I just started watching Legends And Lies on the Fox New Channel. It is outstanding.  “Legends & Lies,” which unearths the truth behind 10 legendary stories of the American West, included 500 actors and was shot in 10 states.   Based on first-hand accounts from direct descendants and historians, the show features brilliant cinematic re-creations set against stunning Western landscapes.

“There are 10 episodes, each one focusing on a different character from American Western history, spanning many decades,” producer John Finley says. “We go back as far as Davy Crockett, in the early 19th century, and all the way through the 1890s, with Billy the Kid, Doc Holliday. With regards to Billy, for example, there’s a lot of mythology to explore.” Legends & Lies intends to strip the myth from each pioneer, through interviews with historians, dramatic re-creations of the subject’s life and scientific analysis about the person’s death. 

Among the Old West historical events featured on Legends & Lies is the most famous gunfight of them all, the 1881 shoot-out behind the O.K. Corral pictured above.