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81+cc plz

(The trailer gave the CC fandom a scrap that we’re all desperate for) AO3

81. “I need you to leave.”

Things were going to hell. Not that this was different than usual, but this time it was worse. Mallus’s forces were more than they had expected and too much for them to handle. Sara had already ordered the team to start a retreat. Losing Martin had been enough death for them, especially Jax.

Unfortunately, their newest member was just as much of a stubborn son of a bitch as his counterpart had been.

“I need you to leave!” Sara ordered as she snatched up a gun from a fallen soldier of Mallus. “I told everyone to retreat!”

The Leonard Snart of Earth-X, who had stayed even after they had defeated the invaders from his Earth, took out two more enemies with his gun. “Not without you.”

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Posters (Dean x Reader)

You climbed down off of your dresser with a smirk as you looked up at the wall to your room. You’d managed to fill up the whole thing with all kinds of movie posters. There was a lot of Disney, marvel, and other stuff like that. Not very typical of a hunter, but it suited you. You heard a snort from the door and stiffened.

“How old are you, twelve?” Dean asked as you turned.

“Well not all of us like to have guns hanging up in our rooms.” He scoffed.

“Hey, they were my dads!” You giggled at how quickly he’d been riled up.

“I know Mr. Macho, I know.” You walked over to him and gave him a peck on the cheek. “No need to get your panties in a bunch. Come on, don’t we have a hunt to get too?”

“We do.” He chuckled. “But you can stay and hang up some more kids posters if you want.” You punched him in the arm with a laugh.

“You sure you don’t wanna hang up more guns in your room? You could have a gun wall.” You put your head on his shoulder with a smile. Dean sighed, trying hard not to laugh.

“Come on, (y/n), Sam’s already waiting in the impala.”

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I finally realized why guys are getting slowly into traps. More often than not, traps are into video games, guns, computers, fucked up humor and if they're not taking girl pills, a high sex drive. That being said, traps don't stay cute forever so its shame.

Well yea, that goes without saying, traps are still technically guys so their interest and personalities tend to line up more with a guy, just usually with more girly stuff too. I can also tell you from experience girl pills don’t exactly = a low sex drive. 

It’s an appealing package all the cute pretty things about girls but with a guy brain and ya know a penis which is just better imo. 

That being said, NO ONE is realistically cute forever. Guys, girls, traps.

Age takes its toll on all of us, I do think there’s a point to be made that on the whole MOST of the time guys don’t age as gracefully. Though I know twink dudes in their 30s who still are looking attractive.   

Girl pills, of course, negate that somewhat since then you do in fact age like a woman. But even then, unless your Jennifer Aniston beauty tends to fade at some point which yea just sucks. 

Which is why I plan to become a cute robot shota boi

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uh was it just me or was Dean like turned on when Cas said 'I'm your Huckleberry' and ISN'T THAT SLANG FOR 'I'M THE MAN YOU'RE LOOKING FOR'????


Firstly (everyone’s screamed about this already; I’m still DYING fyi), Dean and Cas watch movies together (or Dean makes Cas watch his favourite Westerns like a cool, cultured hubbie should do). 

God, just look at Dean’s lowkey scandalized face saying “Babe! How dare you suddenly forget the MOVIE Tombstone!”

(Meanwhile I’m laughing at Cas’ casual, vague summary of it because you have no idea how many times my mom talks like this when my dad would ask her if she remembered a certain action movie [he’s an action movie buff]. To my mom, the action genre consists of two things: guns and blown-up cars. That’s it. They’ve been married for 25 years.)

Secondly (of course), Cas watches these movies because Dean wants him to despite not having a fetish/obsession with Westerns and cowboy paraphernalia like Dean does. Happy Dean = Content Cas. 


Yep–popularized by Tombstone, the phrase is 19th century slang for ‘I’m the man you’re looking for’ according to Urban Dictionary (or ‘the man for the job’).

Dean: *fondly confused/flustered* *swallows* *licks lips*

Here, Dean’s voice catches on a gasped inhale as he shakes his head (both in disbelief and amusement) at Cas’ endearing antics.

UGH. Textbook married.

Maybe once I gather my wits I can write proper meta alongside flailing but we’ll see–like I said, there’s barely any sub left in that text, if you ask me  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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  1. Dean had a good snore-ful sleep after sleepless grieving nights post-Cas return.
  2. Cas knows Dean sleeps like “an angry bear”. AN “ANGRY SLEEPER…LIKE A BEAR”.
  3. Cas (who “doesn’t sleep”) makes Dean coffee in the mornings.

