Paperwick’s Sleepy Dragon Age Artstyle Guide

Just a quick style guide I whipped together in the last few hours. It’s in response to an anon from several days ago, I hope this helps! (And a sneak peak into the next card I’m working on for my personal deck.)

Process gif for my Solas Tarot

Gold-leaf tutorial

Tool set I use for these cards

Planning your Dragon Age tarot card

Both spellings of the color gray/grey are accurate, but they exist due to regional differences. While some American readers and style guides prefer ‘gray,’ the British typically use 'grey.’ They are entirely interchangeable unless you’re using proper nouns like 'greyhound’ or referencing the classic medical text Gray’s Anatomy. Source

Dragon Age Tarot Style Guide: Part One

This is the first in a fair few tutorials I’ll be doing concerning DA tarots and how I approach them. This is going to be a long post, with pictures and a lot of writing because I’m long winded. Most of this is going to be under the cut. (My deepest apologies to mobile users.)

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