Levi with Eren

Eren: Levi, I`m so tired.

Levi: Poor thing, come lie down with me.

Levi with everyone else.

Oluo: Captain, I`m tired.

Levi: I don`t give a fuck, get back to work.

Levi with Eren

Eren: I`m hungry Levi!

Levi: It`s okay, I made you lunch already it`s in the kitchen.

Eren: You`re the best!

Levi with everyone else

Eld: I`m kinda hungry Captain.

Levi: Do I look like a damn slave to you? Go find your own food.

Levi with Eren

Eren: You`re so gorgeous Levi.

Levi: *blushes*

Levi with everyone else

Gunther: Oh Captain, you look nice today!

Levi: I look nice everyday, the hell are you trying to say?

Gunther: N-nothing sir I was just-

Levi: stfu

Me and @peachymess made a pumking in honor of the fallen soilders of wings of freedom who bravely has fought for humanity and its freedom. You all fought bravely, Rest in peace Erwin, Moblit, Mike, Nanaba, Marlo, Gelgar, Isabel, Farlan, Thomas, Mina, Hannes, Petra, Olou, Eld, Gunther and everyone else ❤


Guys hello…

it’s me…again. 

I really don’t know what i have done here, but one thing is certain…drawing frontman!Levi is painful for me. All of this is painful. But it’s worth (i guess i hope).


I really hope u guys’ll like this foolish band AU i’m thinking of aaaand aaaand here there’s the link of the song i used in this first part (; Brendon Urie’s voice always gives me a lady boner yas i just love him so much and Levi i i can’t bye

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(Oh sorry i forgot, read it as the japanese style!)

~Attack on Titan…~

News: Spoof on Titan (Sungeki no Kyojin) English Edition  Volume 2, by Hounori

Original Release Date: December 13th, 2016
Retail Price: $8.99

Originally running on the MangaBox App in Japanese and English from December 2013 to December 2014, the Spoof on Titan spin-off series by Hounori has been licensed in English for print by Kodansha USA, and volume 2 (Also the final volume) goes on sale today!

Volume 1 was released on September 13th, 2016.

Headcanon #21

I love how everyone forgets, Eren isn`t all alone in that cell every night. There`s always a guard outside his door, so when Levi decides to come down for the night, they hear everything. And since Squad Levi are the most qualified, they`re the ones on night watch, and they know, Oluo is traumatized, Petra can`t look them in the eyes, Eld cringes when he sees them disappear somewhere and poor, poor Gunther had to be there when they tested out kinks.

The best part is Eren and Levi think they`re real smooth, think they`re invisible, when really they`re just making everyone else uncomfortable with how obvious they are, because innuendos aren`t subtle when everyone knows what`s going on.