*What Cas is actually thinking* “Nice job, Jack. Now I must make your father coffee again. I didn’t resurrect myself for this.” 

wkm chapter 1 explanation
  • 1920s-1950s timeline.
  • confirmed prequel
  • confirmed origination of wilford warfstache
  • damien confirmed does keg stand
  • each version of mark has their own life saying, mark - “life is for the living”. mayor damien - “life is ours to chose”. colonel - “life needs a bit of madness”.
  • the party scene foreshadows all the events
  • damien is stuck in the “upside down” (nod to stranger things)
  • detective has a curse - partners end up dying, so that foreshadows our impending death.
  • important moment during party scene where one bullet is loaded into the gun, and ends up “shooting” the detective.
  • scene with wilford with the gun to his head symbolizes that death becomes meaningless to him.
  • damien is the one who helps you in the end and is blue on purpose.
  • butler tyler is a drug dealer???
  • ethan was originally supposed to be a maid.
  • the grey in certain scenes is only just the lighting.
  • 1:30 is a very important time.
  • mark reached out to the colonel to try and mend wounds/make up, but the colonel doesn’t like mark. damien is hurt by the colonel’s dismissal.
  • amy did all the costuming.
  • mark wanted the colonel to be modeled after the hunter from jumanji.
  • broken wine bottle is important.
  • damien is honestly a good guy!!!
  • damien, mark, and the colonel have been friends since they were kids.
  • the “2017” on the little buddy shots aren’t supposed to be there, they were a goof from mark. 

CAPTAIN DIABETES: Greetings, mystery fans!

CAPTAIN DIABETES: It is I, Captain Diabetes!

CAPTAIN DIABETES: Let it be known that you’re all safe under my brutalist strength!

MOSQUITO: Oh, so strong! What a hunky chunky samaritan!

CAPTAIN DIABETES: Thank you, Mosquito. I would say you’re, uh, ‘hunky chunky’ as well, but you’re more of a fast, longer range type.

MOSQUITO: I can be strong too! I’ve got loads of muscle under these clothes!

CAPTAIN DIABETES: Oh yeah, Muscles like…


MOSQUITO: Zzzt, oh my!


CAPTAIN DIABETES: Take a good look, tumblr bloggers!

CAPTAIN DIABETES: Nobody but the pals and the people who dare challenge me get to see these guns this close up.

MOSQUITO: I’m so honored to be in your presence, Captain Diabetes.

CAPTAIN DIABETES: As am I in yours, Mosquito!

The Forgotten American Hero Of The Great War

Meet Alvin C. York, one of the most decorated American soldiers during the First World War. He received the Medal of Honor for one spectacular attack during the Battle of the Argonne. He was put in a group of 17 Americans soldiers who were ordered to infiltrate the German lines and take out one machine gun position. They were able to capture a number of German soldiers, but then small arms fire killed six and wounded three. Suddenly, York was the highest ranking remaining soldier.

He took command, and immediately ordered his men to guard the prisoners while he – by himself– went to attack that one machine gun position they had been ordered to take out. He attacked the German machine gun nest – again, by himself! – with just his rifle and his pistol. That’s right: he took a rifle to a machine gun fight. York ended up taking 35 machine guns, killing at least 25 enemy soldiers, and capturing 132 enemy soldiers.

York was lionized for decades, although he has largely been forgotten by newer generations. A 1941 film about him, Sergeant York, was that year’s highest-grossing film. And the man who played York, Gary Cooper, won the Academy Award for Best Actor that year.

The whole story - A theory

Alright, everyone. Here’s my take on what I think happened, chronologically…


Mark and Selene fall in love and are married. Colonel and Selene have an affair, and Mark gets suspicious and hires Detective, who finds out what’s going on. Selene eventually leaves Mark for Colonel, but Mark wants to “remain friends” in order to exact revenge. Mark becomes a celebrity.

Proof of affair (it’s not much, but I feel it adds to the story): 

Mark begins to dabble in the occult as part of his revenge plan. He buys this new mansion. By this time, he is deep into some dark shit, which is why Selene has always had a bad feeling about the house. Darkiplier is forming.

The Party

Mark’s plan for revenge is complete. He invites everyone to the party. He invites the Colonel because, revenge. He invites Damien because they’re close friends and he’d be easier to possess, he invites the Detective so that the Colonel will be blamed for the murder, and he invites us because we are spiritually attuned. (Not super confident on the “us” reason.)

