The Signs as Perfumes

ARIES: Pure Poison - Dior

TAURUS: La Vie est belle -  Lancôme

GEMINI: Si - Giorgio Armani

CANCER: Mon Paris - Yves Saint-Laurent

LEO: One Million - Paco Rabanne

VIRGO: Chanel no 5

LIBRA: La Petite Robe Noire - Guerlain

SCORPIO: Opium - Yves Saint-Laurent

SAGITTARIUS: Obsession - Calvin Klein

CAPRICORN: Burberry Brit

AQUARIUS: The One - Dolche & Gabbana

PISCES: Chloé Eau de Parfum

Perfumes for the Signs

Capricorn (dedicated, egoistic, responsible): Cuir de Russie, Chanel 

Aquarius (assertive, detached, idealistic): Endymion Concentré, Penhaligon’s

Pisces (artistic, impressionable, compassionate): Songes, Annick Goutal

Aries (independent, impatient, energetic): Gypsy Water, Byredo

Taurus (dependable, stubborn, sensual): Fleurs D’Oranger, Serge Lutens

Gemini (intellectual, impulsive, changeable): L’Heure Bleue, Guerlain

Cancer (gentle, defensive, contemplative): Philosykos, Diptyque 

Leo (charismatic, aggressive, decisive): Portrait of a Lady, Frederic Malle

Virgo (analytical, critical, conscientious): Alaïa, Alaïa Paris

Libra (kind, indecisive, diplomatic): Le Parfum, Elie Saab

Scorpio (perceptive, possessive, focused): Thé Noir, Le Labo

Sagittarius (enthusiastic, irresponsible, adventurous): Arpège, Lanvin

L’Heure Bleue

“L’Heure Bleue diffuses its atmosphere at the very moment when the sun disappears beneath the horizon and the sky is painted with night’s velvet.
Jacques Guerlain celebrates this fleeting moment with an armful of suave and delicate flowers enveloped in a breath of powder taking wing toward oriental notes.”

Notes: aniseed, bergamot, carnation, neroli, iris, violet, vanilla, benzoin, tonka bean

Associations: slow, early winter evenings, the first snowfall, the sky a wash of blue-purple just after the sunset; Bobby Vinton crooning ‘Blue Velvet’ on the stereo, warm scarves, a stack of poetry books by Paul Celan, misted-over windows.