Amy Johnston plays the Lion Clan Matriarch, Adelene, in Clandestine: Follow the Path

Adelene, a young woman who is the newly ordained Matriarch to the Lion Clan, learns the extent of her new abilities as Radburn [not pictured], second in command of the Lion, watches over, concerned about the future of his family.

Gui DaSilva plays Adelene’s bodyguard Vernon (Not sure if I heard it right…)

These gifs are from the “Clandestine: Enter the Lion” Conceptual Teaser. Compared to the Eagle clan video, there is more insight into character motivations particularly that of Radburn the Lion Clan second in command.

There is one or two more photosets from this video coming up.

While you wait, you can always donate to the Clandestine Kickstarter. 12 hours left until the campaign for donations ends!

anonymous asked:

Ya guys looking for a new newsies? I knows Imma girl an all, but I can hang with the boys. They call me Bubbles. Well ah wadda say?

Henry: Hiya Bubbles!

Albert: We got a few spots open down by th’ harbour n’ Battery Park if y’ like! There’s some nice sea breeze!

Specs: We ain’t had a girl newsie in a long while, but I’m sure you’ll fit right in!


In the behind the scenes Captain America: Civil War post I give a Shout-out to Gui DaSilva, dancer, actor and stunt double, he is the stunt double in Black Panther suit on all these pictures you see recently.

People keep commenting on the post asking why Black Panther is “lightskined”

Again, he is the stunt double, Chadwick Boseman was cast as T'Challa (Black Panther) in October last year

The purpose of the post was to give a  Shout-out to the hard working people doing the dangerous stunts in these movies, people that deserve recognition.

That’s all. 

- Your friendly neighbor Admin.


Chris Brown <3, Hefa Tuita, Gui Dasilva, Timor Steffens, Kent Mori