Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus

North America Gets Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus For PS3 On December 4.

From Siliconera:

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Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus is on Xbox Live Arcade worldwide and PS3 in Japan. When is it coming to North America? Takeshi Yamanaka from Arc System Works tweeted the release date – December 4. The PS3 version will cost $14.99. This version of the game includes online play.

Yamanaka didn’t announce a release date for PAL territories and asked fans in Europe to please wait a bit more.

How to Unlock everything in Accent Core Plus!

I get this question a lot from newbies, so I figure this is the best place to put this bit of info:

…I’m not kidding, do this. It’s far easier than Mission Mode, with less restrictions AND you get powerups besides.  For every Darkside Daredevil you beat, that’s one EX Mode unlocked. For every Gold Daredevil you beat, that’s one Gold character you unlock. Simple, no?  And even if you struggle a bit, the powerups more than help if you use Gold Axl’s Time Traveller item. 

Beating Survival Mode also nets you quite a few missing Gallery Artworks, plus I hear there’s a trophy or two involved, so go at it!

This one’s not as easy, but there’s a way around it. If you successfully unlock every EX character from Survival Mode, you can use EX MISSION MODE (I mentioned this in an earlier guide). EX characters have better combo opportunities than others, and in some cases you’ll need it in order to get a character’s icon on a particular mission.

Real quick, let me explain how Missions work:

The better you do, the higher your Rank is on a particular mission. These are the ranks:

D > C > B > A > S > GG > GGX > GGXX.

Beating all 30 Missions unlocks EX Characters, GG Generations Mode, and Extra Menu.

Some Special Illustrations can only be unlocked when you achieve the GGXX rank for a certain allotment of missions (Worth noting that the ranks you get are related to how difficult you set the game’s A.I. at. So you will get GGXX Rank at Maniac Difficulty much faster as a result, but you might not want to do that for all missions and characters. You might make it harder on yourself, so consider your skill level.) . Don’t think too hard about it much, you only need to achieve the rank once per mission.  For example, the best way to deal with Time-Up with May is to run away alot with Eddie.  In addition, the easiest way to beat Gold Potemkin with Baiken is to use EX Baiken.  I would go further in to combos for fighting Gold Potemkin, but there’s guides elsewhere for that.

Beating any Gold Mission with 3 or more different characters unlocks that Gold Character.

Beating 10 Missions in Mission Mode (or Completing his Story Mode) unlocks Kliff Undersn!!

Beating 20 Missions in Mission Mode (or Completing her Story Mode) unlocks Justice!!

This one might be a no-brainer to some, but it’s the easiest way to get GG Generations Mode Unlocked (GG Mode/GGX Mode) as well as Extra Menu and some Arcade Illustrations.  You can unlock GG Generations Mode by getting 50-100% of the Art Gallery as well!

This you’ll need to do if you want to unlock certain GGXX #Reload/Slash Stages. Alternately, if you play through all Story Mode paths of a character, that unlocks their Gold/Black Modes (much easier now since most characters only have 2 paths, though some have requirements that you play other stories first).

This is the only method of unlocking the Secret Interviews. I wouldn’t put much thought in to it, and it’s really not worth your time to worry about (or burning your PS3 out over), since there’s already a transcript available.

Time Release is also an easier way to unlock Gold and EX Characters, along with everything else, but it’s really annoying and takes a lot of playtime to achieve…you’re better off learning combos than messing with this feature.

Extra Menu is unlocked once nearly every other feature is unlocked (you don’t need 100% Gallery to do this, you just need all Gold, all EX, and GG Generations Mode unlocked).

Beating all 30 Missions in Mission Mode will take care of that.

Unlocking all Gold Characters unlocks “Gold Mode” for the following modes:
–Arcade Mode (You fight Gold Characters)
M.O.M. Mode (You fight Gold Characters, higher score!)
–Survival Mode (Classic Survival Mode)

Unlocking all EX Characters unlocks “EX Mode” for the following modes:
–Arcade Mode (You fight EX Characters)
–M.O.M. Mode (You fight EX Characters)
–Mission Mode (Makes some missions Easier)

EX Mode and Gold Mode combine in to “GOLD EX Mode” for the following modes:
–Arcade Mode (You fight Gold EX Characters!!)
–M.O.M. Mode (You fight Gold EX characters!!)

To pick Gold Characters, press the “Respect/Taunt” Button till you get Slash Colors, then hit “Dust”.

To pick Darkside Characters, press the “Respect/Taunt” Button till you get #Reload Colors, then hit “Dust”.

To pick EX Characters (which stacks with the above), press the “Start Button”.

To pick GG Generations Modes (which stacks with the above), press “Start Button” then Left/Right. (In addition, “Heavy Slash + Dust” is Charge, “PKSH” is Instant Kill Attack in GG Mode, Instant Kill Attack can be Guard-Cancelled or combo’d in to at any time, Charge can cancel most moves as well).

