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OTPs that make me go “aaawww” and melt into a puddle - Here goes four ships that make my heart sink inside my chest whenever I see either fan art related to them, little comics or even videos “proving” the ship exists. So, in order inside my heart:

  1. Gajeevy or Gale (Gajeel x Levi from Fairy Tail)
  2. Larry Stylinson (Louis Tomlinson x Harry Styles)
  3. Phan (Phil Lester x Daniel Howell)
  4. Tobias and Guy (Er.. It’s a digital comic type of thing)

Gajeel and Levy definitely win my entire heart, but that is mostly Rboz’s fault. That’s the user who creates amaaazing fan art and little comics all based on this couple, I live for them.

Louis and Harry are simply the cutest and I love watching videos of them interacting during the One Direction tours, it’s the cutest thing, but it makes me quite sad that apparently, they couldn’t be together.

Dan and Phil ARE GONNA KILL ME ONE OF THESE DAYS I SWEAR!! I watch their gaming videos and the interactions just make my heart get really warm and soft, I can’t explain.

Have you guys ever heard of Tobias and Guy?? If not, you should definitely check their little web series, cause it has an amazing plot and they are very cute as well (even when Tobias is literally the devil himself).


credits: Rboz (top left image), Maddox-rider (bottom left image) and mori-the-witch (bottom right image).

(credits of the images on these posts go to their respective creators, if you want me to remove your art from one of my posts or specify  your user, please contact me and I’ll do it asap)


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