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I wasn't there because I was sick yesterday, but my class all went to the zoo yesterday because apparently they take the freshmen every year. According to everyone there, 5 or so popular kids smuggled in vodka and got wreaked. I've seen Snapchat stories and holy shit a bunch of kids were shitfaced at the zoo. I saw a video of this guy falling into some bushes off the path, like that one clip of the guy running into a Christmas tree full force it was hilarious.

Drunk at the Zoo: high school edition

What the signs are doing in the future:
  • Aries: Being a rich doctor with an attitude
  • Taurus: Creating their own cookbook
  • Gemini: Pretending they know what they're doing probably as a photographer
  • Cancer: Writing their own music and selling out concerts
  • Leo: Busy being a classy business woman with a flash car
  • Virgo: Trying to steal small children to raise as their own
  • Libra: Tryna change careers while burning all their previous ones in a bonfire
  • Scorpio: Stalking guys from bushes and being a grumpy referee or hardcore sports coach
  • Sagittarius: Succeeding at everything they try and kicking life's ass
  • Capricorn: Raising 12 dogs and instructing dumb ass kids at ymca camps on high rope courses
  • Aquarius: Acting in Hollywood after their career on Shortland Street takes off
  • Pisces: Dodging boys advances and attempting to save lives but screams when they see blood

I was playing sims 3 one day and I found a cute guy sim to date. I flirted with him for a few days since I kept running into him all over town so I decided that we should date. I tried to call him on the phone on to ask him out but he kept telling me he was busy and couldn’t go out. After a few more times this happened I just decided to go over to his house and see what was going on. Somehow this guy was stuck in a bush in front of his house and couldn’t move! So I flirted with his brother until I could move in. Once I moved in I tried to delete the bush but I couldn’t since it was being interacted with the guy stuck in the bush. So I married his brother and started to look after the horses once the guy died.


No, actually this is NOT the official Flow Hive recommended method of honey extraction.

BUT we went up the mountain today to check on the bees and found out that they didn’t make it (sad but not entirely unexpected, we started them VERY late which meant they weren’t able to build up a lot of food stores, and it’s been such a cold winter even here in the VALLEY nevermind up on the mountain that apparently a lot of even healthy hives with experienced beekeepers in the area haven’t been making it) but they’d capped a decent amount of honey.  So we cleared their frames just as an initial prep for when we try again in the Spring, and since it was probably under 20F up there which would’ve made honey extraction impossible anyway, we took the flow frames back home with us.

And forgot the tubing that came with hive up on the mountain.  OOPS.

So we rigged this little setup together and it’s been working pretty well.  The Flow frames are great and I’m sure would be working even better if we were actually using them as intended.

We’ve got four jars of honey so far with one frame still draining and one more still to crack open – I was honestly worried we weren’t going to have enough even for ourselves nevermind to hand out as gifts (especially to Dad-In-Law since he’s the one who’s funded about 98% of this whole enterprise).

And oh my god it is so tasty.  Like, there’s the typical clover in there, which I’m not terribly enamored of, just because they mostly gathered pollen in late Summer and Fall, so they mostly only had clover to collect from.  But we also suspected that they were collecting from the raspberry bushes and guys GUYS

the honey tastes like raspberries

I’m, like, blown away, and I can’t wait to see what the new hives are able to do with the entirety of Spring and Summer to collect pollen.

Hecate followed along, going where her ‘friends’ were leading her “Do you think he’ll like the berry? It’s blue like him so he should! I have blue and I like the blue ones…” she chattled idly to the spirits snickering to themselves as they slowly began leading her along a curve…. in the wrong direction

Walking right past where the Lycanroc was hiding Hecate hummed to herself, continuing to trustfully follow their leads. However this didn’t go unnoticed by Lugh, watching her curiously he wondered where she was going, and who she was talking to…

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My Father the Stranger - Part 2

So I’m not sure how popular this is going to be, but I’m really enjoying writing it and in the end I guess that is the most important thing. I’ve just recently started to branch out into Supernatural fanfics and only have a few followers of that type so far. I mostly stick with my main man Negan, but there is just something about John Winchester that I can’t avoid writing about.

For anyone reading this for the first time, the premise of this story is a slight AU where the boys and John are hunting together just after Sam left school and they stumble across an old flame of John’s and their adult daughter. I was very intrigued with Adam’s story and had a hard time believing that he could be the ONLY illegitimate John Winchester love child out there.  I mean, have we seen the man?

Part One can be found Here.

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Our conversation went well into the night, lasting until the last patron had left the bar and it was just the five of us. Mostly we talked small talk, only bringing up heavy hitting questions once an hour or so. I noticed Momma trying to subtly check in on me constantly, but other than still being in shock I was doing just fine. 

John seemed like a decent man. Maybe a little troubled, and rough around the edges, definitely mysterious, but decent nonetheless. 

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Doll? {Peter Pan Imagine}

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Peter Pan Imagine 

Final Part (B) of here

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Author: Joi A. Wade

Requested:  I just can’t get enough with the Doll? Series!! Ugggh its just soooo wonderfully made boo 😘!! Please make it smut for the next final part 😂😂,  I actually love this series so much omg,  OMGGGG THIS IS AMAZINGGGG,  Is there next part to doll? Cuz it ruined my life and I’m very emotional ❤,  Ohhhhhhh my lawd the doll feels are actually ruining me but I love it so much!!!!!! Much love for you and this awesome blog ❤️❤️ D O L L P L E A S E T H A N K Y O U L O V E,  Omg I need to know what happens at the end of doll 😍😍


                                              . L O N G   A  F.


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This guy walks into the bush with nothing but a pair of shorts, He can make an ax and knife. Then a waterproof and snug hut. Weapons. Tools. Fire making tools. Baskets, rope, charcoal and even kilns and forges.

It is fascinating. Here is his channel: Primitive Technology