Guy Larsen


Girls Who Read

Written and performed by Mark Grist
Directed by Guy Larsen
Produced by Or Something Similar

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‘Girls Who Read’

Written by Mark Grist
Directed by Guy Larsen
Produced by Or Something Similar

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“Girls Who Read” - Mark Grist

“See, some guys prefer asses,
some prefer tits,
and I am not saying that i don’t like those bits
but what’s more important?
what supersedes
is a girl with passion
and dreams.”


A Teacher, Eh? Directed by guylarsentest

Worth watching.


And here it is, ladies and gentlemen, Girls Who Read, the finished film.  The Roundhouse have just uploaded it, so I can officially share the film.

Thanks again so much to everyone involved - I’ll be finishing off my GWR breakdown next week detailing our very talented team, and sharing some of our on-set photos, but for now here it is.


Narrator – Mark Grist
The Girl – Amy Burrows
The Boyfriend - Mixy
Lead Lad – Daniel Brock
Lad #1 – Adam Felman
Lad #2 – David Faust
Lad #3 – Martyn Graham
Mum – Debra Clapp
Dad – Frank Clapp

Written by Mark Grist
Director – Guy Larsen
Producers – Mike Histon & Guy Larsen
Editor – Martyn Graham

Director of Photography – Matt Camlin
Camera Operator – Ben Kwok
1st Assistant Camera – Max Skach
Sound Recordist – Mark Williams
1st Assistant Director – Mike Histon
2nd Assistant Director – Sherice Griffiths
Art Director – Tania Clapp
Art Assistant – Lucy Workman
Make-Up Artist – Kelly Hodges
Live Shot Logger – Ada Long
Stills Photographer – Joseph Kent
Runner - Elspeth Fisher

Post-Production Supervisor – Martyn Graham
Sound Designer – Mark Williams
VFX Artist – Ben Kwok
Colourist – Matt Camlin

With thanks to:
Marta Sala Font
The Roundhouse
The Last Post
Any Amount of Books
Sarastro Restaurant
Friern Barnet Library
The Barn Theatre

“Girls Who Read” was filmed in London and Southend, Essex, UK.

The characters in this film are fictitious, any likeness to real people and events is purely coincidental.

The Producers and the Roundhouse share all rights to “Girls Who Read” including, but not limited to, the screening and/or distribution of all preceeding visual and audio film content © 2013.

Poetry Rivals 2013/14 Winner: Paradise

It’s been a long time since I wrote my poem Paradise, and nearly a year since I won first place in the Poetry Rivals competition. The poem was inspired by the No More Page 3 campaign, placing judgement on society, the newspaper, and not on the models.

Thanks to all those involved with Poetry Rivals, including host and mentor Mark…

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A Teacher, Eh? by Grist and Larsen

I’ve been a fan of Mark Grist for quite some time now. I still can’t get enough of this movie and poem:


I’d like a girl who reads

Girls Who Read - The Crew

Happy 2014 one and all! 

First of all, I’m very pleased to announce that just after New Year, Girls Who Read pushed through the 3 million views mark on YouTube.  Once again, thanks to everyone who watched, liked and shared the film, we are very proud of it.

And with that as the case, what better time than to introduce you guys to the very talented people who were involved?

First off, our camera department – Matt, Ben & Max.

Our sound Recordist Mark

Our Art department, Lucy & Tania, in their Art Dept booth at the pub.

Our Make Up Artist Kelly, and our lead actor Amy.

The next few photos are of crew members who it seemed to avoid appearing in many photos.

One of very few photos of our Stills Photographer, Joe.

Our Live Shot Logger Ada.

Our 2nd AD Sherice.

Our runner Elspeth,

Martyn, our editor, post prod supervisor, extra and many more.

Myself and, last but not least, our director Guy, mid-decision.

Please note – due to size restrictions on Tumblr, I’ve had to use some photos of more than one person; ideally, I’d have liked to do an individual one for everyone.


Girls who read.

Écrit et interpreté par Mark Grist.
Tourné à Londres, réalisé par Guy Larsen. 
Produit par Roundhouse.