Guinea PIg

Pigblr is grappling with the loss of one of our most iconic members today, the irascible but lovable, true ladies’-peeg, bony-butt Spoonie. He thrived and sneered in the face of illnesses and surgeries that might’ve brought a weaker pig to its knees. @triggerfishie has been an inspiration through it all with the dedication she has and the sacrifices she’s made for her pigs’ quality of life. The love she and the guinea pig community here on tumblr has for Spoonie means that he’ll live on in our memories for years to come. I always said that my aesthetic was “Numchucks sitting calmly in the foreground while Spoonie does something weird in the background,” and I’ll rest tonight knowing that Spoonie will always be in the background of our lives, doing his own weird things.

We love you, Spoonie. Hump in peace.


💐 february 22nd 2017 🎀 happy birthday to my beautiful baby, pumpkin kana fae 🐹💕 three years old today 🌸 the tea cup in the photo is her birthday card… i always send cards to my pets!! 💝 it’s her first birthday without her sister, my angel luna sioux who is back on the moon now and celebrating her birthday there instead of here with us… it’s bittersweet, i miss her every single day… 🌙☁️ but here on earth i’m trying to give pumpkin the best birthday ever and hoping she’s not feeling too lonely 🎂💓 every day this little squishy bean brings me so much joy and happiness, i love her with all of my heart 💞🌷happy birthday pumpkin and happy birthday luna 🎃🌕

better quality picture for Spoons for Spoonie. (and some lettuce because what pigs doesn’t love some?)
Spoonie and nums were the first guinea pigs I ever followed on tumblr which in turn lead me to finding a bunch of adorable guinea pigs.

You’ll always be a very special Boar with all your faces and adorable moments.

@triggerfishie you’ll always be the best pig mother!  you give your boys everything so thank you for sharing their adventures with us. 

Mocha and and I send all our love your and nummies way.


Aaaaaand they’re off!


How to wake up a piglet.


Nothing better than a pizza and a beer.