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Get to know @MarioSoulTruth a little better by watching this interview w/ @missRnB & @GuyTorry on “Perspectives Corner”..i loved what he had to say..enjoy!

100 Monologues That Shook My World

75. American History X - Women

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“What? Come on, man. Don’t look at me like that. You what that smells like, right? Don’t tell me this smell don’t remind you of a woman. God, I miss that smell, man. I mean, the job I had on the outside wasn’t much better than this one, but at least I got to go home every night, and lie down next to that sweet smell, man. God, I miss that. (to Derek) You got a woman? Yeah, you got a woman, man. Let me give you some advice, all right? When she comes to visit you…whatever you do, no matter what, don’t let her leave here in a fight, man. Don’t let her walk out of here with a bad attitude, ‘cause if you do, you spend the next week wondering, if she’s getting her fuck on with somebody else. You know what I’m saying? So when she comes to see you, man. There’s nothing but sweet talk through that glass, man. Send her away floating, all right? ‘Cause it’s not like the real world, you know what I’m saying? Where you can fight, but it’s cool to fight, ‘cause you could make up and have that make up sex. You know what I’m saying? That angry sex. That sex with an attitude. Where you just lay on your back, and let her take out all that aggression on you. All guys know that, man. It’s that good sex. It’s that pow, pow, pow. Let her get on top. She’s going to punish you first. (falsetto voice) “You’ve been a bad boy, huh? You’ve been a bad boy? I’m going to punish you, and I’m going to put it on you. Don’t you ever… let… me… catch… you…(panting orgasmically) …looking at…another…woman. (Derek starts to laugh a little)Yeah, yeah. I may forgive you, if you bring it. I think I can. I – I forgive. I forgive. Oh, right there. Right there. You’re hitting it. My spot. That’s it. Right. Yeah. Yes, yes. I for—I forgive you. I forgive you. I for – I for - I for - I forgive you. I love you!”

A neo-nazi and a black guy walk into a laundry room and…you know where I’m going with this if you’ve seen ‘American History X’. And if you haven’t, well it’s one of those films best watched when you’re first getting into film. 

After my first experience with American History X I was blown away. As I started to experience more films I slowly started to wane on my enthusiasm for it. It’s still a good film but not one of the best I’ve ever witnessed when I first saw it. Despite its predictable and borderline rushed transformation of its main character, the film does have some fine performances. Guy Torry probably has never done much of auteur-ish significance but this monologue is perfect for him. It’s humorous and allows him to almost ramble and tell a story almost like he is doing stand-up, which is his claim to fame. Despite its humor, Torry’s monologue reminds us the power that women have over us. Leave them upset and it can haunt you until it’s worked out. Leave them happy and it can fill the unfulfilled voids for days on in. 

Oh and there’s also the whole Edward Norton stops becoming racist with this scene thing too.