At fourteen, I’d been left on my own.  Literally. When the authorities made the choice to detain my parents, no one bothers to check that a young girl, a minor, a citizen of this country, would be left without a family.  Without a home.  Without a way forward.

In the Country We Love, Diane Guerrero

What Happens to a Child After a Parent is Deported?

Reading this memoir by Diane Guererro has been difficult.  Not because I didn’t know that adults were deported everyday, but because I had never heard the story from a child’s perspective.  This book is eye-opening and I really think, as educators, everyone should read it.  A lot of our students are dealing with the fear of deportation, but that fear means that they do not want to talk about the situation. It is our job to open those lines of communication.

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All The Pretty Girls

|Chapter 4|

‘WWERollins: I’ve been thinking for a while now. I’m obviously the king of the WWE. And every king needs a queen.’

Kendra kept reading Colby’s tweet over and over again. Each time getting more and more upset about it. “Ugh I think I am going to be sick!!” Sasha said, pulling Kendra out of her haze of hatred. She raised an eyebrow,  before setting her phone down on the table. “Girl, you feel sick? Just imagine what Kendra’s feeling. If I were you I’d just beat his ass." 

Snorting, Kendra shook her head and looked at Noami. "He really can’t get a clue. Swear he is crossing a line by bringing this into work. Like you are slowly finally moving on. Of course he’d try to ruin that…. speaking of which, where’s Enzo?” Kendra sighed and leaned back into her chair.  She honestly had no idea. She hasn’t really seen him since she kissed him in the ring and was carried to the back by him.  He had stayed with her while she got looked over by the medical staff. But after that, he ghosted her. Completely disappearing. Had she  done something wrong? Kendra just shrugged her shoulders as an answer, keeping quite on the subject. The other two divas shared a look before Sasha got up from her seat and walked around the table, taking occupancy in the chair by Kendra. 

“You guys haven’t talked? Haven’t seen each other around?”

She shook her head a little, before crossing her arms across her chest. “He’s probably been super busy.  Him and Cass are big stars now, alot of media and stuff” Naomi added, not wanting to see her friend upset. “It doesn’t matter, just a fling…barely even that.” She said, trying to convince herself. Ken picked up her Strawberries and Cream Frappicino and took a long sip from the straw. She needed to focus on her job and not men anyways. 

“Speak of the devil…” Naomi mumbled. 

Kendra looked up to see Enzo walk in the Starbucks with Big Cass, Carmella and some blonde girl she had never seen before. “She’s in NXT.” Sasha said answering the first question that came to Kendra’s mind. Enzo seemed to be deep in conversation with the girl, who was wearing the same sneakers as Enzo. Who ever she was, her and Enzo seemed close. Kendra wasn’t too thrilled about it, especially when she watched the blonde bat her eyelashes at Zo. The grouped walked up to the register to order. Not even noticing the three divas. This was a good time to leave, Kendra didn’t want to deal right now. She stood up with drink in hand, Sasha and Naomi following suit.  

She could literally feel a headache coming on.

- - - -

“That’s great Kendra! Keep it up!" 

Tossing her long hair over her shoulders, Kendra knelt down on one knee, trying to catch her breath. She had been running around the ring running drills with William Regal and Alexa Bliss all afternoon. But she kept getting distracted by a head of blonde hair in the small crowd loitering around the ring. She slowly stood up and rolled her shoulders,  looking over at Alexis. 

"What do you keep staring at?” The petite diva asked, her left eyebrow in an arch. Kendra shook her head gently, getting into a stance.  Her arms raised, and her hands ready to grip. Alexa stepped forward and locked up with the second generation diva. She wasn’t going to drop her question that easily though. “Is it Billy?” She questioned out loud studying Kendra’s face for any give away. “No…it couldn’t be..” She continued,  having a conversation with herself. Alexa knocked Kendra down on the mat, slowly standing over her. “ must be Liv. The blonde…see I saw this picture earlier of her and Enzo. They looked pretty cozy. Which is weird because word around town was that you guys were getting cozy too….” Kendra huff and brought her leg up, kicking Alexa in the gut to get her away from her. Alexa stumbled backward glaring at her. 

Ken really had had enough.  As Alexa tried to come back after her, Kendra kicked her in her knee cap. Causing it to buckle, and for Alexa to drop down to the mat on one knee. Rolling over, the female Guererro got up onto her feet. “Did I hit a nerve?” Alexa laughed softly, slowly standing up herself. “

"My bad…”

Clenching her jaw, Kendra charged at her. Bending forward low enough to hit a spear on Alexis. The both of them coliding down into the mat. Alexa harder than Kendra.

