attack on your hearts (⊙ᴗ⊙)

and my own heart most of all probably so don’t hurt me pls

I rewatched snk recently and the death of Levi’s squad just becomes more painful every time I watch it so I needed to do this part asap ;;v;;

Part of my reincarnation AU, all of it is tagged as such on my tumblr~
(The baby is Petra’s and Auruo’s in case you missed the previous parts <3)


The Special Operations Squad was an elite squad hand-picked by Levi. They were considered the most elite squadron, having a total kill record exceeding 200 and were capable of killing nigh any Titans in their way. They had the ability to sync with each other to coordinate their attacks without talking. All original members of the Special Operations Squad, except for Eren and Levi, were killed by Annie Leonhart.

SNK Alphabet:
↳ E for Elite


LeviWeek II Day 7: Happy Christmas Birthday
Tch. I’m getting older. Happy Holidays to all of you too, you little shits. Now, I want this place spotless and confetti free by the end of this party, is that clear? ~Levi~


Guys hello…

it’s me…again. 

I really don’t know what i have done here, but one thing is certain…drawing frontman!Levi is painful for me. All of this is painful. But it’s worth (i guess i hope).


I really hope u guys’ll like this foolish band AU i’m thinking of aaaand aaaand here there’s the link of the song i used in this first part (; Brendon Urie’s voice always gives me a lady boner yas i just love him so much and Levi i i can’t bye

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(Oh sorry i forgot, read it as the japanese style!)