A new scientific study disproves the “good guys with guns” theory 

After Newtown, NRA executive vice president Wayne LaPierre said, “The only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is with a good guy with a gun." But new research from gun experts at Mount St. Mary’s University found that when it comes to effective self-defense with a firearm, there’s a gap between gun rights rhetoric and the facts.

19 years after passing strict gun laws, mass shootings virtually disappeared in Australia

A little more than 19 years ago, in the aftermath of one of the worst massacres in Australia’s history, the Australian government passed a robust series of new gun laws called the National Firearms Agreement and Buyback Program. The strict controls mandated by the NFA effectively banned the possession of a range of deadly weapons. Mass shootings and firearm related deaths have plummeted — but could the U.S. do the same?



Latin for “pride”; my second AR build in the 7 Deadly Sins theme. Picked a Colt as the base rifle because they are probably the first company to comes to mind when it comes to their own inherent pride. Recent news of their bankruptcy is also a fitting consequence when you rely on your pride and vanity. The Colt LE901-16S was discontinued in favor of the updated M.A.R.C 901 series. This rifle can be a bit of a headache for people who want to change out parts.

A lot of the parts are proprietary and swapping them out requires modifying other parts. For example, the Magpul polymer trigger guard and MIAD grip both had to be put to a dremel in order to fit. Went with a black + flat dark earth color scheme to break up the monotony of an all black rifle. Originally I was going to get a Vortex Razor HD Gen II 1-6x24 but I always wanted to have a Trijicon made optic. Gluttony already has an Aimpoint, I figure might as well go Trijicon.

Overall I’m happy with this setup but it’s not done. I still need to get a vertical forward grip, ARD Killflash on the VCOG, a quick-detatch mount for the VCOG, a sling, and maybe a bipod.

Greed is next, and the last part I need for it will be here Saturday. (GRH)