Gymnastics Floor


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Gymnastics Legends (Part 3/): Aliya Mustafina

  • 7 Olympics medals, 11 World medals, and 12 European medals
  • 2x Olympic Champion, 3x World Champion, and 5x European Champion
  • 2010 All Around World Champion
  • 2012 & 2016 Olympic Uneven Bars Champion (the first female gymnast to defend an Olympic event title since Svetlana Khorkina in 1996 & 2000)
  • 2013 Balance Beam World Champion
  • first female gymnast since Simona Amanar (also in 1996 & 2000) to medal in the all around at two consecutive Olympics
  • has a World or Olympic medal in every single final (team, all around, vault, uneven bars, balance beam, and floor exercise)
  • came back from a devastating ACL injury to be the most decorated gymnast at the 2012 Olympic games
  • 2nd most decorated female Russian gymnast of all time
  • tied for the most Olympic medals of any female Russian gymnast

Already a successful elite gymnast and 1992 Olympian for Canada, Stella Umeh earns her first perfect 10 during her last team competition as a UCLA Bruin.

Before the competition, Stella said “I’m waiting for a finger to fall off; a toe. Like, I’m hanging on by a loose thread. And my body… I trust it, and believe in my body. And I believe in what I’ve done all of my life, and gymnastics. Seventeen years is pretty much all of my life. I’m ready to not overstay my welcome in terms of being in this sport too long, and I’m ready to end this chapter.”


Crazy Skills & Combos Gymnasts Have Only Shown in Training (so far) Part 1/: Simone Biles

(L-R): 2 ½ Twist + Front Full + Straddle Jump (FX), Double Twisting Double Layout (Moors, FX), Biles + Punch Front (FX), Triple Twisting Yurchenko (VT), Triple Tuck (TumblTrak), Triple Twisting Double Tuck (TumblTrak), Double Arabian Full Out (TumblTrak), 1 ½ Twisting Double Tuck (Mustafina, UB), Standing Arabian + BHS (BB), Piked Double Arabian (Dos Santos I, TumblTrak), Double Twisting Double Tuck (Fabrichnova, UB), Double Layout + LOSO (TumblTrak), BHS Step-out + BHS Step-out + Triple Twist (BB), Yurchenko Double Tuck (VT), BHS + BHS + Double Twisting Double Tuck (BB), Standing Double Tuck, Full Twisting Double Layout (UB), LOSO + Back Tuck (BB)


In other news, Dutch junior Sanna Veerman is training an awesome double double!


Marcel Nguyen jumping on the triple back train 🚂

I’m surprised how good it looks even though it’s not on the real floor. @twoflips-threetwists reminded me that he did qualify to floor finals in London, which I had completely forgotten about.