Guilty Gear: The Missing Link

18 Years . . .

May 14th, 1998.

This date might not seem like much, being a Spring Day like any other.

But in the Land of the Rising Sun, as the Cherry Blossoms fell on just another Spring day…

Something else quietly drifted on to Game Store shelves.

A single game that has left its indelible battle scars on the face of Fighting Game History!

In recognition of that History, I present to you an Archive of Instruction Manuals that charter some of that distant past.

[Guilty Gear Instruction Manual Archive]

When I can, I hope to update this archive with each installment or past installments that have been lost to time.

Guilty Gear turns 18 today… and many of us became adults in the interim of playing throughout its History.

Happy Anniversary, Guilty Gear… and to A.R.C. System Works, here’s to many more!