Century Arms C39 V2

U.S made AK variant with a milled receiver. The entire rifle is composed of U.S made parts and is fairly budget friendly, making it a decent starter AK. Some purists are apprehensive about a domestically produced AK, often citing the superiority and quality of the Russian, Chinese, Bulgarian rifles. (GRH)

anonymous asked:

Do you own an ar15?

Given how much I despise that rifle, obviously not.

I’ve had some experience with it through this particular gun :

and @shmurnoff‘s Ruger :

- Edit : @shmurnoff  informed me I mistook his Ruger for a SIG 516, so here’s the Ruger I was talking about :

source : http://shmurnoff.com/post/152792166741/je-nettoie-mes-deux-556-pas-besoin-de-nettoyer

Then, more recently not only had I instruction about potential foes weapons, but a few people came to my shooting society with entry level AR15s, like the S&W MP15, and I had the occasion to use them. I wasn’t much impressed, to say the least.


Polytech AKS-762

Chinese AK variant chambered in 7.62x39mm with a proprietary integrated spike bayonet. Considered to be some of the best foreign AK’s to be imported into the U.S, the Polytech and Norinco rifles are held in high regard among collectors. If you do manage to find one for sale, make sure it DOES NOT have the U.S made receiver. Those are known for poor heat treating by the company that assembled them out of the Chinese parts. (GRH)



The “Universal Combat Pistol” was a H&K’s answer to the FN Five-Seven pistol. Using the same 4.6x30mm cartridge as the MP7, it had a 20 round capacity magazine and a control setup similar to the P2000. The UCP was eventually abandoned during the prototyping stages even though supposed test trials had happened. H&K felt that the UCP did not offer a viable ballistic performance from a handgun. (GRH)

Presidents Day Thoughts

Dear Conservatives,

Obama is no longer the president. While he was president,

- Nobody came for your guns

- No Christians were rounded up and put in FEMA camps.

- Sharia law was not imposed anywhere in the US.

- Martial law was not imposed anywhere in the US.

- Nobody came for your guns.

- Your light bulbs are still legal.

- No woman was forced to have an abortion.

- No one was forced to marry a person of the same sex.

- No pastor went to jail for refusing to marry a same-sex couple.

- Bestiality was not legalized.

- There are still no death panels.

- And nobody came for your guns.

Can you just please admit that you were wrong?