150728 Heechul IG Update:
Sunggyu-ya *be mine
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#Unicorn #InMyHeart *t/n: Be Mine is Infinite’s song, Heenim was dancing to this song while Gunhee was doing his hair (show) when they guested in SSTP (Cr: kimheenimupdates)

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Heechul Then and Now.


I’m not a sentimental person in particular

I just got drunk while watching the tears fall out 

Me who didnt even cry when filming the sad scene is now shedding the very hot tears


I hope I can continue to laugh like this everyday from now on.. 

After meeting Gunhee, I have learned to relax, and be positive. 

It’s been almost 4 years since Hangeng left, and Heechul finally seems happy again.


I just really want to take a moment to thank Gunhee for being a big part of Heechul’s happiness. It’s been a long time since I have seen him so happy, and even he can see that himself. I wish that people will stop with questions like “why are they like that?” “what are you doing?” whenever there’s interaction between the two. I realize that a lot of people are upset because he’s finally moved on.. but me, I’m really happy for him. I’m happy that Gunhee is one of the biggest support he has. Without him, I’m not sure if I would be seeing that smile from Heechul that I’m seeing today. So really, thank you Gunhee, for being such a good friend to Heechul. Thank you for being there for him. Thank you for making him smile. Just thank you.


Heechul and Gunhee presented you, Eunhae the wedding singers

kimheenim: I want to thank Lee Donghae and Lee Hyukjae who sang a congratulatory song at my noona’s wedding. And I want to thank Park Jungsoo and Kim Youngwoon as well for hosting so well. Members who were with us.. It is truly such a happy thing to have these friends even before they became my members. Kim Heejin. I called the expensive and busy kids for you so you have to really really live well with my brother-in-law. I believe you #SuperJunior #leeteuk #kangin #eunhyuk #donghae #gunhee #oppaoppa

gunheenim: Hosts : kangin,teuk congratulatory song : D&E cameo : kim heechul. There is no need for congratulatory songs to definitely be a ballad? ㅋㅋ#oppaoppa
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Gunhee’s Instagram update 15.01.21

집에서 빤스도 안입고 있기없기? 수요미식회 첫방 시청   #노팬티그램 #수요미식회

Trans:  You also don’t wear underwear at home isn’t it ? Watching the first episode of “The Demand of Luxurious Food” #nopantiesgram #TheDemandofLuxuriousFood