No. He isn’t mine. I don’t have his heart. He doesn’t have my heart. I don’t love him in a romantic way. I won’t wake up to him next to me every morning. He won’t look at me like he looks at you. I won’t write cute little notes in his lunch bag that he takes to work. There won’t be a heart by my name in his phone. No dates. No love making. None of that.

And you know what? That’s perfectly fine with me.
Because let me tell you what I do have.

He’s my best friend. I have his pinky for promise making. I love him more then a friend or family way but no where near a romantic way. I’ll wake up next to the person I’m in love with and to my best friend blowing my phone up just to get my ass out of bed. He looks at me with care and friendliness in his eyes. I’ll be the one who writes “your an ass” on his lunch bag. I’m the one labeled “best friend” in his phone. When we eat together it turns into a good fight. He’s the one I trust everything with. He can make me laugh just by wiggling his eyebrows. We have a relationship that nobody understands.
And that’s fine. As line as we understand it.

Imagine Being Bestfriends With Joven And Wes

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You, Wes and Joven have been friends since high school. You often wonder if it was just because you had the best console for gaming. But regardless you still got two great friends you were incredibly grateful for.

Even now after Joven had pushed you off the couch in an attempt to squander your lead. And Wes was hanging a giggle fit on the floor next to you. You couldn’t help but join in. Soon enough your sides hurt from laughing and you got back into the game.

You and Joven had met first, long nights of talking at the nearby (f/p) dipped into sleepovers and playing call of duty until you both hibernated on the couch for the entire weekend. Joven later introduced you to Wes, you had seen him around but never really met him. Boy were you taken back when you actually got to know the over sized toddler. At first you had him pegged as more of a jock type but he proved you wrong with a couple of rounds of DnD.

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All in all the three of you bonded over your love for nerdy things and grew up together. Eventually Wes and Joven moved in together, and to be honest, you were there so often you should have been paying rent.

But back in the moment, you were wrecking their asses in Mario kart. Once the game ended and Joven was pouting you thought about the most pressing matter at hand.

“Take out?” they looked at you like you were a goddess, gracing food to the poor beggars that dwelled in this small apartment.

“Yes!” they cheered leaping off the couch before scrambling for the menus hidden safely in the warmth of the take out drawer.                                                                                             

You howled in laughter and grinned at the two, this friendship was never going to end.

Don't go to bars alone.
  • I was at a bar with a few of my friends and some guy had been eyeing me up since I walked in. He walked up to me, and tried to talk to me. Before I could reply, My guy friends intervened.
  • Random guy: Hey pretty thing, What's your name? *puts a hand on my shoulder*
  • Daxton: Her name is No.
  • Kyler: *puts arm around me and bumps the guys hand off* Her number is also No.
  • Randon Guy: Can't I just talk to the pretty little thing herself? *reaches for me again*
  • Daxton: *stands up and stands infront of me, protecting me and blocking me from the guy* You need to let it go.
  • Random guy: Awe, these your body guards little thing?
  • Brock: (keep in mind Brock is 6ft4, 210lbs of pure muscle.. fucking intimidating) *Stands up and walks shoulder to shoulder with Daxton* I think it's time for you to leave. Either you walk out or we will make you walk out.
  • The guy walked out.. with the help of my two "body guards" and the bouncer. Supposedly the guy had been there since 5pm (it was about 11pm when we were there) hitting on girls and trying to bring them home. Moral of this story, don't go to bars alone.

A guy that I’m friends with that used to work with me is drunk texting me right now and I have a bad feeling that he is about to ruin the friendship.

The last time he texted me he was talking about wanting someone to cuddle with but saying he didn’t have anyone which sent up a red flag.

Now this.

Why does every guy friend I have have to do this?

Can’t have no irl guy friends. None.