"In these trying times, the Vladof corporation is certain of one thing, and one thing only: they are coming. Coming to take your food. Your home. Your loved ones. Perhaps not today, perhaps not tomorrow, but soon. And as they sharpen their swords and smile through their teeth at their subjects, Vladof has only one question to ask: will you be ready to fight back?"

‘only pack the necessities’ they said. ‘what’s all this? you cant take weapons on the plane, bucky’ they said. so now i just have this big suitcase with only a toothbrush inside it
  • BELLARKE s1, a summary: eye contact, i dont like you, i dont like you, princess, eyes contact, angst, angst, THAT'S WHO YOU ARE, eye contact, touching each other, LEADERS, eye contact, smiling, I NEED YOU, FORGIVENESS, LEADERS, touching touching touching, fliRTING, smILING, lauGHING, GUNS GUNS GUNS, eye contact, worried about each other!!!, neeerds, LEADERS, flirting, trusting each other, LEADERS LEADERS LEADERS, worrying about eaCH OTHER
  • BELLARKE s2, a summary: HUG ALERT HUG ALERT, heart eyes, GUUUNS, FORGIVENESS, subtle "together", worrying about each other, trusting each other, protecting each other, LEADERS, GUNS, worrying about each other!!!, I CANT LOSE YOU TOO, worrying about each other!!!, LEADERS, I WAS BEING WEAK (aka i love you too much), worrying about each other!!!, SMILING, eye contact!!!, LEADERS, TO-GE-THERRR, FORGIVENESS, cheEK KISS, SAD HUG SAD HUG, may we meet again
  • BELLARKE s3, a summary: worrying about each other!!!, ready to die for each other!!!, WE CANT LOSE CLARKE, angst, angst, ANGST, you need me? you left ME, angst, angst, angst, HAND HOLDING, angst, angst, eyE CONTACT, EYE CONTACT, taking care of each other!!!, HAND CARESSING, worrying about each other!!!, running into each other arms, LEADERS, worried worried worried, angst, FORGIVENESS, WE NEED EACH OTHER BELLAMY, TOGETHERRRRRRRR, HUG HUG HUG HUGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG, TOGETHER!!!, LEADERS, touching, worrying about each other, eye contact, LEADERS, I TRUST /YOU/, worrying about each other!!!, saving each other!!!, LEADERS, I BELIEVE YOU, STUPID JOKES TO REASSURE THE OTHER, hanD HOLDING!!!, worrying about each other!!!, touching, touching, so much touching, WE WE WE (aka subtle "together")
  • BELLARKE s4, a summary: inappropriate flirting, worrying about each other, partners and co-leaders, PRINCESS, WEIRD WINK, eye contacts, MARRIED AF, suffering together, DAY TRIP #2, SMILEEEESSSSS, "YOU KEEP HER CENTERED / YOU GOT IT BACKWARDS", watching each other sleep!!!, SAVING EACH OTHER'S ASS OVER EVERYONE ELSE'S!!!, "IF I'M ON THAT LIST, YOU'RE ON THAT LIST", HAND NUZZLING, GIVING EACH OTHER'S HOPE, TAKING CARE OF EACH OTHER, worrying about each other, DRAMATIC EYE CONTACTS, SaViNg EaCh OtHeR oVeR eVeRyOnE eLsE!!!, casual touches???, wORRYING ABOUT EACH OTHER BECAUSE WHAT ELSE IS NEW, rover rover rover, saving each other AGAIN!!!, ALMOST LOVE CONFESSION, PARTNERS, MORAL SUPPORT, SAVING EACH OTHER, ANGGGSSSSTTTTT, ANGST ANGST ANGST, standing side by side even in hard times, TALKING ABOUT THEIR PROBLEMS, WEIRD ASS FLIRTING IN THE ROVER, MAKING EACH OTHER SMILE, SAVING EACH OTHER, WORRYING ABOUT EACH OTHER, co-leaders!!!, SAD HUG SAD HUG, HEART & HEAD, MARRIED WITH CHILDREN TO COMFORT!, wooorrrryyyying abouuuuttttt eaaaacchhhh oooothhhheeerrrr!!!!, ANGST, FEEELIIINNGGGSSSS, angst angst angst, The Notebook shit, missing each other!!!

After 152 mass shootings in 2017, it took an attack on Congress to get our attention. 

Mass shootings in 2017 are outpacing those in previous years.

Gun Violence Archive has verified nearly 7,000 gun deaths so far this year, not including suicides, as well as more than 13,000 injuries. The overwhelming majority of this bloodshed passes without much publicity outside of local news.

Holy shit.

The first episode of OITNB season 5 makes specific references to just about every major fatal gun violence incident in the past few years (in regards to the gun violence deaths on the show). Sandy Hook, San Bernardino, Charleston SC, Aurora CO, Columbine, Ferguson, Virginia Tech, I could keep going. Each event is mentioned briefly in passing during a mass prison riot, and it is so fucking powerful that they just keep mentioning more and more and more of these incidents, never running out of examples, and very effectively illustrating the true scope of the epidemic of gun violence in this country.

It is fucking brilliant and poignant and I am so so so here for this.

PPSh-41 submachine gun

Designed by Georgi Shpagin in the USSR c.1941 and manufactured in large quantities well into the 1960′s.
7,62x25mm Tokarev 71-round drum magazine or 35-round stick magazine, blowback select fire with selector switch located in front of the trigger.

With 6 million guns rolling out during WW2, the PPSh-41 smg was one of the work horses of the Soviet Union infantry.


AMT Hardballer Longslide

Some call it the Terminator gun, others will remember it as Agent 47′s choice of handgun in the Hitman series. The Hardballer Longslide is a variant of the standard AMT Hardballer, a stainless steel 1911. Using a 7″ long barrel and slide, it can be quite accurate due to the longer sight radius. It is highly recommended to address the stainless steel galling that these guns are known for. Most people will either replace the frame with a modern production choice or hard chrome the whole gun. (GRH)