To pick Classic Stages, hold the “Respect/Taunt” Button over a particular stage and the letters will turn Yellow. (Pressing R1/L1 picks Music, Pressing DOWN randomizes the stages).

To randomly pick a character, hover your Cursor over the Character Select Clock over the word “LIMIT”.

To pick EX/Gold Modes in the main Menu (all Golds/EXs unlocked first!!), press and hold L1 or L2 respectively or both for Gold+EX.

To mess around in Extra Menu, go to Options. See my Survival Mode Guide for more details. Extra Menu resets itself if you enter any menu besides Versus Mode or Training Mode, so be careful.

Also pressing R1 or L1 lets you adjust either player’s side of options (at least on the PSP version).

To perform “Rakusyo” (Easy Win), simply “Taunt” an enemy at the end of a Duel. This gives them 50% Tension at the start of the next Duel. (Also Tension Stacks in 3-on-3 Mode). “Respect” can be normal or special-cancelled, and is the only move you can do at the very END of a match.

To Select “Progressive Mode”, hold X + Triangle just as the game starts (unnecessary now that this game is in HD but…if you have an older display monitor and Progressive cables it might be a cool idea to try.)

Final Notes…
Just have fun and take your time unlocking stuff. You’re better off learning this game from the ground up, I assure you.

If you have questions, feel free to ask. Good luck on those trophies. Some are easy, some are hard…Double Edged Hell is a challenge and requires a bit of luck to achieve, but it is do-able with Sheer Heart Attack equipped.

Guilty Gear XX AC Plus – Why do 2D fighting games always have such ridiculous titles?

Game: Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus

Released: Today, 24th October

Age rating: 12+

Price: 1200 MSP / £10.20

Genre: 2D fighting game

Gameplay: Guilty Gear doesn’t do basic moves. Even the merest jab of button can cause all sorts of crazy things to happen; swing a giant key, cause electrical sparks to fly from a guitar, throw a yo-yo in someone’s face. When you get to the special moves, things only get madder.

Despite the wacky move set each character has the game is surprisingly easy to understand and play, it doesn’t feel awkward like I found BlazBlue to be and isn’t off-the-wall and insane like Marvel vs. Capcom 2.

In short, the game’s, ahem, core gameplay is its strongest feature.

Visuals and Sound: Not quite pixels, not quite hand drawn. The characters and background environments sit somewhere in between in the mad world of Guilty Gear.

If anything the backgrounds are a little too detailed and the depth between the fighters and it can cause everything to become a bit muddied, muddled and lost. If you don’t have a HD TV (there must be some of you out there) your eyes will probably be destroyed playing this. The amount of on-screen titles, unnecessary arty bits and the fact the game is stuck in a 4:3 aspect ratio doesn’t help the visual clarity either.

There’s the usual snippets of character voices, nothing special. The music is very much 80’s power rock and feels very old and tired, not to mention annoying.

Like it:

  • Not insanely fast or difficult to get into, just fun.

  • Unique and varied fighting styles, even if the characters themselves are a bit forgettable.

  • Variety of modes.

Loathe it:

  • Visually very busy.

  • 80’s rock soundtrack.

  • Slightly creepy attitude towards the female characters.

Worth a purchase?: Guilty Gear has always been a bit of a third tier fighter behind Street Fighter and King of the Fighters and this edition probably isn’t going to change that fact. That said there’s lots of modes and the basic fight mechanics are actually really good fun.

Sadly, at this price it’ll be one for fight-fans only.

Rating: 3/5

anonymous asked:

so in your site >scribd com/Mimeblade< i am having problem to determine what to read 1st can you give me a chart describe what i should begin with 1st to the last? thanks in advance!

I don’t have everything in GG listed on that site, but I will tell you where to find everything, in order of appearance/story relevance.

Guilty Gear XX Drama CD: Night of Knives: This predates the first Guilty Gear by a short amount of time, so I recommend reading it first…it’s on my Scribd Page at the very top. The side stories are incomplete, but I’ve written summaries of them in my blog, so feel free to look them up.

Guilty Gear: The Missing Link: The script of the very first GG.

Guilty Gear X Novel: Lightning the Argent: While there isn’t much to say about a script yet, you can read about it at Guilty Gear Wiki, and also searching on it in this blog for info. Just type “Lightning the Argent” or “Hydra” or “Solaria” and you’ll find some bits of it.

Guilty Gear X Drama CDs Part 1+2: You can find these at Guilty I believe, look under the Download section. If you want the mp3s themselves, I recommend looking at Galbadia Hotel or searching on a Torrent.

Guilty Gear X+: By Your Side G.Gear: This is the next script I’ve revised, you can find it on my Scribd page.

Guilty Gear Xtra Manga: You can find this over here:

Guilty Gear XX: The Midnight Carnival: Also on my Scribd Page. Be sure to also check out Ed Chang’s GG Plot FAQ there as well.

