The Strongest lady that ever lived ! 😛 And I’m not ashamed, I took my time, & I kept a good balance, I may be strong but still a gentle, puppy loving young lady. You may be able to see all my muscles when I hit the gym, or you may look at me like I’m an alien because I may be something you rarely ever see, but I’m still #qimmahrusso & this IS ME! Remember that Your mind is what makes YOU a champion 🙌🏽 the hard work shows ! #qimmahtherapy #qflex

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Is Calvin going to the gym or something he looks HOT


This Is How We’ve Been Remade

Part 11 in series: The Things We Make, We make With Love

Derek chased the basketball down the driveway, corralling it at the sidewalk.

“That’s H-O-R-S, Daddy.” Stephen caught the ball from his father. “One more letter and you lose.” He shook his finger at him and lined up to shoot the basket.

“I know. I guess I must have left my A-game inside.” Derek was letting him win.  

“Yeah, you really brought your Z-game today.”

Wow, so much sass at the hands of a seven year old. Oh well. They had an important errand to run, and they needed to do so before Stiles came home from the gym. Derek looked up as Stephen sunk his shot into the hoop, which Derek admitted, he’d set up too high for Stephen, but come on. There was no way he could play on a hoop six feet off the ground. So eight feet it was.

Stephen passed the ball to him, and Derek shot it off the backboard. It didn’t go in.

“I win!”

Derek messed up his hair. “Let’s go get changed. I have to go do something, and I need my first mate along for the ride.”

“Oooh, what are we doing, Daddy?”

“Well it’s really important, and I need the best secret keeper I know to come help me.”

Stephen’s eyes lit up as he walked through the front door. “Really? I’m the best?”

“Oh absolutely. Now go get changed. We have to be out of the house before Tatuś gets home.” Derek followed him up the stairs and jumped into the shower.

Five minutes later, he no longer smelled like a gym sock and found Stephen sitting on the couch waiting for him. “Ready to go on this Top Secret mission?”

Stephen saluted him. “Aye-aye, Captain.”

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44Kg - 58Kg

My story so far. It’s taken… A while… Longer than it should have, I think. And I’ve got a while to go before I reach my goal.

For the first time in my life my BMI is “Normal”.

I remember, vividly, being too embarrassed to join a gym, looking up beginner workout routines and thinking, “Ten press ups? TEN?! But what if you can’t do one?!”

And then there was the bodybuilding “diets” plastered all through the fitness magazines, all aimed at guys who *could* fit two chicken breasts and a bucket of broccoli in their stomach in one sitting, six times a day.

It was a frustrating time.

I’m not here to bitch, or whine. I just want to say if there’s anyone out there, who finds themselves in this situation…

Scale everything back to be relative to YOU. Scale it back to manageable proportions. From experience, trying a fitness and diet program that’s blatantly too great for you will likely lead to frustration, and demotivation.

First know your limits, your own, *personal* limits… Then exceed them, every session.
Be reasonable, but not easy with yourself. Keep going. Don’t give up.

Fun story: I wish I had taken a picture of the encounter, but today the rock was at my gym and this meek, little dude using a machine next to him was wearing a wwe shirt with the rock’s face on it. The fellow looked up and he was clearly both star struck and embarrassed. All I heard the rock say was ‘nice shirt, man.’ Moral I guess is don’t wear shirts with celebrity’s faces on them because you never know when they’ll be using the gym equipment next to you.

I guess ps- I go to a very normal, plain, standard, frilly gym idk why the hell he goes here.