The Strongest lady that ever lived ! 😛 And I’m not ashamed, I took my time, & I kept a good balance, I may be strong but still a gentle, puppy loving young lady. You may be able to see all my muscles when I hit the gym, or you may look at me like I’m an alien because I may be something you rarely ever see, but I’m still #qimmahrusso & this IS ME! Remember that Your mind is what makes YOU a champion 🙌🏽 the hard work shows ! #qimmahtherapy #qflex

anonymous asked:

Is Calvin going to the gym or something he looks HOT


Fun story: I wish I had taken a picture of the encounter, but today the rock was at my gym and this meek, little dude using a machine next to him was wearing a wwe shirt with the rock’s face on it. The fellow looked up and he was clearly both star struck and embarrassed. All I heard the rock say was ‘nice shirt, man.’ Moral I guess is don’t wear shirts with celebrity’s faces on them because you never know when they’ll be using the gym equipment next to you.

I guess ps- I go to a very normal, plain, standard, frilly gym idk why the hell he goes here.

Nix los hier in Witten 😉
So schön Pümperchen für die Bröschte machen und heute Nacht gibs wieder ne entspannte Zugfahrt zurück nach Berlin😊
Schönen Sonntag Abend Sportsfreunde!
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