Guilty Gear XX Drama CDs Side Red/Side Black: Also on in the downloads section.

Guilty Gear Dust Strikers/Judgement: I’m working on a script for these, but it’ll be a while…for now just check out my info on Judgement in this blog, and also the Guilty Gear Wiki.

Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus: Unfortunately we don’t have a solid script yet, but eventually it’ll get done. For now though, feel free to look at the Guilty Gear Quote Project that I put together, which is an elaborate list of translations of quotes and sound test data you can find on my Scribd Page as far back as the first GG!

You can also find summaries of the stories in Guilty Gear Wiki!

While you’re at it, read my GGXXACPlus Secret Interviews document…it’s a transcript of all the hidden interviews you can find in AC+ Secret Gallery.

Feel free to also read my List of Voice Actors for Guilty Gear over the years, you might be surprised.

Guilty Gear XX Novel: Butterfly and Her Gale: I wrote a summary of it in one of my entries on this blog, just type “Chipp Zanuff” and you’ll be sure to find it. You can also find more on the Guilty Gear Wiki. We hope to translate this eventually.

Guilty Gear 2: Material Collection Stories:
For a start, you can read Raven’s Backstory and “That Man’s” Backstory on my Scribd page.
I still have yet to translate the stories for Sol, Sin, Izuna, Dr. Paradigm, Valentine, and Ky…so please be patient! They *will* get translated!

Guilty Gear 2: Overture Campaign Script:
This was originally found on GameFAQs, but I put it on my Scribd page for anyone to read!

That should do it…if you can help translate Japanese it’d help speed up the process, but we’ve still got a long ways to go to completing the story so everyone’s all caught up…so for now, I do my best to answer specific questions as best as I can.

M.O.M. Mode and Bonus Modes

M.O.M. Stands for “Medals of Millionaires” and is the equivalent of a Score Attack Mode. You’ll be fighting A.I. on some of its hardest difficulties (and they block a lot so it’s not easy to get hits in either).

M.O.M. is different from Arcade Mode since it doesn’t go by rounds but you fight everyone (except Kliff+Justice), in 1 round for a total of 21 stages (22 if you fulfill the Order-Sol Boss requirement).

The way M.O.M. works is, in the bottom-center of the battle screen you have a Meter. Initially it starts at Level 1.

Level -1 - Nothing! (White)
Level  0 - Health Boost Items (Possibly?) (White)
Level  1 - Small Medal: 100 points (Pink Meter) <This is where you start!>
Level  2 - Slightly Better Medal: 200 points
Level  3 - Fat Medal: 500 points
Level  4 - Slimmer Medal: 1100 points
Level  5 - Large Medal Crest: 1500 points
Level  6 - Extremely Large Gold Medal: 10,000 points (Red Meter)
Level  7 - Bonus Drink Fever (Green Meter w/Drink Icon)

The meter begins to fill whenever you start a combo (or a string of combos that are close together), but will increase in leaps and bounds if you manage to land a Counter-hit, and jumps even more with each consecutive counter-hit (or a high damage hit).

If there’s a gap between combos, whatever Level it’s at it will begin to decrease on that particular Level down to the level below it (unless it’s Level 6, then it goes back to 0). During this time there’s a random percentage chance that you may get a Health Item every so often (usually from lengthy combos or counter-hits).

—Green Drinks (Green Shake?): +5% Health.
—Red Drinks (Cola?): +5% Health (Possibly +5% Tension as well?)
—Sandwiches: +15% Health.

Once you hit Level 6, there are several possible outcomes:
—The objective is to maintain Level 6 as long as possible (even if you have to string hits together via OTG “off the ground” combos) and collect whatever medals you can.
—If Level 6 starts to decrease, once the bar empties, it goes back to Level 0. You might still get some Health items, but it’s not as likely that you would compared to a Fever Penalty.
—If you exceed Level 6 either by Counter-Hit or the Duel ending (the round is over and you win), you obtain what is known as a “Fever Penalty”. Which reduces your Medal Meter down to 0. This may actually be a “good thing” because of the fact there’s a high percentage chance of obtaining Health Up items when the meter is Level 0 (White). If you take too long, however, the meter might fall into Level “Minus 1” (-1) and you won’t get much at all, so you gotta keep up the string of hits, counterhits, and combos!

“Bonus Drink Fever”
—If you do exceed Level 6 via a Counterhit, and the round isn’t over yet, there’s a percentage chance you might enter “Bonus Drink Fever”.  Be careful because sometimes you might get Bonus Drink Fever as a K.O. hit and won’t get anything except “Fever Penalty” instead.
—During this mode, you get nothing but Health Drinks, but if you keep getting them and your HP is Maxed out, you get points anyway!
—If you manage to “Exceed” Bonus Drink Fever (via combos or most-likely a counterhit) your Gauge will revert to a near-full Level 6 Medal Meter and you’ll get even more medals. (Sometimes though you might get hit with Fever Penalty anyway…)

EX Mode/Gold Mode/EX+Gold Mode:
—These are special modes you can select by Pressing and Holding the “Respect” and “Dust” buttons prior to starting gameplay, but in order to play these modes, you have to have already unlocked EX Mode and Gold Mode for every character. And I guarantee you they will be quite a challenge!

