Gustavo Fring

I don’t think Hector’s relationship with Gus is in any way comparable to Chuck’s relationship with Jimmy, but it’s interesting that the show is establishing Hector’s animus towards Gus in terms of a wounded sense of entitlement. Hector seethes with jealousy when Bolsa shows Eladio those pristine blocks of cash, because in his mind, Gus— a gay, black South American— is an outsider who doesn’t deserve a share of the cartel business no matter how good he is. The idea of Eladio actually favouring Gus over him renders him apoplectic.

Another thing Gus and Jimmy have in common is their social intelligence and flexibility: they both work in multiple contexts and can engage with anyone without being condescending or overly deferential. Chuck and Hector are both a lot more rigid in how they relate to others, tending towards condescension and authoritarian aggression respectively.