So, everyone arrives and is partying it up. However, the butler is serving spiked drinks, either at Mark’s command or, more likely, without knowing they’ve been spiked.. I mean, we take one sip, trip BALLS, forget 99% of the night, and pass out. Seemingly so does everyone else. Additionally, whatever is in these drinks causes violent tendencies and anger - we flip people off, Colonel brings out his gun, the Detective straight-up punches us. I’m guessing some of the drinks have Ketamine, PCP, or something similar. During this time where everyone is out of it, Mark lures the Colonel elsewhere, and uses the drug’s effects to provoke the Colonel into killing him. The Colonel remembers nothing, or hopes it was all a bad dream. Mark possesses Damien.

Violence/anger collage:

Note: it is possible that Mark simply killed himself in a sacrifice, but that’s less fun.

The Day After

We find Mark’s body (it falling was either Mark fucking with us, or just a cool video choice), and Damien(Mark) sees that Colonel isn’t around. He goes to see if Colonel is upset, and finds that the Colonel doesn’t even care that Mark is dead. This gravely upsets Damien(Mark), but he plays it cool and plays his character well. He allows everyone to shift blame around, all the while knowing that the Detective will finger the Colonel as the murderer.

However, Mark knows that getting revenge on only one half of the cheating duo isn’t enough. He needs full revenge. He knows that the Colonel would tell Selene where he was that night, and that she’d show up eventually when he didn’t return home. However, Mark was not expecting Selene to be in-tune with the occult, thus Damien(Mark)’s exclamation, “I just didn’t think that you were the type to become mixed up in all this.” Fortunately for Mark, her powers aren’t too powerful. Mark is able to manipulate the seance in order to get everyone outside and away from Selene. Although Selene isn’t fond of Damien (“I don’t need help, especially from you,” presumably because he took Mark’s side during the affair), Damien(Mark) stays behind, preparing revenge.

Damien(Mark) attempts to kill/possess Selene, but her practice with the occult causes things to go awry. Instead of things being easy, like Damien, Selene fights back, and we see the flashes of lights and Selene’s torn apparition. George closes the door, but Selene is killed and her body is destroyed in Mark’s attempt, as is Damien’s. 

Sensing his plan is going awry, Mark then attempts to possess you. He is mildly successful but is unable to complete a full possession. Mark, not fully grasping us, leads us to the room that points to the Colonel being guilty, allowing the Colonel to find us there. This results in a scuffle that Mark hopes results in our death, and it does. As we die, we hear a deep voice say “It’s me.”

At this point, Selene and Damien are no more. Darkiplier is using visions of people we trusted in order to manipulate us. Selene is red. Damien is blue. But who is in the middle, grey? Mark’s body. Mark. “Let me in.” “You have a choice here,” but being given no choice. We are being manipulated. This is Darkiplier. Our body is then brought back, driving the Colonel mad, and our mind/soul is left behind.

i’m thinking that FakeAH Lindsay probably didn’t join the crew on purpose. She ended up in one of their groups by some sort of mishap and actually has zero idea on how to be a criminal so she just sorta shoots and throws explosives around and somehow does good for the crew even though she never even held a gun before getting mixed up in all this. She’s a wildcard, because she has no actual idea as to what she’s doing or how she got here. But damn she got a husband and an empire out of it so might as well just smile and nod, boys. 

Mafia!BTS Reaction: You Know Their Secret (Hyung Line)

Maknae Line | Masterlist

Anonymous asked: Do you take reaction requests?? If so could u do a bts reaction where theyre in the mafia and try to keep it a secret from you but youve known for while and they just found out that you’ve known? tysm!!

A/N: I do take requests! I went kinda overboard, so I’m just gonna do the hyung line for now. 


You had just taken a big bite out of Jin’s latest dish. It was delicious and flavorful as always, but maybe a little too much. You coughed, hitting your chest with one hand as Jin panicked, rushing to bring you some water. After downing a whole glass, you breathed a sigh of relief. So did Jin.

“I’m so sorry, honey! For a second I thought I’d killed you.”

Still recovering, you weren’t thinking as your next words tumbled out of your mouth.

“You’re a professional killer, so it wouldn’t be a surprise.”

A long, heavy silence fell over the room as you both realized what you had just said. Horror twisted in your gut. Crap. How could you cover this up?

“What did you just say?” Jin asked, voice low with something very, very dangerous.

There was a long moment where you both stood there, unmoving and unblinking, just staring at one another. Then the panic settled in. Your breathing became quicker, your eyes wide. He knew. He knew you knew. This was bad. He was angry. This was bad.