These three modes are also available in other modes:
—Arcade Mode (EX Mode/Gold/EX+Gold, good for practice/challenges)
—M.O.M. Mode (EX Mode/Gold/EX+Gold, harder than Arcade, but you have a better chance of getting a higher score versus Gold characters!)
—Mission Mode (EX Mode ONLY, optional to make certain missions easier)
—Survival Mode (Gold Mode ONLY, disables Items and Equips, the “original” survival mode!)

In addition, here’s my Guide to Survival Mode!

Hope that helps you next time you play Accent Core Plus!

This just in!

Still no PSN/XBox360 Patch yet.

But according to a recent set of entries from Takeshi Yamanaka, they’re working as hard as they can to ensure everything is in working order.

Wait just a little bit more, guys!


As Kliff says “If you can’t wait, do whatever the hell you want!” since it’s on PSN Store for the Playstation Vita NOW!!!!

chipslight  asked:

I don't know if it's just an option I still haven't find or a bug but, in the Wii version of Accent Core Plus, whenever the music stops playing, the music doesn't restart and the whole fight continues without music in the background, while in #Reload on PC, it works perfectly. It really kills the hype of the match sometimes so I was wondering if it's just an option I have to trigger or it's just a bug and, if so, can I fix it ?

In early versions of Guilty Gear XX and #Reload (and even Isuka I believe) there is an option that allows you to set the setting of music to various modes:

—-Default: The Music goes silent at the end of every round to focus on who won the duel at that point in time.
—-Fade: The Music keeps playing but is a little quieter at the end of every duel.
—-Intact: The Music doesn’t change in volume at all and keeps playing (I personally prefer this setting as it doesn’t interrupt the pace of the game like the others).

Now, I don’t know the particulars regarding the Wii version of Accent Core Plus, since there’s already a lot of issues associated with it, but if there is a setting to keep the music Intact in the Options or Sound Test menus, I’d turn that on if possible.

Of course, bugs in the PS2 version were just as common… and even the latest version Accent Core Plus R has issues with older GG Stages which can’t really be helped (since ARC System Works was busy working on GGXrd!).

Also worth noting that the audio in nearly all copies of Accent Core are all one big compressed audio track.  Meaning that the game is only accessing certain “time frames” in the track whenever it accesses a song.  That might be the main reason it has issues with volume settings.

Bit of Trivia: In the original Guilty Gear X and Guilty Gear X Plus, the music didn’t even START until the characters said their intro quotes and the announcer said: “HEAVEN OR HELL Duel 1 LET’S ROCK!”

My Guide to Mission Mode in Accent Core Plus!

I’m only writing this out half-heartedly because some people never bother to write guides. If you STILL can’t figure out how to beat some characters, I’ll give you further pointers after that if you shoot me a message…anyway, without further ADO:

Mission 1
The goal here is to Instant Kill Axl. Best way to do this would be to dizzy him, so use lots of attacks that deal heavy stun. For Sol and Johnny (who have high-level IKs), you’ll have to just try your luck a few times. Beginner Mode is a big help on this mission.

For Dizzy’s IK to be successful, here’s what I do:

Taunt/Respect: (6+Taunt) 2…874 > 632+P+H

For Order-Sol you’ll have to keep the pressure up and keep a steady stream of hits coming to prevent Axl from healing, but you CAN combo into Dragon Install IK for him. 

It’s hard but with luck, you can land any IK on Axl.
Mission 2
The goal here is to learn basic combos. So long as you cancel one move in to another you can do damage to Anji Mito. Not too hard.
Mission 3
The goal here is to beat Eddie without being able to Jump.

This is where learning your Gatling combos comes in handy from the previous mission. So long as you end your combos with a sweep (Down + Dust), you’ll get plenty of opportunities.

In addition, some of your moves defy the laws of jumping, so for example you can still perform a Volcanic Viper on Eddie if he tries to fly away.

Keep at it!
Mission 4
The goal here is to beat EX Jam with about less than half health, and you can only do damage after the first hit she takes, AND she has her Guard Gauge slightly reduced.

There’s two means to achieve this mission…the first is to force her to block guard-strings and use mixups to punish her and crank up her Guard Gauge.

