anonymous asked:

what are some good reads on anti capitalism that you recommend?

Lemme see…the very start is the Communist Manifesto of course, if you haven’t given that one a read then obvs it’s recommended

After that, it really depends on what you’re looking for. I’m no Maoist and I disagree with a lot of Maoist tendencies but the Little Red Book is still good reading in order to understand a tendency of leftism that whether or not you agree with, you are almost inherently working in response to one way or another, sooner or later. throw in Combat Liberalism too so you can make Hot Takes about liberals and Commie Jokes

I’ve read a little bit of Adorno and enjoyed him, so just go here and there in his work and you should find some stuff that’s interesting

Deleuze & Guttari are always fun, Anti-Oedipus is something that I still haven’t quite “understood” but aesthetically it’s influenced me a lot and the ideology within bounces around in my head a lot

Debord is another good one, as far as theory goes Society of the Spectacle is just about perfect regarding a middle ground between importance and acceptability

Otherwise, it’s a lot of finding what you like, what you enjoy reading, what stokes that fire in your heart

And of course, for background, there’s never a bad time to read some Hegel.

Oh, to be sure, it is not for himself or his children that the capitalist
works, but for the immortality of the system. A violence without purpose, a joy, a pure joy in feeling oneself a wheel in the machine, traversed by flows, broken by schizzes. Placing oneself in a position where one is thus traversed, broken, fucked by the socius,
looking for the right place where, according to the aims and the interests assigned to us, one feels something moving that has neither an interest nor a purpose. A sort of art for art’s sake in the libido, a taste for a job well done, each one in his own place, the banker, the cop, the soldier, the technocrat, the bureaucrat, and why not the worker, the trade-unionist. Desire is agape.
—   Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guttari, Anti-Oedipus, p. 346.