Guitar Wizard

Whoever’s job it is to come up with akumas in Miraculous, les aventures de Ladybug et Chat Noir is a Flash fan.  You can’t convince me otherwise.

Reverse Flash/Professor Zoom = Antibug

  • costume is exact opposite color of the hero
  • same powers/abilities as the hero
  • former obsessed fan of the hero

Pied Piper = Guitar Villain/Mr. Pigeon

  • sound wave attacks with musical instrument
  • commands a flock of flying rodents (aka pigeons)
  • with a whistle…kinda like a flute…?

Mirror Master = Lady Wifi

  • teleports through cell phones
  • hero smashes array of cell phones set up to keep her from teleporting

Weather Wizard = Stormy Weather

  • weather
  • a lot of weather

Black Flash = Timebreaker

  • faster than the hero
  • “kills” everyone she touches
  • travels through time


1985. Mystery of Illusion

is the debut album by band Chastain.

the band formed in 1984 by guitarist David T. Chastain, The band was put together in 1984 by Mike Varney, president of Shrapnel for a David T. Chastain solo album. Varney had noticed the shred guitar ability of Chastain, member of the Cincinnati-based band CJSS and, at the same time, he wanted to create an output for the talent of young singer Leather Leone, formerly with the San Francisco band Rude Girl. The first band line-up included Leone, Chastain, CJSS bassist Mike Skimmerhorn and drummer Fred Coury, who would later play in Cinderella.

the heavy metal band that introduced two of the genre’s most underrated talents in David T. Chastain and Leather Leone. Chastain, of course, has made a name for himself as a shred artist and all-around guitar wizard, and Leone has such a distinct and powerful vocal style, She mostly sings in a gruff aggressive style, but occasionally with a melodic voice as on the title track and the ballad “Endlessly”. Those are two great songs.

you can’t go wrong with chastain. This is one of my favourite heavy metal bands and is highly recommended to fans of traditional heavy metal who care about quality and technical ability.

Leather Leone   David T. Chastain   Mike Skimmerhorn   Fred Coury