The second is to rely heavily on strong two-hit combos, where the second hit does more damage than the first. You’ll have to be familiar with your characters to pull this off, but it’s not that hard.  So crank up her Guard and lay the smack down!
Mission 5
A.B.A. is kinda tough here because her Guard Gauge is reduced to nothing so she can barely take any damage, don’t mind that…instead, be persistent and keep her blocking. No matter what you do, you’ll always be doing at least 1 point of damage to her anyway, so keep at it. Just keep an eye on the clock all the same though.
Mission 6
This mission is kindof annoying since EX Bridget has infinite burst. You can ignore that though if you know how to airthrow bursts on reaction. Since your specials are sealed away, you’ll have to rely on ground and air combos to get the job done.

I use jumping Dust or Crouching Dust to force knockdowns and keep him pinned.
Mission 7
You’ve got about 60 seconds to keep I-No on the ground and damage her in that state…use the aforementioned strategy and any anti-airs at your disposal to keep her on the ground. Sweep is your best tool here, along with any Okizeme (anti-wakeup) moves at your disposal, set up traps or projectiles against her to keep her on the ground.
Mission 8
Robo-Ky has a reduction in his guard gauge, but it’s not that big a deal, just keep at him and he’ll go down, keep him blocking to keep your damage rate up.  Don’t worry about the clock and take your time.
Mission 9
This mission can get annoying for some characters, so I’d save it for EX Mission Mode later on if you can. The clock AND your health are your enemies here, so about all you can do is keep on the offensive against EX Sol, you start with full tension so just wail on him for as long as you can and keep him knocked down to set up more Okizeme traps.
Mission 10
This mission tests your ability to use Faultless Defense, Slashback, and other methods of blocking wisely. Best to keep away from Zappa for as long as possible.

Potted Plant and Golf Balls are the biggest threats, keep an eye out for Bananna Peels and watch your step. If Zappa is rushing you, use a move like Burst or Dead Angle to get him off you and keep on blocking and healing.

Once the time is up, you’ll see how well you did.
Mission 11
This mission can get extremely annoying really fast if Faust starts to spam Tension-based moves. Luckily he’s not that smart in Beginner Mode, so just keep knocking him down and blocking with Faultless Defense as much as possible. If you get the chance, grab a Chocolate or a Donut, it’ll buy you some time. Pray he doesn’t summon Robo-Ky or Potemkin minis or Meteor.
Mission 12
This mission is hell on higher difficulties. Remember that mission with Zappa? Well this time you have to learn to fight in those conditions WHILE BLOCKING, WHILE DOING GOOD COMBOS. Poison doesn’t help either.

Crow has 3 attack patterns usually:
–3 feathers
–Scythe move

Learn to block these. Scythe is by far the worst since it makes it easier to set you up for a combo.

Also, be mindful of his traps. He likes to use Badlands Forcebreaks, Nightmare Circular, and Master of Puppets to power up his traps. If you see his “skirt” go up, he’s planting a Hitomi Tree, so don’t go over there. If he’s cutting his arm, he’s setting a Zeinest ‘net’, so cut at it to give yourself more room to fight. Watch the ground for Exebeast spam too. He can also teleport behind you with Luft-Warrant and above with Dimension Scythe, so keep on your toes.

I suggest ground-to-air combos to deal with him, it keeps him from setting too many traps, and so long as he’s in the air with you, curse won’t be as much of a threat.
Mission 13
Venom’s got Infinite Tension, you can’t jump, and you’re stuck with ground combos…

Best bet is to focus on combos that lead in to knockdown and set up Okizeme again. Ky Kiske is ideal for this. Justice can pull this off easily with N.B. (Nuclear Blast).

Just watch out for Dark Angel or Red Hail spam and be prepared to Faultless Defend that.

He also sometimes does triple-Stinger shots (how he does it I don’t even know), but just watch for that, as well as his Forcebreak Stinger balls set in place. Pressure him and he won’t be too difficult.
Mission 14
EX Dizzy has several dangerous tension moves you need to be aware of:
Michael Sword Forcebreak (causes ground slide)
Forcebreak Bubbles (homing red bubble)
Multi-Bubble Attack (don’t let their 'pops’ hit you)
Necro Install (gives her auto-guard for a while)
and of course…Gamma Ray.

My suggestion is to keep on her with lots of pressure. Don’t give her any space. You can’t block so any projectiles she does will hurt. Use knockdown combos with Okizme like before and you’ll be fine.
Mission 15
EX Order-Sol. You’re stuck on the ground, but you can use anti-airs to keep him stuck there too. Just keep him down and keep knocking him down. Watch out for his Volcanic Viper Forcebreak and Gunflame spam though.
Mission 16
Extremely Annoying Mission!!! You have to do LOTS and LOTS of running away! Eddie is ideal for this mission, forget the fact you might get hit with Negative Penalty, the idea in this mission is to survive with more HP than May does! Use 'Break the Law’ (shadow move), use his flight, anything to get away from her.

