Spent my spring break painting a nerf gun and I ended up with this lil dude.

I absolutely hated this while I was painting it and only until the finishing touches did I finally start loving it. The weathering really pulled it all together I think.

Colors were inspired by Boba Fett and the original gun is posted below for comparison!!!

marvel just called me and told me that because we’ve seen enough white boys be angry and shoot places up with guns, they’re cancelling the punisher and replacing it with a series called ‘the unknown defender.’ elektra natchios will be the series lead and we will figure out she’s actually the fifth defender. she will have her story rewritten as mostly comic-canon and kill all the white boys with guns.


My Overwatch charms from @acornpress arrived to me a while back! AND THEY ARE LOVELY!! They’re done so well I cry /___\

I strapped some up for photos but you can see how lovely these guys came out! HHHH I LOVE THEM!! Thank you so much! ;0; I’ll be ordering some more of these charmos in the near future! 8)

I will work on the pre-orders soon! I got back from travels not too long ago ;-;

Overwatch weapons©Blizzard
Charm production©Acorn Press