9:05 pm, Brindelton Bay

Gwen, laughing: Hey, cut that out!

Lucille: Oh, come on, I’m so hungry!

Gwen: Yeah, and I need that for the apple pie I’m making for you!

Lucille managed to take a bite of the apple, earning a swat from her girlfriend.

Gwen: Lucy!

Lucille laughed, and nuzzled up against Gwen.

Lucille: I just can’t wait that looong!

Gwen was about to playfully scold her, but there was a sudden knock at the door.

Gwen: Wait, did you hear a knock?

Lucille: I think I did… let me go check.


The fellowship of Tim Burton’s Merlin
And the commission for @deathcomeswithakiss
Tim Burton’s Merlin


“Welcome to camp, asshole”


The Camp Camp Teen AU is beautiful so here’s my take on it! VERY inspired by @mayorowly

In this version, two years after Camp Campbell shuts down, Max gets kicked out of another school, and his old camp buddies tell him he should come to their school instead. That year, there is two new teachers coming to the school, and it’s Gwen and David! Gwen is the psychology teacher and David is the music teacher. The quartermaster is the janitor.

Nikki is super sporty, of course, and loves nature photography. She’s not the brightest and often needs help from Neil in class. Neil is, of course, a top student in maths and science, but is absolutely pathetic at PE. He’s also in LOTS of clubs. Science club, book club, chess club, etc. He tries to bring his friends, but to no avail. Max steals his stuff a lot to mess with him. Max, despite his destructive and troublesome nature, is extremely intelligent and gets incredible marks in class, but he’s often landing himself in detention nonetheless. He’s never going to say it out loud, but now that he’s found a school with proper friends, he’s trying his best not to get expelled again. Almost.

I’ll probably write a fanfic at some point too. :P

Preston, Nerris and Harrison