to leave out hours before hand because their was no one to operate the trains.  A couple more days go by and the electricity starts to fail because no one was there to watch the turbines.  Then suddenly the water tastes a little  bit funky, whose manning the water treatment plants.  Cable goes out, who repairing the lines?

A week goes by and suddenly the grocery store shelves are looking sparse, who’s packing the food? Who’s delivering the products? Who’s stocking the shelves?   Ungrateful females starving, cold, in the dark and no place to go.


Feminists become “Terrorists” and send bomb and death threats over advertisement

Reject gynocentrism

1. Buying women engagement rings

Why are you obliged to buy your fiancé a ring? It’s interesting how none of these modern women seem to have a problem with this patriarchal ritual. It’s only sexist when it doesn’t benefit women I guess.

2. Paying for dates

Only escorts should be paid for their company. If she is not willing to go dutch, she is using you.

3. Chivalry

If you ever feel the desire to help out a strange woman in distress, do not do it. It’s almost guaranteed she wouldn’t help you if the situation was reversed.

4. Objects for female approval

Only obtain material objects for your own utility, never for the approval of women. You’ll have much more money to spend on the things you actually enjoy.

5. Marriage

This is the holy grail of gynocentrism. It locks you into a three way contract with the state where your wife can take your property, current wealth, future wealth and freedom on a whim.

Gynocentrism, murder and the gender suicide gap

Gynocentrism, murder and the gender suicide gap #Suicide #Narrativetherapy #Narratology #Mensrights

I’d gladly lose me to find you I’d gladly give up all I got To catch you I’m gonna run and never stop I’d pay any price just to win you Surrender my good life for bad To find you I’m gonna drown an unsung man I’d call that a bargain The best I ever had – The Who Elliot Roger, a deeply disturbed young man, was obsessed with his rejection by women. He hated them for that rejection as surely as he…

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Women against Feminism is just more gynocentrism

Women are well aware of the advantages they have in western society. The vast majority have no problem with the status quo.

Anti-feminisms recent rise in popularity is a result of the negative returns of modern feminism, in particular the Mgtow phenomenon. These anti-feminists want to entice men back to the plantation. Once there, the majority will cuckold or divorce rape men just like they have since the inception of no fault divorce.

Feminists wanted women to be freed from their traditional roles but they lacked the foresight to see that it would cause men to walk away from theirs. Do you honestly believe any of these “antifeminist” women want to approach men for dates? Go dutch on dates? Have female homeless shelters reduced to accommodate male shelters? End alimony payments? Serve the same prison sentences that men do? They don’t. That’s why they don’t talk about these things, they’d rather talk about gamergate.

Being anti-feminist is not the same as being pro-male. These women are still gynocentric. Don’t let them give you false hope.

Montana Man Refuses to Pay Bachelor Tax

This photo comes from the 23 May 1921 Batavia Daily News.

William Atzinger, of Fort Benton, Mont., refuses to pay the $3 state bachelor tax. Neither will he be married to escape the tax. But he’ll pay, he says, if spinsters are taxed also. William Atzinger, of Fort Benton, Mont., refuses to pay the $3 state bachelor tax. Neither will he be married to escape the tax. But he’ll pay, he says, if spinsters are taxed also. Volume 8 of The Social Hygiene Bulletin has this note:
The Tax on Bachelors

William Atzinger, aged 35, notified the assessor of Chouteau County, Montana, that he will refuse to pay the poll tax of $3 levied on bachelors by the last state legislature. In his declaration he says, “Spinsters are responsible for my not being married in their refusals of my wooing in the past.”

The report from Great Falls, Montana, further quotes the defiant bachelor as follows: “Tax the spinsters of the same age and I will gladly pay, but otherwise it is class legislation and I stand upon my rights. Furthermore I refuse to get married to escape jail and I refuse to pay a bachelor tax to escape jail.”Early the following year, the Montana state supreme court ruled that the bachelor tax was unconstitutional (at the same time it also threw out a 21-year-old poll tax that was also imposed only on men).

Fighting feminism is the exact opposite of what we should be doing.

We need to fight the sexist stereotypes that the general public buys into.

what would it take for a feminist to change your mind? Nothig, right? that’s EXACTLY how they feel as well. they can’t be reasoned with, nor should you even try.

wake society up to the gynocentrism and they’ll realize on their own that feminism is well past it’s expiration date.


Review of Gender Inclusive by Adam Jones - Victor Zen

This looks like an interesting read. Jones examined the way news outlets approach atrocities and found that they exclude males and include females. They do this by drawing attention to female victims and reducing the male side to barely more than a footnote, identifying men as human doings rather than human beings (citizens/villagers/workers), and excluding them entirely.

A rather blatant example that always stuck out like a sore thumb for me but that for some reason doesn’t seem at all cruel or even noticeable, is the “including women and children”. The worst example of this I ever heard was when there were hundreds, if not thousands of dead men and just one woman, the children were child soldiers (again, all male).

Soooo, who saw the new South Park today?

     I had watched it about an hour ago and felt like writing up my thoughts related to the new episode; The Magic Bush

     For those of you who haven’t, basically Cartman goes over to Butter’s house to play with his father’s drone and they end up spying on a woman who has a huge bush. I’m not going to go too deep into the plot, but I will say a good portion of the episode deals with the woman being offended at how everyone thinks she’s gross for not shaving down there.

     This isn’t necessarily feminist, but it is gynocentric. Especially since so many women view men as scum for not liking a certain type of girl; But it doesn’t just stop at body hair. In fact, they also pick at a guy who won’t date certain women because of their weight, race, and so many other things, simply because a certain type of guy wouldn’t like it.  I’m honestly sick of it.

     I used to be just like those girls who made men feel like trash for not being into fat chicks; I used to believe the kind of guys who exclusively liked skinner women were womanizing and misogynistic assholes, who only viewed women as cum dumpsters. Now, I honestly don’t care about the guys who prefer skinnier women, as I already have one who likes my body the way it is. 

     Over the years, I’ve kind of lost track of what most guys seem to like in women because a lot of them want different things.  Some guys want thinner women, some like larger women; Some men like blondes, while others go for brunettes; Some guys are more into breasts, while others prefer a woman with a nice booty.

     They are not scum because they have preferences; And heck! Women are the same way.  Some girls prefer clean-shaven guys, while others prefer beards and facial hair (I’m one of them, by the way; But I’m not picky); And some girls prefer muscular guys, while other women like men who are chunkier or leaner. Although, I honestly don’t see men picking at women who simply have preferences; I’m not saying it doesn’t happen, but I just haven’t experienced being picked on by men because of my preferences. 

      And I’ve already pointed out how society already puts beauty standards on men and women, so don’t think this argument is one-sided; So just stop treating beauty standards like a taboo, and let people live their lives.

-Chris P. Bacon