Jin took a step forward, features softening as he approached you slowly, like one would approach a wounded animal.

“Darling, calm down. It’s—“

Thoughts still hazy, you turned on your heel and made a break for the door, running as fast as you possibly could.

Jin was faster.

You barely made it out of the kitchen when you felt his hand circle around your arm in a vice grip. In the next instant, he slammed you against the nearest wall with terrifying strength you had always known he possessed. You winced, screwing your eyes shut as you looked down. You couldn’t look at him—you were afraid of what you would see.

Gentle but firm, his other hand gripped your chin and made you look into his eyes. They were soft and gentle, the same as they had always been. You felt yourself relax, just a little bit, at that.  

“I think,” he finally said, “you and I need to have a little talk.”


You were home alone, so you decided to take a long, much deserved bath. Eyes closed, you sighed as you soaked in the steaming water. Then, you heard it. A loud bang and a crash from outside the door. Namjoon wasn’t supposed to be home until very late that night, which could only mean it was a break in.

Your eyes snapped open and you practically flew out of the tub, heart hammering in your chest as you thought of your options. You knew Namjoon kept a gun in every room. It was how you discovered his real occupation some time ago.

As quickly as you could, you removed the bathmat at the base of the tub and felt around for a loose tile. Sure enough, your search was fruitful. You grabbed the weapon and slowly backed away. You didn’t want to use it, or even threaten anyone with it, so you stayed put, hoping the intruder wouldn’t come into the washroom. No such luck. Soon enough, the knob jiggled for a moment before the door was pushed open. With shaky hands you put the gun up.

“D-don’t move! I’m not a-afraid to use this!”

“Shit, baby, what the fuck?

Namjoon stood before you, hands up in surrender and eyes wide with shock as he stared at you in utter disbelief. You could have cried at the sight of your boyfriend. Shaking, you lowered the weapon. Then, enraged, you lifted it again.

“You! You scared me half to death! What the hell is wrong with you?!”

Namjoon gaped.

“What’s wrong with me? What’s wrong with you?”

“Excuse me?!”

“Why do you have a gun?!”

“You’re in the mob and you’re asking about your own gun?!”

You froze, realizing your mistake. Namjoon stared at you, wide eyed. Then, he sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose as he slouched in defeat, almost as if he’d been expecting this. You wouldn’t be surprised if he had.  

“Ok, before we have this conversation,” he said, voice exasperated, “could you please put the gun down? And maybe put some clothes on?”

You looked down at yourself and blushed, placing the gun back on the floor and running past him into the bedroom.

“If you like,” he said, voice amused and suggestive, “we could save the clothes and the conversation for later…”  


Yoongi was still sleeping when you decided to slip out of bed and make breakfast for the both of you. You were flipping pancakes in the kitchen when you heard the unmistakable sound of a knock on the door. You nearly jumped out of your skin, dropping one of the pancakes in the process. Cursing, you turned the stove off and marched to the door.

When you opened it, you were surprised to find two men you had never seen before standing in front of you.

You immediately stiffened, thinking about Yoongi’s job. Did they know him? Were these friends or enemies? Were they dangerous? Were you about to get kidnapped? You were so going to kill Yoongi if you got kidnapped because of him.

You fixed the two men with an unamused glare.

“May I help you?”

The men looked almost as surprised to see you as you were to see them. They shifted uncomfortably, looking at one another.

“Uh. Is Suga home?”

‘Suga’ was Yoongi, you knew. You also knew it was a name only his friends knew him by, if the papers you found in his office were anything to go by. Still, you didn’t trust these guys yet.

“Who are you?”

They looked at each other.

“Uh. I’m V and that’s Jimin. We’re—”

“His underlings. Yeah, I know.” You sighed, relieved when you recognized their names. “Sorry, but Suga’s—”

“Awake now.”

You jumped when you felt the heat of another body pressed against your back. Yoongi was standing there, still shirtless, using an arm to lean against the doorframe as he fixed the two visitors with a glare.

“Whatever it is, it can wait until tomorrow.”


Without saying another word, Yoongi grabbed the door and shut it in their faces. He sighed, still pressed right up against your back. You squirmed, trying to step away from him, but started when you felt both of his hands firmly grasp each of your arms. He pressed further into you, leaning in until you felt his breath on the back of your neck.

You shivered—out of fear or something else, you weren’t sure.

“How long,” he said, his low voice practically a whisper as he spoke into your ear, “have you known about this?”


