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Amazing how an animal this big had remained hidden for so long. 


Check out Alex’s induction into Guinness World Records

Did you happen to tune in to America’s Favorite Quiz Show® on June 13? If you didn’t, you can re-live Alex’s big moment as he gets inducted into Guinness World Records for the “Most Game Show Episodes Hosted by the Same Presenter” — that’s 6,795 episodes for those who haven’t been keeping up.

But Alex isn’t the only one from the Jeopardy! family to be honored with an award from the folks at Guinness World Records. In 2013, Executive Producer Harry Friedman was recognized by the record-setting group for the “Most Emmy® Award Wins By a Game Show Producer.”

Here’s to 6,795, Alex, and many more to come. Congratulations!

A cat born with two faces has been named “The longest living Janus cat” by Guinness World Records.

His name is Frank and Louie and he was rescued by Marty Stevens, a veterinary nurse; when the kitten was one day old. He was scheduled to be euthanized. For a cat that wasn’t given much hope on living, Frank and Louie are still alive at the age of 12!

Check out the video.

Chiddy Raps His Way Into The Guiness Book of World Records For His 9 Hours Freestyle Rap

Have to give it to this guy. Chiddy Bang fans know how much this guy loves raps and how passionate he is when it comes to freestyling, even with topics being thrown to him. But only recently, the Philly rapper has managed to beat the world record of nine hours for rapping.

“I freestyle probably, like, once a day. That’s better than a lot of people, if you really think about it; I freestyle once a day for like 30 minutes straight,… I never put myself to this maximum test, but it’s very exciting for me, and once this all done, it’ll be like, ‘Wow I didn’t know I could go that long.’ ” - Chiddy

Watch Chiddy perform his last few minutes of his freestyle for Guiness below.