Guinness World Record

Beyoncé & Guinness World Records
  • Most liked photo on Instagram
  • Fastest pic to reach 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11 million likes in Instagram history
  • ONLY picture to surpass 9, 10, and 11 million likes in Instagram history
  • Almost 9,000 tweets per second when she announced Blue, following her VMA performance of Love On Top 
  • Most Grammy nominations by a female artist (62)
  • First artist owned music streaming service (TIDAL)
  • Album that reached #1 in the most places at once (Self Titled: The Visual Album owns this title, 25 by Adele is second place, Lemonade is third place)
  • Fastest and highest selling album in iTunes history (Self Titled)
  • Second consecutive album that hit #1 in over 100+ places at once (Self Titled and Lemonade)
Mai Kuraki Awarded Guinness World Record for Most Theme Songs in a Single Anime Series
The Detective Conan anime series can add a Guinness World Record to its resume, thanks to Mai Kuraki. The singer was awarded the Guinness World Record for singing the most theme songs for a single animation series. Kuraki has performed 21 theme songs for long-running series and was acknowledged for her achievement at a ceremony on July 25.

On August 26, 2017, Dai-chan, a 5 year old bulldog from Japan, set the new Guinness World Record for longest human tunnel traveled through on a skateboard by a dog. He went through 32 people on the set of the charity program 24 Hour Television: Love Saves the Earth.

Date Ideas for the Signs

Aries: Drives to the city. Be spontaneous, go crazy! Show them how much fun you’re having and eat lots of food

Taurus: Cute little coffee shops and parks. Take lots of aesthetic pictures and tell them how you cute the pictures are

Gemini: Lazer tag (they’re really good at it) Eat lots of weird cool food after and talk lots

Cancer: Water balloon fight and pizza afterwards. Movies at home. Blanket forts. Staying up til dawn talking

Leo: The beach. Picnics on hot sand, and drowning each other in cold water. Show each other off because y’all know you’re hot

Virgo: Star gazing. Lay a blanket out with lots of food. Talk and laugh endlessly about anything and everything

Libra: Dog park. Play with dogs even though you don’t have any on your own. Rename them and come up with sneaky plans to steal them

Scorpio: Make food and bake goods at home. Throw flour at each other. Drink hot chocolate and cuddle while waiting to eat your chocolate chip cookies

Sagittarius: Art museum. Take pictures of each other, and post on ig with the caption “s/he’s the real art (;”

Capricorn: Attempt to break guinness world records. Stuff as many marshmallows as you can in your mouth, see who can keep their eyes open the longest. Then do fun stuff with the extra material afterwards

Aquarius: Roadtrip. Buy cool souvenirs and stay in shady hotels because you can’t afford a nice hotel yet. Take pictures of moments, not things

Pisces: Take a nap together. Wake up smiling groggily in each others faces. Then blast music and make breakfast together


Guys, in case you missed it, EXO and BIGBANG were featured in Guinness World Records 2018 Book. They awarded with “Most Daesang* Awards Won at the Mnet Asian Music Awards” (Under Arts & Media Chapter Page)!

Here are their awards won:


  • Artist Of The Year (2014)
  • Album Of The Year (2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016)


  • Song Of The Year (2007 and 2015)
  • Artist Of The Year (2008, 2012 and 2015)


Also I think EXO-Ls and V.I.Ps must stop fanwars and hate. Both they have featured in the book like come on! They must be very proud of them!

And I think they will buy that book also…I guess?

*(T/N: Daesang means “Grand Prize”)

Credit: Guinness World Records Official Twitter and @deadpyeol