Use knockdown moves and burst too, watch out for her dolfins and try and circle around them before they come out if you can if you see her summon a hoop.
Mission 17
ANOTHER Extremely Annoying Mission!!! You gotta land 20 or more hits in a single combo against Gold Potemkin, if you plan on doing this, you better know your characters. Here’s my list of suggestions:

Sol: Dragon Install, Volcanic Viper TWICE in the corner.
Johnny: Spam Jackhound a few times into Level 3 Mist Finer.
Ky: Spam Sacred Edge twice into his forcebreak Lightning Sphere.
Venom: Dark Angel Twice and a few extra balls should do.
May: Deluxe Bomber OD into her Temper Tantrum OD in the corner should work, can also try EX May’s May Dynamic as well.
Dizzy: Gamma Ray.
Millia: Winger into Lust Shaker should do, or Double Wingers.
Slayer: j.S a few times with EX Slayer along with some complex Mach Punch combinations might do…or you could try a normal Slayer air combo if you’re creative.
Axl Low: Axl Bomber Loop in the corner into Rensen or his Overdrive.
I-No: Double Fortissimos or Megalomania from EX I-No should do.
Potemkin: He has to use Heat Knuckle Roman Cancel in a combo for a bit to pull it off, but he can do it.
Zappa: He can either use Doggie Loops, or Bellows Malice and Lightning Balls as part of a combo.
Chipp: Banki Messai. EASY!
Bridget: Tragedy During Maintenance in the corner along with Me and My Killing Machine.
Eddie: Dark Sentinel (EX) Also EASY!
Robo-Ky: Limit Lovers into whatever…
Baiken: (EX Baiken) catch Potemkin with Pomegranite in the air and Roman Cancel with it a few times.
A.B.A.: Kinda tricky, but she can do it with some airdash combos in to her aerial Overdrives, you might need Double Edge Hell (Goku Moroha) for it.
Faust: (EX Faust) His Scalpel spin move in the corner a few times should do.
Order-Sol: (EX Order Sol) Dustloop into Volcanic Viper Forcebreak a few times.
Testament: Curse, Badlands, and Gravedigger loop should do the trick.
Kliff: Sole Survivor. EASY!
Kuradoberi Jam: Her standing cartwheel hands (5H) a few times into Phoenix Ascent OD.
Justice: Gamma Ray OR Imperial Ray a few times.
Anji Mito: Feet of the Gods Overdrive (Tenjinkyaku), and he can also use Issei Ougi Sai from an airthrow.
Mission 18
Gold Millia is fast and annoying, so try to throw her any time she gets near you.

Luckily this mission isn’t as hard as the last two.
Mission 19
Only way to win is to force Baiken to attack, this is easier done on higher difficulties. It’s actually easier to get her to attack you when she’s cornered though.

Since you don’t have infinite tension, be careful how you spend it, so learn to guard her attacks properly and whenever you get the opportunity, Dead Angle her.

If you run out of Tension, you’ll have to land a Gold Burst on her to get some more, since you have Infinite Burst this won’t be a problem.

If you don’t know how to use Dead Angle, it’s the same as a Counterassault in BlazBlue, or an Alpha Counter in Street Fighter games. (Guard, 6+P+K).

Keep an eye on Baiken and use projectiles or burst if you can to keep her away if you’ve got a point lead against her.
Mission 20
Another Infinite Burst Mission. But you don’t really need it.

Ky’s poisoned and the only way to beat him is with normals and specials, so don’t bother with Overdrives. Save your Tension for defense, you’re going to need it against his Stun Edge.

Also watch out for his Greed Sever Overdrive, Aerial Sacred Edge/R-T-L, and Needle Spike. His 6K has ground slide properties too. Also watch out for Crescent Slash, that’s an overhead, so be ready to block high.

Keep him knocked down and you’ll come out on top.
Mission 21
An invisible Gold EX Chipp. This mission is kinda fun, but you still have to know some good combos to do any damage to him. Be sure to learn all you can against Gold Potemkin in Mission 17.

Chipp’s biggest threat is his Flash Rain Air Overdrive, and Zanseirouga, otherwise he’s a pushover compared to the rest. Keep him staggering, keep him on the ground, or use air combos, but keep the damage up on him.
Mission 22

This one is for all the marbles! You’re gonna have to master Faultless Defense for this bit, because you will be doing it a lot.

Fortunately you’ve got infinite Psyche Burst and Tension to help, so use them to keep him on the ground and OFF YOU.

He’s fast, so don’t let get too close.

One Mist Finer is DEATH, so just keep at it and keep blocking.
Mission 23
Gold Slayer…ah this mission…

The goal here is to hit HARD in single or two-hit combos. You can burst, but don’t rely on it.

Keep him down as much as possible, he’s just as annoying as Johnny was in the last mission, so don’t let him move around or give him space. Big Bang Upper and Dead on Time are two of the worst…along with his Dive Overdrive.

