Guinea PIg

Guinea pigs!

Hey everyone, I’m completely new to the world of piggies so I was hoping for some friendly advice/tips or literally anything you think I should know about them beforehand!! I’ve been doing my best to read up on them and watch plenty of videos but if you are knowledgeable on all things guinea pig…! please give me few words of wisdom :)!

Mainly I’d like to know what you think is the best food/bedding/hay brand!! Want my little guys to have the best :,).! I’m possibly getting two this week! I have already ordered a MASSIVE cage off of Amazon!

Thank you for your time :*


(via @thelavaempire on Instagram: “Fly Bella Rose fly🕊#guineapigs”)

God I’m really tired of hearing “but I can’t afford to give my pet x setup [that is the bare minimum for them to have a happy and long life]” as an excuse for why people put their pets in abusive and constricting homes.

Can’t afford to get your pet and buy/maintain a healthy habitat for it? Don’t fucking get that pet then. Don’t force it to have an unhealthy life because of your selfishness.