Season 4 Finale/Season 5 Premier Speculations

You now how Gwendoline Yeo put the terrifying episode title of the finale up on Twitter?

I started thinking… what if “Owari,” (which means “the end” in Japanese) refers not to the end of our beloved Rat Daddy, but to the end of Shredder (and all his drama)?

The next episode, the premier of season 5, is called, “Scroll of the Demodragon.”

We’ve seen in a preview clip that Tigerclaw summons the demodragon Kavaxas for… some reason. I dunno. And he used magic words on a scroll to call him. It was downright creepy.

I’m actually not sure if this clip is from one of the final episodes of season 4 (with “Scroll of the Demodragon” being a continuation of Kavaxas’ story), or if this is from the premier of season 5. Anyone know for sure?

Anyway, if it is from “Scroll of the Demodragon,” what if Shredder met his end in “Owari,” and Tigerclaw is summoning Kavaxas to raise Shredder from the dead? And of course Shredder would go to heck so Tigerclaw would basically have to call up Satan to get him back.

As a side note, I think it’s kinda funny this looks like a volcano crater and we’ve been posting “Throw Shredder in a volcano,” for some time now. lol


Interviews with Sean Astin (Raphael: our tough cinnamon roll), Gwendoline Yeo (Shinigami: Karai’s new girlfriend), Kevin Eastman (honestly you better know who he is) and Ciro Nieli (Executive Producerconcept art god of tmnt)

Interviews with Rob Paulson (Donatelloour nerdy little love sick goofball), Greg Cipes (Mikey: idk where to start with this pizza loving child) and Eric Bauza (Tigerclaw: shredder’s bitch

Season 4 Final 2 Episodes

If you don’t know, Gwendolin Yeo has posted 2 new episode titles.

Episode 25 -  Requiem

Episode 26 -   Owari

Requiem means a mass for a death. Or in another way or saying it, a funeral. So someone could be dieing this episode.

Owari means ‘The End’ or ‘Finished’ in Japanese. If someone close to the turtles has been killed by Super Shredder in the previous episode, so I wonder if they be fighting Super Shredder in the final episode but it be a lot longer than the other times they fought him in previous episodes.

So The Big Question is, Who is going to die???

So guys prepare for feels, feels and more feels and stock up on tissues, the last few episodes are probably going to be emotional.

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Gwendoline Yeo (Richelle on American Crime, Paine from FFX-2, Domino from the Deadpool videogame, etc.) was at Nick Studios recording for TMNT with Kelly Hu and Kevin Michael Richardson! No news on who she’ll be playing yet (though we can assume she has scenes with Karai and Shredder–another kunoichi perhaps?), but it’s great to see another girl will be kicking butt on the show.

Images courtesy of Kelly and Gwendoline’s Instagrams. Click on the images for their associated captions.

Just remembered this earlier image of Gwendoline Yeo from Brandon Auman’s instagram account. So she recorded with the turtles, too (Greg Cipes was sick). HMMMMM… Hero? Villain? Mutant?

Someone mentioned Tang Shen, but I’m inclined to think that’s Minae Noji’s secret role–her voice is very similar to Kelly’s, which would work for mother/daughter.

Whatever Gwendoline’s role is, I’m excited to find out (and make lots of guesses in the meantime).


Interview with Hedy, Tara and Gwendoline, voice actors of YRP.