Guitar Hero

6 Disastrous Attempts at Video Game Marketing

5. A Guitar Hero ripoff threw a bunch of plastic instruments into a volcano
By 2010, the music game fad was fading fast. Innovation in the genre was at an all-time low, and lazy band-themed titles were the order of the day. Guitar Hero: Puddle of Muddvayne Edition was starting to look like the new norm. That’s where Seven45 Studios came in. Power Gig: Rise of the Six String was an upstart that was trying to change the game by pushing a more “realistic” style of guitar game that theoretically would actually teach you something other than how to get blisters on your fingers while playing Through The Fire and Flames on Expert. To celebrate the coming of the new, they were throwing out the old. In this case, that meant tossing a bunch of Guitar Hero-style plastic instruments into an Icelandic volcano.