You and Hoseok were getting some shopping done when you passed by a department store, one of the very upscale and intimidating ones that you dared not enter by yourself. So, naturally, Hoseok decided to drag you inside.

“Come on, it’ll be fun!”

You rolled your eyes at his antics, but obliged nonetheless. He was so happy, after all. While inside, you found yourself surprised as something caught your eye. It was a beautiful silver watch. You leaned over the glass case displaying it, admiring the piece. You had always wanted one of these high-end accessories, but you could never possibly afford it.

“Like what you see, babe?”

You jumped, having almost forgot you were there with your boyfriend. Smiling, you nodded, but shrugged it off with a small, disappointed sigh.

“Yeah, but when in a million years could I ever afford something like this?”

Hoseok blinked, staring at you for a moment in thought before he spoke again, smile ever-present.

“I’ll buy it for you.”

You raised your eyebrows. Of course, you knew Hoseok could afford this sort of thing. He was a mobster after all, and a pretty damn successful one, from what you gathered. But still, he didn’t need to know that you knew. So, you shook your head.

“If I can’t afford it, then you can’t either.”

“Yes, I can,” he replied, persistent.

“No, you can’t.” You glared at him. “I don’t want it that bad, Hoseok.”

“Sure you do.”


“Babe it’s ok, I’ll buy—“

“If I want this watch,” you snapped, irritation taking over you, “then I want it with good, honest money. Not—“ you gasped, cutting yourself off once you realized what you said.

“Not what, babe?”

Everything around you seemed to stop—the bustling department store seemed empty, the lights seemed dimmer. All you could focus on was Hoseok, his eyes darkening while the smile remained on his face. You had a feeling you weren’t the first person to be on the receiving end of such a look. Your sweet, loving boyfriend was replaced with someone else.

He was terrifying.

Still smiling, Hoseok leaned forward until your faces were centimeters apart.

“Sweetheart,” he said, his sweet voice laced with venom, “is there something you’d like to tell me?”  

Drop // Richie Tozier Imagine

AN: This is loosely based off of that one scene from Stranger Things but with a lot changed from it…idk you’ll see what I mean I’ve just been binge watching the show for the millionth time

The bell had rung and everyone went to their classes and sat in their seats. Per usual routine Richie sat in his desk and the stare fest began,

There she is. (Y/N) (Y/L/N). FUCK she’s gorgeous. She probably doesn’t even know my name. I can’t take my eyes off of her. No wonder I’m failing English…oh wait I think this History class… Richie thought to himself.

The class was over an hour long and Richie just kept staring at you. You were probably the ONLY thing that keep his mouth shut. All he ever did was talk but with you…he couldn’t form words.

The class ended and everyone formed a pile out of the door plaining ignoring the teacher’s request to slow down.


The day was over and Richie started walking home from school alone. Bill was at home because he got sick, Eddie’s mom held him home to disinfect him from anything he might have touched of Bill’s, and Stan’s bike was being fixed so his mom decided to pick him up.

So it was just Richie, alone. He started walking down an alternate path to avoid the route Henry and his friends take when he heard a noise,


Y/N?  Richie thought to himself

He started to follow the voice and it led him to one of the bridges that overlooked the river. Richie hid behind a tree and peaked to see you being held down by Bowers and his goons,

“She’s a pretty one isn’t she?” Henry said holding her down, “Didn’t anyone ever tell you not to wonder this town alone?”

“HELLPP!” you screamed kicking and jerking every limb

Shit do something do something he thought

“No one’s gonna hear you out here” Henry said. Richie reached picked up the only two rocks he could find and chucked it at Bower’s head


“Let her go” Richie said emerging from the trees with another rock in hand. Unexpectedly Belch comes up from behind him and kicks him in the back knocking Richie on the ground. He kneels over Richie and punches him in the face,

“Leave him alone!” you yell. Henry motions Belch to stop and then yanks you off of the ground. He flips you around so you’re facing Richie and grabs onto your neck,

“I’ll make you losers a deal” he says with a knife in his other hands. He points it at Richie,

“If you drop…her pants won’t” Richie looks up at him confused.

“Drop from bridge and I won’t touch your precious girlfriend” he says still holding you in a choke hold. You kick and cry grabbing onto his hands trying with all your strength to get them off of your neck. But you were too small and fragile compared to Henry he just held you back without trying.

“Don’t do it” you say struggling for breath, “I w-won’t blame you.”

