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Seriously, if you like Gundam and you haven’t watched Build Fighters, here’s a short list of reasons you’re missing the fuck out:

It’s packed full of some of the absolute best designs in any Gundam series, period.

It brings together loads of awesome Mobile Suits which never had the chance to interact before. Nowhere else do you get to see Wing Gundam vs Gyan!

The mobile suit fights are often gorgeous and intense, and they have some amazing choreography

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Its brand of optimism is like the perfect antidote to any case of “I’ve watched too much Gundam, now I’m fucking depressed.” 

Ral is an absolute riot every moment he’s on screen! That’s no Zaku, boy!

Rinko Iori is the best mom in anime history. She’s like anti-Gendo. When she learns that her son has been goofing off with an ACTUAL INTERDIMENSIONAL ALIEN, she instantly believes and supports her son and his friend. Like. asl;dfkj;alsdkfjl;asdjkf

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It’s stuffed to the gills with references and homages that always land with absolute sincerity. You always feel the creator’s love for the series. Nothing ever feels forced or jammed in for a certain fan group.

Trust me. Just do it. Please. Stop waiting.