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My idea If we had gotten a Canary or Birds of prey spin off, or both at the same time should include these characters:

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Caity Lotz replays Sara Lance as Orginal Canary/Black Canary 1/ White Canary. The show would have more spent time showing her more as this and would have told her 6 years away from home which would have been a perfect spin off of Arrow’s flashbacks with Oliver. Sara would also have more screen time with Laurel, Sin, and other friends and family. Sara can also still become White Canary at some point but after Laurel becomes BC.

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Katie Cassidy replays Laurel Lance as the second Canary/Black Canary/Black Canary 2. Laurel would start off as a civilian lawyer like she did in Arrow but this time she would become Black Canary but without Sara dying. Quentin or Dinah Lance dies, or someone else or no one needs to be killed to give her motivation is up to you. Either way, Sara would definitely train her and we get much more sister bonding time than we did on Arrow and Legends. Laurel would also become a meta human from the particle blast from Flash and get the sonic scream.

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This would have been a great opportunity for the Lance sisters to bond a lot more and to have two kickass women side by side.

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Taylor Bex-Klaus replays Sin. Sin is very close to Sara and shares a sisterly bond with her. On the show, she can bond with Laurel too and get a lot more screen time as well. Other than the fact that she’s a good character, Sin is also an important part of Black Canary life in the comics. it would make sense for her to be here.

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Alex Kingston replays Dinah Lance. She the civilian mother to Sara and Laurel Lance. The relationship with her daughters was seen but it could have been seen more. Maybe we get more information about her family's history and the lance sisters childhood. Dinah being killed off (while it would be very sad) would be a form of inspiration for Laurel becoming Black Canary. That is also how Laurel became Black Canary in the comics.   

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Jessica De Gouw replays Helena Bertinelli as the Huntress. Helana disappeared after season 2 of Arrow and did make an appearance in the Arrow 2.5 comic. but instead of that she should appear here with the canary sisters and go through a path of redemption. Laurel could use her ADA status to get her out of jail or maybe her time in prison is done and now she is free. The first thing she wants to do is be a better hero. 

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I would like Juliana Harkavy to be part of this as well. She would have to play a different character from the dc lore or be an original character for the show. Maybe she would call her self “Blackbird” or something like that (sorry, I’m not very good at making up names). Her name can still be Tina Boland and she can still be a cop for the SCPD. Her origin would still be the same as what happened on Arrow but this time she would not be a meta human.

That my ideal cast for a Canary spin off which would have then led into a Birds of Prey team up which could have either been done on the show or have gotten they’re own spin off. 

Characters I would like along with some of the characters above are for the team up is:

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Megalyn Echikunwoke replays Mari McCabe as Vixen. She already teamed up with Laurel on her own show and on Arrow so why not continue that team up but with even more members? 

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Rila Fukushima replays Tatsu Yamashiro as Katana. She also teamed up with Laurel and has met Nyssa. She’s no longer has a purpose to guard the Lutos so why not do something better with her time?

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Katrina Law replays Nyssa al Ghul/Raatko. Now she is free from the league and wishes to do more with her life and serve a greater purpose. The Lance sisters have both been involved in her life and I don’t think she would ignore they’re call for help. Also, maybe she can have a second chance with Sara:

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Ciara Renée replays Kendra Saunders as Hawkgirl. In this show, Kendra is just discovering her powers. Laurel and everyone else thinks she a meta human who got her powers from Central City, but maybe it’s something much bigger than that…

Now as for the techno person to be a part of this team, it’s going to have to be someone else. Barbara Gordon does not actually exist in the Arrowverse and it’s sure as hell not going to be Felicity Smoak. So maybe it will be some that new from the comics such as:

Gus Yale is a new character that has been introduced into the continuity of DC Comics. He is currently Oracle because Barbara Gordon is Batgirl again. He would either be called Oracle or get a new name for the show which I will leave up to you to decide. I also don’t know who would play him so that that can be decided later.

But if you want into be Barbara Gordan, that fine too.

The show must also have a main threat that can get all of these characters together. I think that threat should be:

The League of Shadows.

the true rival to the Leauge of Assasins and H.I.V.E.

The organization is controlled by:

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Lexa Doig replays Talia al Ghul. Talia is one of the heads that control the group. She wants revenge for what happened to her father and thinks that Sara should pay for her betrayal of the league. Killing someone close to her is a way of doing that (the organization will be responsible for Dinah Lance’s murder or other characters that are close to Sara will be killed off). Because she failed to kill Oliver, she’ll exact her revenge later on when she’s ready.  

Talia is not alone in this. she has a partner who will help the LOS grow. that partner is:


A mysterious new figure has entered the battlefield and she has her own goals and she believes teaming up with Talia will help accomplish that. Not much is known about her and neither Talia or the heroes have heard of her, and that makes her dangerous. 

Once again I don’t know who should play her so I leave it up to you to decide. 

This is what I’ve thought of so far. I might add more to this later. What do you guys think? Do you think anyone else should be here? if so, please let me know. Thanks for reading.