Keep blocking, keep hitting with meaty 1 hit attacks and pressure and he’ll lose.
Mission 24
Kliff can hit you from ANYWHERE and it is registers as a counterhit!

Don’t give him the chance, pressure him, keep him knocked down, and pour on the projectiles, sweeps, and overheads.

If his Guard Gauge goes up, he has a tendency to use Dead Angles, so be prepared for that.
Mission 25
This Mission is fun, but it tests your skill at the same time.

So long as you’re blocking correctly, Justice won’t be able to do much except allow you to heal.

You’ve got all the time in the world, so take your time and build your Tension, then unleash it on her when you get openings! Put those Overdrives to use as much as you can. Feel free to Gold Burst too.
Mission 26

Ohhh boy…Gold Sol…and not only that, he’s got Super Gunflames.

The slow one hits about once, the fast one hits a few times, just block them as much as you can.

Another example where blocking is the best way to win.

Since Sol is poisoned, if you block all day, he’ll die in a single poke if you wait him out long enough. This is a good place to practice against Gold Sol in real matches too, since he doesn’t have the advantage here.

If he rushes you down, best throw him or use low pokes in to sweeps to keep him busy.
Mission 27
Gold I-No…now this one’s a challenge.

Remember that time you had to force I-No on the ground…well this time you have to keep her in the air! That’s right, air combos are the best tool here! Sidewinder Loop, Forcebreaks in the air, anything you can spam to keep her in the sky. Just beware of your damage limit of 10 hits. Put what you learned from Gold Potemkin to use.

Also watch out for Fortissimo and Desperate by the Window overdrives from her.

Fortunately she doesn’t use Megalomania this time.
Mission 28
I hate to say this, but this mission is pathetically easy…poor Dizzy.

She can’t block your attacks and nearly anything you do to her registers as a counterhit.

What’s more, she has the highest dizzy-stun rating in the game…get it? Dizzy rating?

Ah nevermind…worthy of note however, this is one of the rare times you get to see her legendary “Wings of Light/Hikari no Tsubasa” Burst Overdrive in action, which will kill you if it actually HITS! So don’t let your guard down. (Too bad this move isn’t useable in-game!)

I still feel sorry for her though…
Mission 29
This one’s for ALL THE MARBLES!

Annoyingly enough Gold Justice trumps you by having Infinite Burst, so you’ll just have to keep pressuring her.

Use everything at your disposal. She has a healing factor, so take her out at every opportunity.
Mission 30

Gold Order-Sol is unique because of his Flame Distortion Overdrive, this gives him an auto-charge to most of his moves, making him really dangerous for combos, it also gives him a healing factor and tension gain while active.

Fortunately it also has a time limit and he’ll get dizzy if you keep blocking him, setting him up for a free opening.

Just learn to not let him abuse overheads or cross you up when you’re blocking and you should be able to own him. Usually his most dangerous threats are his air combos or Dragon Install Instant Kill (Sakkai), since he technically can use that at any time.

Just keep at it and keep him on the ground and blocking and he’ll go down. Good luck!

There…that should do. Like I said, most combos that end in Sweep knockdown or knockdown of any sort into a projectile setup should solve the problems of annoying Gold characters. Of course it varies from character to character, but that’s the general idea. Characters like Potemkin can spam Potemkin Buster all day for resets if they want though.

Hope it helps!

anonymous asked:

Since Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus actually continues from the story in Guilty Gear XX (Slash and #Reload and such), do we have an idea which endings for the character's are their canon ones? Could you list each path that is the character's true ending that leads into their Accent Core Plus storyline? I know a lot are pretty self explanotory, however, for character's like Millia, I am not entirely sure which ending of hers would be conisdered canon. Same case for Venom and Slayer.

Here’s a quick summup of what went down:

–Sol: –He got the headsup about P.W.A.B. from Slayer, saved Dizzy from going berserk, still chasing after I-No and That Man (probably met him already). He goes off to investigate P.W.A.B. (so essentially all 3 endings are partially true)

–Ky: –Got attacked by Robo-Ky army…survived, continues his investigation, keeps a report on everybody he meets.

–Robo-Ky: –Since he “technically” debuted in XX he didn’t have a story yet.

–Johnny: –Retrieved Dizzy, dealt with Testament, but promised to have her come visit him. Still worried about May. Trying not to think about Bridget or I-No.

–May: –Helped save Dizzy, met Anji, met Faust (to her horror), and is slowly coming to the realisation of who she is. P.W.A.B. and I-No might intend to catch her though.

–Millia: –Has a few talks with Slayer concerning Eddie…starts to focus on her future instead of the past…which will eventually lead her to meet with Faust. Eddie and Venom are still skulking about around her though. Her claim that she killed Zato was an empty boast, in the end.

–Eddie: –Decides I-No is a waste of time, is being chased around by Faust, Venom, and Slayer. Just trying to find a quiet place to die…or find a new body (hasn’t met A.B.A. yet). That Man never did catch him, though. Turns out he’ll be bumping into Crow soon, though.

