Guigui talks about Taec!


I hope to see them at least hang out!


So two days ago there was an event by CGC and both Aaron and Guigui were there. I’ve been looking for clips of that event and saw this channel. (x) There are many many videos but I found one that has the Guilun element in it.

At around 0:20, Aaron said: “The happiest thing that happened today was that I got to meet Guigui. It’s been a long time. She’s been filming in Mainland China and… she kept grabbing my pecs and abs. *fans screaming* I really want to perform with her but she said she doesn’t want to.”

Any mention of Guigui by Aaron is worth celebrating (for me). And even after so long, the feels <3 Please please please collab again. I really really am dying to see it.