Guilty Gear XX Accent Core


I’ve been wanting to try the Guilty Gear series for quite some time now, so yesterday, I decided to buy Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus on the XBL arcade. I can definitely see where Blazblue gets it’s greatness from!  This is an excellent game and I wanna ask some questions about who I should main. So far after messing around with a lot of the characters these are the four I like best so far. I’ve got a pretty good grip on Testament and Zappa. Who should I master next? Faust or Venom? Thoughts?

North America Gets Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus For PS3 On December 4.

From Siliconera:

Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus is on Xbox Live Arcade worldwide and PS3 in Japan. When is it coming to North America? Takeshi Yamanaka from Arc System Works tweeted the release date – December 4. The PS3 version will cost $14.99. This version of the game includes online play.

Yamanaka didn’t announce a release date for PAL territories and asked fans in Europe to please wait a bit more.


I didn’t know Mike Z was this good with Potemkin