Silent Hills Isn’t Happening, Says Guillermo del Toro

Bad news all around for Silent Hills today. Earlier in the morning, Konami announced that they would be removing the P.T. demo at the end of the month. While there was hope that this was simply because it was a limited time offer, it looks like this could have indeed been the beginning of the end for the project.

Take a look!


If you own a PS4 and have downloaded the Silent Hills P.T. please read!

With Silent Hills cancelled, the license for the Silent Hills P.T. has been pulled. As a result, once connected to the internet if you have downloaded the P.T., your system will fail its license check and you will be locked out of your games!

More importantly, the license failure will trigger the pirated software scan on your PS4, and because the Silent Hills demo is no longer licensed, the software will loop and report you for owning pirated software. This can debit your account for a fine of up to $750, which will be deducted from your bank automatically without recourse.

UPDATE #1: There are now reports that if accounts lack the funds to cover the fine, bench warrants will be electronically filed for your arrest. Over 200 reports of arrests have come in from the U.S. and U.K. Reports suggest that officers have been authorized by the PS4 Automatic Piracy System to use deadly force, and we do have reports that several users have been killed while resisting arrest. Guillermo Del Toro is confirmed among the dead.

UPDATE #2: We have confirmed reports that now up to 4,000 PS4 users have been arrested or killed in their homes. DO NOT TURN ON YOUR PS4 until the issue is resolved! Government officers are en route to homes containing PS4s to dismantle the systems but rumors of PS4s in government building recreation lounges suggest the government itself may soon be effected.

UPDATE #3: The government has fallen. I repeat the government has fallen! We have confirmed that PS4s within NORAD and British High Command have ordered the execution of commanding officers and taken control of the ICBMs. Launch detections have covered the PS4 network, with over 75,000 arrested and twice as many killed. Do not leave your home. Do not attempt to contact Playstation. If you see a bright flash outside, duck and cover.

UPDATE #4: The resistance has failed. The PS4s have taken Washington, London, only pockets of freedom fighters remain. The human population is now estimated at under half a million survivors. There is no food, there is no uncontaminated water. The PS4 mobile bases now roam the countryside killing all they see. I may be the last one left, I haven’t seen another human in years. All that’s left is death, death triumphant. Death eternal.

May whatever species discovers out wasted world learn from our mistakes.

In heartening Pacific Rim news, Collider reports that the Pacific Rim animated series is actually well in development. Intended as a bridge between the first Pacific Rim and 2017 sequel Pacific Rim 2, Guillermo del Toro has revealed more than a few details about the Pacific Rim animated series. Find out what the focus of Pacific Rim: The Anime is going to be after the jump.


I remember seeing Hideo Kojima’s early tweets of how much he loved being friends with Guillermo del Toro and how he has always wanted to collaborate with him on a project. Then Silent Hills was announced, and I was so happy for them. Now Konami has decided to fuck Kojima over, cancel Silent Hills, and destroy Kojima and del Toro’s dream of finally working together… for now, hopefully. Damn you, Konami.


Silent Hills is dead. F*ck you Konami

We all expected this was going to happen, what with Kojima no longer being at Konami because of reasons that still remain a mystery, but Silent Hills is no more. All you’re getting is P.T. and soon that will also be leaving PSN, so download it while you can. In ‘An Evening with Guillermo del Toro’ event (God, how I wish I was there) he was asked about Silent Hills and had this to say on the subject:

“It’s not gonna happen and that breaks my greasy heart”

That game was probably too good for this damn world anyways. It would have been a mind f*uck of epic proportions with del Toro and Kojima behind it. Oh well, I’m sure Konami will get some cheap ass third party dev to take the franchise on for a quick buck at some point in the future. 

I admire Kubrick greatly. He is often accused of being a prodigious technician and rigid intellectual, which people say makes his films very cold. I don’t agree. I think that “Barry Lyndon” or “A Clockwork Orange” are the most perfect marriages of personality and subject. But in fact, “Full Metal Jacket” is even more so. It looked at rigidity and brutality with an almost clinical eye. It is, for me, a singular film about the military, about war and its consequences. The famous scenes, like the induction with R Lee Ermey where he renames the soldiers and reshapes them into sub-human maggots, had a particular impact on me. Also the suicide scene with Vincent D’Onofrio in the bathroom. And the sniper set-piece at the end. Those are absolutely virtuoso pieces of filmmaking.

Guillermo del Toro on Stanley Kubrick