Buddha-lands are boundless and countless;
There are infinite Buddhas therein:
Bodhisattvas appear before them all,
Attending, providing, engendering respect.

Bodhisattvas can, with a single body,
Enter concentration, become poised in stillness,
And cause that body to appear as countless bodies
Each arising from concentration.

The abode of bodhisattvas is most profound and subtle;
Their practices and deeds are free from confusion,
Their minds are pure, always happy, able to cause all beings joy.

Avatamsaka Sutra - 480

Note on the image: Guru Rinpoche rainbow emanation body, detail.

Thus believing, thus observing, thus entering the depths of knowledge, thus sporting in the ocean of virtues, thus arriving at spacelike wisdom, thus cognizing sentient beings’ fields of blessings, thus contemplating with presence of mind, thus observing the deeds, marks, and embellishments of Buddha, thus observing the Buddha appearing throughout the world, thus observing the Buddha’s mystical power, the great assembly at that time saw each pore of the Buddha’s body emit a hundred trillion infinities of light beams, each beam of light having countless hues, countess purities, countless radiances, causing countless beings to watch, countless beings to rejoice, countless beings to be happy, countless beings to grow in faith, countless beings’ aspiration to be pure, countless beings senses to be pure and cool, and causing countless beings to develop respect and honor.

Avatamsaka Sutra - 511

Note on the image: Guru Rinpoche

The mahasattva bodhisattva Samantabhadra said, “Great bodhisattvas have ten kinds of extraordinary thought. What are they? They think of all roots of goodness as their own roots of goodness. They think of all roots of goodness as seeds of enlightenment. They think of all sentient beings as vessels of enlightenment. They think of all vows as their own vows. They think of all truths as emancipation. They think of all practices as their own practices. They think of all things as teachings of the Buddha. They think of all modes of language as the path of verbal expression. They think of all buddhas as benevolent parents. They think of all buddhas as one. These are the ten: if great bodhisattvas rest on these principles, they will attain unexcelled skillful thought.”

Avatamsaka Sutra - 1026

Image credit: Detail of a statue of Guru Rinpoche.

guru rinpoche aka padmasambhava aka padmakara, etc. the great wizard. guru rinpoche is the definition of trippy. with him, all of the body’s energy circuits and perceptual faculties are maximally open, and energy pours through in overwhelming waves. the experience is very loving, but not in a very personal way. indeed, the total openness tends to wash away any concept of particular help or agenda, nevertheless guru rinpoche can be extremely focused and wrathful when needed.

“HUM. In the northwest land of Oddiyana,

In the heart of a lotus flower,

You attained supreme, wondrous siddhi,

You are renowned as the Lotus-born,

And are surrounded by your host of dakinis.

Following in your footsteps,

I pray: come, and bestow your blessings.