Sooo I’ve been playing Horizon Zero Dawn lately … and I realized how big of a jerk I am. One of my favorite activities in the game is shooting fire arrows at peaceful Grazers, right into their blaze canister … which causes a huge explosion after a short delay.

I’m a horrible person :D

The game is awesome and I can’t imagine the amount of work and love .. especially love that Guerrilla Games put into it. It’s one of the best games I’ve ever played. No kidding.

General Paul Emil von Lettow-Vorbeck (20 March 1870 – 9 March 1964).

Starting in 1914, he led a relentless guerrilla campaign in German East Africa that is considered  one of the most effective in military history.

With a force that never exceeded 14.000 men (many of whom were non-front line units and local porters), he managed to keep in check a force of over 300.000 British soldiers.

In November 1918, still oblivious to the Armistice that had been signed 2 days before, he captured the town of Kasama and kept advancing towards Katanga, to the south-west of his position. On the way he met a local British magistrate, who informed him of the Armistice. He then decided to surrender.

He had virtually never been defeated on the field since the beginning of the war.

Culebras were an informal bunch of elite jungle fighters that hailed from the amazonian regions. They excelled at wetwork and infiltration and they were exclusively selected from local guerrilla groups because of their intimate knowledge of the land and their ability to survive the rigors of the jungle. The ‘Culebra’ kit served to amplify their abilities, carrying pretty much anything they would need to survive for months on end completely independent from other units. One important piece of equipment is their distinctive Cuttlefish poncho, a fascinating piece of fabric capable of shifting texture, color and pattern based on it’s current surrounding. This type of tech fell out of favor, because of thermoptic camo being much more cost-effective for nearly the same result. These ponchos however are highly sought after nowadays.

‘For Independence and Peace - FPolisario [Frente Polisario]’, Organization of Solidarity with the People of Asia, Africa and Latin America, Havana, Cuba, 1979. The Polisario are the main national liberation organization fighting for Western Sahara’s independence from Morocco.