You're Just Dumb. (Sebastian Smythe x Reader)

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Sebastian smythe imagine where he pretends to like y/n but he uses the reader to get close to Santana (or any girl) and she finds out and is hurt?

I smiled at the notification on my phone. It was a family-friendly text message from Sebastian, and we were playfully arguing over whether or not the correct spelling was with a J or a G. It was either Jeez or Geez. It was an ongoing thing we’ve been having ever since we met.

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Viva Las Vegas → Gustvera

Grant was excited to be in Las Vegas for the weekend. After long days of filming The Flash, he needed this break to just let loose and have a good time. Some of his friends were going with him and he knew it’d be a blast, especially since he hadn’t seen many of them in a while. Being stuck in Vancouver left him minimal time to go to LA and other places to spend time with his loved ones, so he was going to make the most of this weekend. Once arriving, Grant started getting busy at the casino, hoping to win some money. He wasn’t all that great at gambling, but he figured why not. Grabbing a drink and walking towards a table for Blackjack, Grant furrowed his brows as he saw a familiar face. “Rivera? Is that you?”



Just a Glee 1x1 RPer looking to do some plots. You can check out my info in the links below. 

Gustvera Plots: 

  1. Naya and Grant end up meeting each other at a casino in Vegas. They hit it off and end up sleeping together while extremely drunk. They decide to forget it ever happened the morning after. It isn’t until Naya finds out she’s pregnant later on that she debates letting Grant know. What happens when he finally receives the news?
  2. Friends With Benefits: After filming Smooth Criminal, Naya and Grant realize that there’s sexual tension there that they both want to resolve. After deciding to make it a regular thing, will they start developing real feelings for one another?
  3. Naya is an abusive relationship with Big Sean and wants to get out, but doesn’t know how. Grant is with Hannah but starts to realize something is going on with Naya and she eventually confides in him. He then does his best to help her and ends up falling for her in the process. Will Naya end up feeling the same way? 

I play Grant and Naya so I’ll play either one for any of these!