“I don’t got all day now” Henry said looking at Richie on the floor. He adjusts his glasses and stands up walking towards the bridge,

“The rapids are too strong!” you yells with the last breaths you has, “Please don’t do it!”

Richie gets up onto the railing and overlooks the water. He takes a deep breath in,

“Richie please!” you yell

She knows my name… He thinks to himself


“RICHIE!” you yells. Henry puts you down and they all run over to the edge of the bridge,

“Didn’t know he had it in him..where were we?” Henry turns around to you standing with Henry’s dad’s gun pointed towards them,

“How the fuck did you?!” Henry says feeling the emptiness in his back pocket

“Go.” you say tears running down your face,

“GET. OUT.” you warn

“Look toots don’t hurt yourself…just put the gun down” you point it downwards and shoot Henry in the foot,

“SON OF A BITCH” he yells dropping to the ground. You reach the gun back up to his head and yell again,

“GO!” the boys all run away helping Henry up and into Belch’s car. They drive off fast and you run down towards the lake,

“Richie! Richie!” you yell out for him. You look down at the river hoping to God you don’t find him in there and see nothing but fast moving water.

There’s no way he walked away from that

“RICH-” you turn around and bump into a drenched and shivering Richie,

“Oh my god” you say hugging him as tight as you can

Oh shit she’s hugging not pop a boner Richie

“Are you okay!?” you say frantically

“Yeah I’m okay” he says trying to act as tough as he can around you.

“Are you crazy? You barely know me and you almost killed yourself”

“I’m a good swimmer” he said showing off. You laugh and hug him again,

“Do you wanna come back to my place? I don’t think anyones home and I can give you some of my brother’s clothes so you’ll be dry” you offer. His eyes go wide, even wider than his glasses magnify,

“Yeah” he says unable to form any other words.

I’m going to Y/N’s house. I just saved her from Henry. She knew my name…the boys will never hear the end of this

The ideal Teen Wolf Ending

•Scott’s massive roar at the hunters shaking the ground & breaking all the car windows as the pack retaliates.

•Peter shielding Malia with his body, pushing her to safety and taking a round of bullets for his daughter.

•Derek ripping Kate’s head clean off and it landing at Gerard’s feet (in parallel to his comment about snapping Liam’s neck and dropping him at Scott’s feet)

•Lydia screaming to create a barrier to stop the bullets, leveling the hunters so the pack can re-group.

•Theo doing a huge air leap toward Gabe whos pointing a shotgun at Liams head, pushing Liam out of the way and knocking Gabe out.

•Liam trying to wrestle the guns away from two hunters while another one is choking him. As Liam lets out a deafening roar his eyes turn bright red and his arms bursts outward slamming the hunters against the walls as he continues to roar

•Theo standing over Gabe looking at this ^ in disbelief and utter shock (love) but then his face breaks into a huge smile

•Gabe wakes up,  points the gun up at Theo and fires a bullet into Theos chest that sends him flying.

•Liam rushing over to Theo who is bleeding from everywhere, eyes wide,  Liam rips off his jacket trying to stop the bleeding. Not working, he then digs into Theo’s chest with his fingers pulling out the bullet. Theo screaming in pain. Liam saying I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry, then placing one of his bloodied hands on Theo’s neck & the other on Theo’s hand, taking away his pain. Tears streaming down Theo’s face… because he knows.

•Mason seeing this ^ crying and smiling.

•Hunters coming at Mason and Corey in the elevator with Nolan. Nolan blocks the door from closing. Morey thinks he’s going to let the hunters in when Nolan lets out a loud scream that blows the hunters back. Morey realising that Nolan is a Banshee. (A Manshee?)

•Hunters defeated, Gerard drops to his knees at Scotts feet begging for his life. Scott grabs Gerads face and just as he is about to talk a bullet flies into Gerard’s skull. Stiles still holding the gun “I didnt miss read that did I?”

•Thiam defeating the last of the hunters, Liam goes in for the fist bump but Theo grabs his hand and and kisses him instead.

*this I wrote just before the final episode with stupid high hopes*

Arm wrestling

So listen, Bitty looks fantastic. Check out those guns!

So… I ended up writing a thing about Zimbits and I have zero regrets. Enjoy! (Sorry I can’t get it under a cut. It’s not too long tho)
“Whaa? Oh, come on!” Bitty’s laughter rang out in Jack’s apartment.

“What?” Jack asked with a grin on his face.

“You let me win!”

“No way!” Jack snickered.

“Jack, sweetheart, you are a terrible liar. There is no way on God’s green earth that little ‘ol me could beat you at arm wrestling.”

