P.P.I Pocket Pal

Normally associated with Cobray since the company offered the Pocket Pal on their lineup, there is little to no information about P.P.I. This odd looking dual-caliber pistol was intended for self-defense. It has two barrels stacked atop each other but requires switching out the cylinder if you want to shoot either .22 LR or .380 ACP. With no external safety, the Pocket Pal relies on an extremely long and heavy trigger pull; some owners mentioning it breaks at around 15 lbs. In spite their flaws the Pocket Pal is so obscure that it has become collectable. (GRH)

Gun Owning Community Rocked By Satirical News Outlets with Sarcastic Sensibilities

The gun owning community was left in turmoil recently as satirical news outlets across the county ran a series of hard hitting digital and print articles aimed at the Second Amendment and the NRA.

“It was a complete slaughter” said one gun owner, filling out several pieces of mandatory ATF paperwork at their local gun shop. “You unload a plethora of statistical data comparing crime rates across several countries before and after their attempts at gun reform, provide a complete etymological, technical, and legal breakdown of the Second Amendment, and a mountain of data from the FBI, CDC and private watchdog entities in regards to gun crime and gun defense usage in the United States, yet one tongue in cheek article making fun of the NRA or comparing the US to the UK and it’s just all for naught.”

We asked the individual if they’d like to have their name printed in this article, but they declined, stating that revealing their identity would likely open themselves and their family up to death threats from gun control proponents. “It’s just not enough that they can completely negate your argument and its empirical merits with a widely repeated and humorous one liner from a late night talk-show host, they also have to threaten violence and death on you and your family.” The shopkeeper behind the counter nodded in sad agreement, pensively eyeing the clock as the two phones he re-dialed the NICS system from still got busy signals.

“I mean, what can you do?” they continued. “I’m not even not an NRA member and based on publicly available records the NRA isn’t even in the top 50 highest-spending lobbying groups in congress, but after these articles, how can I really tell, you know?”

Stupid but fun conspiracy theories:  Roswell, lizard people, Melania actress impostors and Kubrick faking the moon landings. Stupid but horrific conspiracy theories: Sandy Hook and Las Vegas being faked and everyone is an actor.

You get the difference, right?

The former is mostly harmless and silly.

The latter causes genuine pain to already grieving victims.

I really do detest Alex Jones, though. The only true punishment for what he has done is dressing up in a brown wig and big sunglasses and having to lie in bed with Donald Trump every night.

Imagine being so invested in a sport that you aren’t even willing to entertain the notion of placing regulations on your sporting goods in order to help prevent (or at the very least, attempt to provide data and insight that might prevent) the senseless killing of random people?

Imagine that. Imagine prioritizing your right to a sport over the lives of people.

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“best weapons” from Germany, holding the G36, which would melt and cause accuraccy issues

I’m very comfortable answering that, given I hate all H&K long guns, particularly the G36 with its Stoner 

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system and its awful balance. 

This story have been debunked several times since it first comes around six years ago. 

The attack against the G36 and its supposed design flaws was part of a larger German leftists assault against H&K. 

Like all rifles, the G36 will have trouble if you abuse it. H&K have been cleared of all wrongdoings, and other H&K clients (which may have climate issues too) never complained about that problem.

today my sibling and I were on the bus home when there were three shots fired at the target parking lot. the people waiting at the bus stop were ducking and covering, and they ran onto the bus as soon as we stopped. they started screaming about a shooter and that’s when i realized what was happening.

the police showed up and surrounded the mall.

my sibling and I are fine, but it was scary to say the least. 

it was my first time near an active shooter. average day in america i guess

The 2nd Amendment is no longer the right to bear arms. 
The 2nd Amendment has become the right to take lives.
The 2nd Amendment is no longer aiding citizens. 
The 2nd Amendment is now abetting murderers.

When the laws don’t work, the laws must change. 

Let’s get one thing fucking straight

The Las Vegas shooter was not mentally ill

He planned this out

Picked the weapon

Picked the event

Picked the hotel

Picked the room

He knew damn well what he was doing

He is sane

And he is a fucking monster

Stop trying to humanize him

Stop dragging those that actually suffer with mental illness under the bus

Stop acting like we’re the problem with gun violence

Stop IGNORING how this monster LEGALLY got his hands on 17 semi automatic rifles –modified them to make them automatic– then got enough ammo to kill 59 people and injure over 510 more

Stop letting people say that this isn’t about gun control

Stop tolerating the bullshit because it’s the easier thing to do

Start speaking the fuck up because you don’t know when you’ll end up watching people die around you just because you went out to have some fun