Franchi SPAS-12

Dual purpose shotgun that can switch between pump action or semi-auto with a push of a button. It’s intimidating looks have made it a pop culture icon in terms of weapons. This example has the desirable but very uncomfortable folding stock but the dangerous paddle safety. With that safety, there were numerous incidents of the shotgun going off and firing a shell once it was flipped to fire. (GRH)


SIG (SAN) SG 553 pistol

This Swiss Sig 553 pistol is one of the last ones ever that will be imported from Switzerland. If you have ever wanted to own one of these awesome Sig 553’s today is your best opportunity because there will be no more of these in the future!

SIG Sauer Inc. is now importing a limited number of Swiss Arms SG 553 pistols to the U.S. market. The Swiss-built SG 553 is manufactured around the SG 551/552-series gas piston action and features an adjustable two-position gas piston system, ambidextrous controls and a top rail.

This SG 553 is chambered in 5.56x45mm NATO and is nitride finished for enhanced durability. The SG 553 pistol also incorporates a Swiss-style polymer handguard, translucent polymer 30-round Swiss magazines and a three-prong flash-hider.

Specs :

Caliber 5.56mm NATO
Action Type Semi-auto
Operating System Adjustable 2-Position Gas Piston System
Trigger Pull 7 lbs
Trigger Type MIL-SPEC 2-Stage
Overall Length 20.2"
Barrel Length 8.9"
Rifling 1:7
Number of grooves 4
Weight w/out Mag 5.9 lbs
Mag Capacity 30 Rounds
Mag Type Swiss polymer
Features Adjustable 2-Position Gas Piston System, Three-Prong Flash Hider


The anti-Trump
Mark Kelly, astronaut and anti-gun activist, aims for civility. By GLENN THRUSH

Yet even this former Space Shuttle pilot feels an icy waft of danger when he approaches the glowering gun rights advocates who show up to protest his firearms control speeches.

After all, his wife, former Arizona Rep. Gabby Giffords, was shot through her head five-plus years ago for chatting up her constituents outside a Tucson Safeway, and the couple has been the subject of numerous death threats over the years for their activism.

But Kelly, a former astronaut and military pilot, is also a Jersey guy, and he believes deeply in the idea of talking it out with people who want him to shut the hell up, or worse.

“One of my favorite things to do is – and it makes my staff a little nervous at times – is to go and talk to protesters,” said Kelly, who spoke to me for this week’s “Off Message” podcast, halfway through a countrywide bus tour to raise awareness for gun control.

“I’ll walk across the street. I walked across the street to the gun show,” he added. “So, I mean, that’s why I like to engage with them, and sometimes it usually doesn’t go so well right in the beginning. But if I stand there and listen and then engage them in a positive way – and I understand these people, I own guns – usually, by the end, it’s a pretty positive experience for all of us.”

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Victrix Armament Minerva “Stubby”

Italian built bolt-action rifle, the Minerva is their Tactical lineup, they also offer the Victoria (Sporting) and the Lunae (Hunting). The Stubby, according to their website, uses a 15.5″ long barrel. It might have a pinned on muzzle brake to reach 16″ but since this is a European only rifle at the moment, I’m not sure what their restrictions or laws are regarding barrel length. This particular example is owned by a target shooter in the U.K. (GRH)

Weird Accidental Discharge?

So this is a strange one guys, I was walking through the parking lot with a few friends the other day just before going to the range. My buddy is loading some rounds into a mag (.40 S&W Winchester Gold Dots) when he drops one.

The round detonated upon hitting the pavement and sprayed our legs with rocks and metal. It didn’t injure us at all really but we were pretty damn surprised to say the least.

I’ve never seen or even heard of a round just detonating from being dropped like that. Especially a “high grade” defensive ammo.

Have any of you seen something like this? I’m still not exactly sure how it happened.

In the Land of Raw Firepower, a Feeling That Trump Is Out of Ammo
Machine gun enthusiasts gather to celebrate their beloved and embattled weapon. The prospect of losing White House and Senate gives them nothing to cheer about. By JAMES HIGDON

As the sun dropped behind the tree line at the Knob Creek Gun Range, the crowd of 8,500 began pressing forward against the fence that separated them from the objects of their fascination. The mostly white, mostly male spectators had traveled from all over to watch what Knob Creek has become famous for, its Saturday night machine gun shoot. Since 9 a.m. the day before, the range had been a ballistic bacchanal as dozens of shooters, armed with guns that traced the entire history of automatic weaponry, raked an almost ceaseless barrage of bullets at propane tanks, busted home appliances, old jalopies, boats and SUVs. Casings cascaded like confetti. Black smoke from burning cars billowed into the clear Kentucky sky. But all this was merely a warmup exercise to that night’s spectacle, when the riddled appliances were replaced with 50-gallon drums of gasoline and diesel. When the range master yelled “Fire!” this time, the darkness was sliced by the bright lines of tracer fire. A wall of sound was followed immediately by a dozen fiery mushroom clouds. The cheers of the crowd filled the gaps between the gunfire.

In another political universe where a different GOP nominee was leading in the polls, this three-day-long salute to the glories of the Second Amendment could have been an early celebration for gun rights supporters in anticipation of the victory of President Ted Cruz or President John Kasich. But with Donald J. Trump atop the GOP ticket, that’s not the way it felt at Knob Creek. In other parts of the nation, far beyond this former Army gun range halfway between Louisville and Fort Knox, Trump was shedding supporters faster than a Gatling gun spitting shell casings. And while regulars to the machine gun shoot are still likely to vote for Trump, the ones we spoke to were not blind to his sinking poll numbers and had come to terms with the idea that the battle, still three weeks away, was already over.

“Trump can’t win,” said Steve, who wouldn’t give his last name because he didn’t want his house blown up (who he was afraid of wasn’t clear). Steve, whose accent suggested a hometown somewhere in New England, said that without women, blacks and Hispanics, Trump couldn’t overcome Hillary Clinton. “And that’s game over. He lost as soon as he picked his running mate. You can’t win with two white guys anymore. If he would have picked a woman, she would have been forced to defend him.”

Steve had carefully planned his political retreat, which became evident as he laid out his strategy for defeating the Clinton administration’s anti-gun agenda: Retain control of the Senate at all costs.

“With a big set of balls, they could stop any Supreme Court nominee—as many as she gives ‘em, because the Constitution doesn’t say there needs to be nine justices,” Steve said. “The best thing that can happen in Washington is nothing, gridlock.”

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A month ago, when 49 people were slaughtered in a gay club, we were told the blame lay at our feet, because if only everyone were allowed to carry a gun, we’d be safe.

Today, after a black man was held down, shot at close range and murdered, and we’re told he would have been safe if only he hadn’t been armed.

Which is it?


Do not believe the garbage that some media are saying. The facts are this.

1) Yes, there was a BLM protest/rally going on.
2) The snipers shot from an elevated position AFTER the PEACEFUL BLM protest/rally.
3) The snipers were not part of the BLM rally.
4) The snipers had their own sick agenda of murder.

People like Kylie Jenner have nooo problem plumping up their lips, twerking while blasting rap music, & showing off their raggedy ass cornrows.. but they decide to keep quiet about unjustified murders of innocent black people.

TF are you guys gong to do when they kill everyone and there’s no one left to copy?

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