Jack shook his head defiantly. “My arms might be a little tired tonight, but you definitely beat me. You won fair and square.”

“Pfft!” Bitty shook his head as to dismiss his boyfriend’s silliness. He reached across the table to grab Jack’s hand.

“Really, Bits. I mean, look at you… those arms…” Jack’s hand continued right on, sliding up Bitty’s forearm before stopping to give his bicep a light squeeze. “I mean…”

Bitty’s cheeks flushed a light pink as he watched Jack. The way he chewed lightly at his bottom lip, the little gasp as he sharply inhaled a breath, eyes lidded, grip firm yet gentle…

Bitty cleared his throat. “I think it’s about time for bed, don’t you?” He asked quietly.

“Oh. Are you tired?" 

"Nope.” Bitty pushed back his chair and stood from the dining room table. This time he caught Jack’s hand in his, and gave a small tug. “Well?”

Jack grinned and in one step he was in front of Bitty, pulling him into a gentle, longing kiss. “Yeah.”

“Yeah? Just 'yeah?’ Well, don’t make me twist your arm or anything,” Bitty teased. 

“I bet you’re strong enough to.”

“Oh really, Mr. Zimmerma–ahh!” Bitty yelped when Jack suddenly scooped him up and tossed him over his shoulder. “You!” He laughed when Jack started carrying him down the hall.

“Oh, sorry Bits. Did you want to carry me instead?" Jack snickered proudly at his own joke.

"Har-har, Mr. Zimmermann!” Bitty landed a smack on Jack’s perfect hockey butt. “Although I can’t say I mind the view…”

“Haha,” Jack chuckled it away, in that same awkward way he usually did when someone complimented his appearance. Instead, he rubbed one of his thumbs lightly back and forth against Bitty’s thigh, a sign Bitty had come to understand was his shy way of saying thank you. A way to show appreciation when words escaped him.

Jack tried to angle himself properly so that he could lay Bitty down gently, but they ended up toppling over awkwardly on the bed. That’s how it went 99% of the time, but Bitty would not want it any other way. The sight and sound and feel of Jack collapsed over him with his head against Bitty’s chest as his laughter filled the room – it was music to Bitty’s ears. All the silly little moments alone with Jack in his apartment filled his heart.

They readjusted their positions on the bed into something a little more comfortable, and Bitty smiled. “I love you, honey.”

Jack sighed happily. “Love you too, Bits.”

Teasing, Showers, & Man Buns

A/N: Any of my friends on here that know me and see me IRL, please just keep scrolling. Don’t @ me… This is my first time writing smut, so I apologize in advance for whatever the hell this is. I’d like to thank The Litty Titty Committee™ for pushing me to bring this little idea to life. Hope you enjoy.

Harry’s been back home from tour for three days now, and he’s been nothing but a tease. It’s been over six months since he’s touched you. You would’ve thought he’d have jumped you as soon as he got off the plane, but no, his smug ass thinks it’s a great idea to just taunt you until you cave first.

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anonymous asked:

Who, or what, is Jimothy?


  • It calls itself Jimothy, in a voice that bypasses the ears entirely. It seems very proud of this Human Name.
  • On all fours, it’s roughly the size of a horse.
  • Its skin (?) is a black that reflects so little light that it looks more like a nightmare-shaped hole in the world than an actual creature.
  • Despite looking like, let me state this again for emphasis, a goddamn nightmare, Jimothy is probably the most benign of the Fair Folk who show up regularly around campus over the last decade or so (they come and go).
  • It has virtually no interest in the favortrade, it very very rarely takes offense to anything, and it doesn’t seem to mind being seen. It’s attitude towards the students is best described as vague disinterest.
  • It’s not entirely clear that it understands human hand gestures (thumbs up, finger guns, peace signs), but it does its level best to mimic them back at you, and seems delighted about it.
  • It fuckin loves plastic jewel beads. It exclusively buys them with its own teeth.
  • Anyone who has been close enough to make this trade will tell you that the teeth go all the way down. There are more teeth lining this thing’s mouth and throat than from the outside it appears to have mouth and throat.
  • Jimothy is a particular favorite among science-minded students of the Forbidden Major, as its teeth are both the easiest biological material from Elsewhere to acquire and the safest to own, being fairly purchased.
  • It follows that in a heavily, heavily salted room on the third floor of the chemistry building, students of the forbidden major carry out experiments on the teeth. They have discovered nothing useful yet.
  • A few of the cannier students wonder why Jimothy is so content to bargain away pieces of itself, when such a thing is so taboo among the rest of the Gentry that even asking for a lock of hair can bring fierce, sudden punishment upon you. Most write it off as an oddity. They are not entirely wrong.
  • Due to its laid back attitude and apparently harmless quirks, it’s regarded with a kind of cautious affection by Involved students.


