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I recently got oracle cards for my birthday do you have any tips for them?

Use your intuition when reading oracle! The guidebook (if it came with one) is helpful, but your intuition is going to be the best guide. Each oracle deck is a bit different, so have fun with it!


I don’t know if this was already translated, but I was looking through my files and found an interview with Ohtaka from 2013 and discarded djinn equip designs for the Kou brothers. They appeared in a booklet that came with the magazine:

A discarded design for Astaroth djinn equip:

Aladdin: ‘On the right is Astaroth djinn equip that appeared in the story and below is a discarded draft. The motif behind the discarded one is a combination of a dragon and a skeleton, and it looks totally cool.’

On the current Astaroth djinn equip:

‘I was lost on the djinn equip for Kouen. I thought about the upcoming developments and imagined how Alibaba, Sinbad and Kouen will look like standing next to each other. I made sure not to have their colors overlap with each other. It makes one wants to see how they’ll look like in color standing next to each other isn’t it? Maybe someday.

A discarded draft for Dantalion djinn equip:

Aladdin: ‘in the image above are two rough sketches for Koumei. Tengu was the inspiration behind them. In here he’s holding his trademark fan as well. I wanted to see it in action, and it’s a shame that they ended up discarding it.’

Leraje djinn equip

Aladdin: ‘the author likes this one as well. I’m amazed by how intricate in their design the accessories on his waist and limbs are. The motif was the grim reaper+metal.’

Interview with Shinobu Ohtaka

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Dantalion Djinn Equip (from the djinn equip booklet released in 2013)

A support djinn that controls space. It can transfer things from one place to another. It’s an ability that Ohtaka sensei wants for real.


-He’s answering Kouen’s summons. Other than instanteous movement, what kind of abilities is he hiding? Look forward to his role from now on!

Ohtaka’s Check

He didn’t appear that much up to now and the next time you see him he’s in full djinn equip mode (laugh). At first he was kind of based on Tengu, but when I finished that design he looked like a demon. His abililty is the most useful, isn’t it?