Guess Where Chicago

How come Tumblr hasn't go crazy about the kidnapping?

Seriously, where are all the SJWs condemning the ableist crime….

Oh wait! This was against a white guy, so obviously, tumblr will be quiet!

Let me tell you something, if the roles were reversed, and it were 4 white guys kicking a mentally disabled black guy, all of you would be saying how it was a racist hate crime. You would be posting how much you hate white people, and how white people suck.

But what had happened was that it was 4 black people against a mentally disabled white guy and where are y'all at?!?!??!! Oh yeah, not saying anything, cause you won’t. Cause according to y'all “you can’t be racist against white people” well, news flash, you can. And this is the evidence.

Let’s take race and politics aside.

The fact remains that 4 people kidnapped a mentally disabled person and tortured him for 48 hours.

Let that sink in for a minute, and re-evaluate yourself.