1) Mark seemed to die not or a gunshot, but maybe poison. Mark’s body, if shot, would have been bloody, and he would have been very pale, as blood loss  makes the skin lose it’s colour. There may be even some blood on the floor, depending on were the body landed

2) Speaking of the landing, Mark didn’t fall from the stairs, he fell from somewhere on the ceiling, but it seems to have been timed to a point when everyone was going to be passing the same area.

3) If Mark is assumed to be playing as his real self, and not a strange version of him, then we know that his body can’t handle alcohol, thats why he doesn’t play any more drunk minecraft. He could’ve died from that

The Colonel

1) His voice and the way he moves are very similar to another character we know with a bushy moustache, Mr. Wilford Warfstache. He has the same attitude, and welds the same gun that Wilford had in the many alter- egos video.

2) He has a large moustache that could be hiding a smaller one, he also wears a longer coat that could also be hiding some clothing, as well as a red scarf to hide a certain “necklace”

3) He has a reasoning to killing Mark, he doesn’t like him (like Warfstache; kinda). He doesn’t seem to show any remorse over his death, and even mocks him when he describes how Mark could have died. 

4) He was the only one to not enter the room after Mark died.

5) During the drinking scene, he loaded the gun

6) Wilford Warstache (according to Mark) was a war hero in the past….

The Mayor

1) This guy is my favourite. I don’t know why theres just something about him. He is also extremely interesting. He is a very proper guy and likes to keep clean (Like a certain evil person who has been seen one sweaters ;)

2) He seemed strangely hostile when he talked about how not to “rob him blind” with a lot of emphasis on the “blind”

3) Dark, as Mark (I believe) has told us, is very manipulative. He can be seen as a great person and a fabulous actor, as we know from A Date With Markiplier: The Chocolate Ending

4) He apologised to you for having to hear the argument he had with the Colonel, but there was no way he would’ve been able to see you from the way he was standing. He also must have known you were there because he didn’t seem phased that you were standing there, again, even though there’s no way he would’ve been able to see you in the position you two were in

5) He was THE ONLY ONE who was not present during the drinking ad gambling section

6) He was the last person to come into the room, even after all the commotion, and seemed a little unphased.

7) If I am right about the Mayor being Dark, he isn’t as good of an actor as I once believed, because the Mayor had said how close he was to Mark, I would’ve thought that we would be A LOT more sympathetic and saddened.

8) He never followed you down the stairs, he went to another staircase, meaning he could’ve avoided seeing the body first hand

The Detective

1) He was the last person to be near the body, as far as we know

2) He seemed to be in good terms with Mark, talking to him like he was an old friend, and Mark telling him things that he probably wouldn’t tell anyone else. 

3) The last time they were seen having a 1-on-1 conversation was at 1:17 am, on October 7th, a few days before the murder took place.

4) The only person he seems dislike is the Chef, because, as he stated, “he’s an asshole”

5) He determined the death of Mark (timing wise) rather quickly for someone who doesn’t seem to have that much equipment with him and how he doesn’t seem to be that good at his job.

The Butler

1) He was very quick to tell that Mark’s death occurred late last night, and that he had been dead for a while.

2) He gave out drugs, something that could kill Mark

3) When he “found” the broken wine bottle, he said that if Mark were still alive that he would’ve killed him, making me believe that Mark was very hard on his servant

The Chef

1) He’s not a very pleasant person to be around, being quite rude and telling you that he will make dinner when he feels like it.

2) He made a lot of murder references talking about what he did last night, but they all kind of revolved around stabbing, and again there was no blood, so its possible that stabbing is not the cause of death.

3) He too, didn’t seem very surprised about the killing/murder, only that it made him hungry, and he went to go make breakfast.


1) He’s just a reporter, but some things came up in that little scene that I noticed. He picked up the gun, which had a line of bullets next to it

2) The couch, that before was left untouched by you only moments before, was a mess by the time he got in there

3) He I guess died mysteriously 


1) You fell asleep at 1:30 am, meaning that the murder could not have been caused by you

2) You went down a different staircase Mark first walked down

Thats all I have discovered for now. If i find more by re-watching the video, Ill post another thing