–Dizzy: –After the airship fiasco with I-No, things finally quieted down, and although she made some new friends, she wants to meet with Testament again…though this may end up being more trouble that its worth. She will find an unexpected friend in Ky soon enough, however.

–Testament: –Almost went on a rampage thanks to what happened with Dizzy, but decides to head back to the Forest for a bit. Still dealing with interlopers and humans he can’t stand. He eventually decides he needs to settle things with the P.W.A.B…but it won’t be that easy…And on top of that he ends up getting into a fight with Dizzy later, over her decision to be with humans. Poor guy.

–Anji: –Got to talk to That Man…probably didn’t get the answers he was looking for though. Torn between helping That Man and saving Baiken…but this will solve itself eventually…runs into May incidentally, along with Slayer who shares his advice. Still on the run from P.W.A.B…but Crow most likely underestimated Anji’s strength. Sol’s still chasing after Anji though…

–Baiken: –Clashed with That Man, lost…not feeling too hot. P.W.A.B. is breathing down her neck…she decides to go to Zepp. Might get some hope and inspiration from both Chipp and Slayer later on.

–Slayer: –Left the Guild to Venom due to Venom’s “hesitation”, decides to pay his respects to Millia, and starts the rounds of farewells to the interesting humans he met…but things might get more complicated with P.W.A.B. in the mix…and he still has to make sure Gabriel’s successor is in top form. It’s unknown if he will ever meet with Dizzy or Testament again though.

–Venom: –Still haunted by Eddie, though now he has the power of the Guild behind him (and dealing with Chipp as a minor annoyance…albeit a refreshing one). Regretfully abandons the hunt for Millia…and turns his sights towards the P.W.A.B. and the United Nations (though at some point A Country appears to be under his control). He’s also trying to recruit Faust, but that may not happen any time soon.

–Jam: –3rd time’s the charm I guess. Now her restaurant is back in business…and THIS TIME nobody’s destroying it! No Dizzy, no Robo-Ky, no Drunken Assassins to bust it up anymore…she decides she needs to hire some people to help improve her business. Her encounter with Ky was a bust (although he did help fix her restaurant), and dealing with the P.W.A.B. may be a pain, but she’ll be prepared for that…and then of course there’s Bridget who may be a big help to her in the future.

–Bridget: –On Potemkin’s suggestion he goes to Zepp to entertain the soldiers for compensation. He probably learned about the hoax bounties from either Ky or Dizzy, either way he was compensated for his troubles. But he’s in for more trouble down the road concerning his twin brother and a certain musician in Red whom he thought could net him a job as an entertainer.

–Zappa: –YES, he got arrested. Poor guy is sitting in jail…but how he gets out is anyone’s guess…Faust’s story makes his a canonical impossibility that just makes mine (and his) head spin. Will Zappa ever get rid of his curse????

–Faust: –Hmm…how to explain. He talked to Venom and is investigating P.W.A.B…but the remainder of his story depending on the choices you make makes or breaks Zappa’s story, meaning if he doesn’t use his magic Door to escape the P.W.A.B. facility, Zappa’s story will NEVER begin!!!! But if he uses his Umbrella, he goes off to talk to Millia and try and save her…not to mention has a nice long chat with Slayer…furthering his chase on to the origins of the Post-War Administration Bureau.  Yeah…Zappa and Faust don’t make any sense at all.

–Chipp: –Seems he ditched revenge, and now wants to be a President (though he doesn’t know of what country). He’s starting a “vote for me” campaign everywhere now…not very becoming of a Ninja if you ask me…but…sometime not long after this he will encounter the REAL President of A Country…so his dream may not be so far off. His encounters with Venom and Baiken are fleeting, so it’s unlikely they’ll form a team of any sort, unless Slayer were to head that team.

–Potemkin: –Talked to Bridget, still dealing with P.W.A.B., still dealing with I-No, and still dealing with Slayer, still dealing with Sol…and now he’s got classified intelligence on P.W.A.B. that everyone seems to want to grab from his big fists.

–Axl: –Don’t even get me started on what is considered canonical with HIM. He’s been everywhere man, he’s breathed the mountain air, man…you know how the song goes. I’m guessing it’s possible the ending with Raven was retconned, however…it’s possible, but we won’t know for sure until the next GG. Axl is, however, slowly learning how his powers work…and I-No learned a few things from that as well.

–A.B.A.: –Since she debuted in Isuka, she has no story yet.

–Kliff: –Had no story in XX…so this is just a gap filler, probably around 2173-2174 or so. He’s dead as of 2180, so he has nothing whatsoever to do with the events of GGX onwards.

–Justice: –Her XX Story happens around 2175 when she was sealed…so this story takes place in 2180 five years later, when Testament unsealed her.

That should do it.