Wilmer Valderrama to guest-star on The Ranch (x)

The Netflix comedy, which launched in April, stars That ’70s Showsalums Ashton Kutcher and Danny Masterson as a pair of brothers attempting to run the family ranching business. The second half of season 1 will start streaming on Oct. 7, and in that batch of 10 episodes, you will find Umberto (Valderrama), a former ranch hand at the Iron River Ranch. Umberto is akin to a third Bennett brother, though Colt (Kutcher) and Rooster (Masterson) haven’t seen him in years. He recently decided to leave a job at a Montana ranch and move back to Garrison, where he toils at the My Little Pony Ranch.

The casting is hardly a surprising move, given Valderrama’s close friendship with his former castmates. When asked earlier this year about the possibility of featuring ex-castmates on The Ranch, Kutcher told EW, “We built this show to work with people we like,” while Masterson added that they had “20 shows this season to get some of them in here.” (70s Show vet Bret Harrison had a recurring role in the first part of the season.)

It’s Not As Great As It Seems ~ Calum Hood (Requested)

Request: Could you do 1 where Calum & the guys & their families are going on a trip but when their bus breaks down they stay at a guest ranch that the reader owns. Calum is really rude at first but she puts him in his place & he slowly starts to fall for her. 

Word Count: 2,107

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A few years ago at the Webb Ranch in the Gros Ventre. Wyoming.

For a couple years, I was lucky enough to ride the 5 miles of rough trail in to this humble and spectacular guest ranch to play some music with friends. The guests here stay in the teepees, not some swanky lodge, and after a long day of work/riding/fishing/hiking, we gather for dinner and drinks around the fire. When people ask about my favorite venue for playing music, I almost invariably return to those days spent up under the Sawtooth, picking out tunes for a gracious bunch of good folk.


Christmas Eve we drove from Bozeman to Big Sky along the gorgeous Gallatin Road to stay at a guest ranch with Ashley’s parents Christmas Eve through the 26th. The Lone Mountain Ranch has onsite amenities like a restaurant, saloon, horse stables, shop and activity center for snowshoes and Nordic skiing. Groomed trails surrounded the mountains the ranch sits on top of. The cabin was a large 2bed/2bath with a living room and it sat on one of the higher points of the property.

Attention all followers.....


I work at a ranch in North Carolina (about an hour from Asheville. And we are REALLY understaffed in Kitchen/Housekeeping. And we NEED more bodies to work. We have room in the bunkhouse and will take guys or girls at this point. Basically, high season (summer) is going to suck for me if we don’t get more help. So PLEASE…… If you need work….. We’ll pay $400 a month, plus room/board/wifi/cable….. AND we’ll feed you meals. Also, you’ll get a share of the tip pool at the end of the summer. (Usually the tips are pretty good too!) 

PLEASE GUYS…… If you’ve been in college (or at least away from home) for at least a year…. Contact Clear Creek Guest Ranch: 828-675-4510

I’M BEGGING YOU GUYS. I don’t want to overwork myself this summer and we’re DESPERATE. There HAS to be someone out there who is looking for a summer job. You can drive here if you have a car or maybe fly here and we’ll pick you up at the airport. WE NEED HELP. PLEASE.