“Well that sure was new…” Regal called out, “I like it! That’s enough for today though.  It’s always a treat when you come down here to help Kendra.”

Pushing herself off Alexa, Kendra quickly slid out of the ring and walked over to her duffle bag. “Are you Okay?” Kendra heard a voice ask. She looked over her shoulder to see that Liv chick walking over to Alexa. God, even her voice annoys me. Kendra thought, she gave the girls an unnoticed glare before picking up her bag and slinging the strap on her shoulder. She knew that she had no right to be jealous. Enzo wasn’t hers. They just flirted alot, he just showed interest in her. At least she thought he did. And it felt nice to be able to have any thoughts about another man. To put herself out there. But now it sucked. It sucked major. The week had gone by without a word from Zo. And now it seemed like someone else caught his eye. Some blonde, basic girl. She really couldn’t blame Enzo, Liv did kind of had the girl next door look that boys seemed to crave. Her lips pressed firmly together as she thought about how she, herself, looked. Letting out a sigh, she decided it was time to split. 

She walked away from the side of the ring. Her heart in shambles.  Her mind in utter agony. 

- - - -

“Now are you sure this is what you want? I can change it if you decide it was a rash decision..”

Kendra raised an eyebrow as she stared at the lady in the reflection of the mirror in the salon. “You already did what I asked…” She stated, “So can you just unwrap the towel so we can see.” The woman nodded her head and unclipped the towel, pulling it away from Kendra. Kendra’s eyes fell upon the long black waves of wet hair that framed her face and dripped down her shoulders. It was a far cry from the previous blonde hair she had before. She stared at herself for a moment. 'My original self’, she thought. This would definately put Rollins in his place. At least for now. And this was what she needed. Being blonde was so last year. 

“Perfect….” Kendra breathed.

“Just perfect.”

- - -

The electricity backstage was extreme, as the live show in Green bay, Wisconsin stood in full swing. All through out the week Seth had been tweeting ridiculous quotes about kings and queens. And it was starting to get on Kendra nerves. His latest tweet, “There’s a knew kingdom in town. & trust me, the queen is very deadly." Sent social media into a frenzy. However, Kendra didn’t feel the way most of the WWE universe felt about it. She would never, in her lifetime, forgive anyone for being forced into such a storyline. It disgusted her. Infact just thinking about it brought a scowl to her face.

"No wonder I haven’t been able to find changed your hair." 

Kendra looked away from the object that had a hold on her attention while she scowled, and glanced to her left. Some what surprised to see her company. 


"It looks so bad…”

Kendra raised an eyebrow, her lips firmly thin. “I mean bad as in good!!!!” He continued shaking his head. “You look good…i like you with dark hair.” Kendra remained quiet. Not exactly sure on what to say. The last time she saw him he was with some girl. And although she didn’t know the context of what was going at the time, she just didn’t want to focus on that. “Thanks…” She said softly, looking away from Enzo. Kendra watched as people passed them by, all trying to make sure the show went smoothly. They stood in silence, quite an uncomfortable one, for about a minute, before Enzo had enough of it. “I know we bavent seen alot of each other recently. I’ve just been super busy. As you know, the life of a WWE superstar is never boring. Know what I’m saying? Anyways, I was wondering if you wanna go out later with me and some of the others. They are doing a friendsgiving kind of thing..and i thought of you. It would be nice, you could meet some of the new people in NXT. Alot of cool divas and superstars down there.”

“You mean like Liv?” The words just came out of her mouth before she could even stop herself. Kendra looked back at Enzo who was looking at her confused. He opened his mouth, he was unsure of what to say. But he knew he needed to say something, he wasn’t a total fool. 

“Um Miss Guererro, you’re needed at guerilla position.. ”

Saved by the stage hand. Kendra thought, she pressed her lips together. “See you later..” She stated before walking off. Enzo nodded his head robotically.

- - -

“See you can stand there, with that smug look on your face…but we all know the truth. There is no WWE without the architect, Seth Rollins!” The dark haired superstar said, ranting to his former WWE Authority member, Randy Orton. “You’re old news…thats why we had to let you go Randy! Like an old dog, you had to be put down.” Seth shook his head, not phased by the various glares he was getting from the St. Louis native. “And yet, here you are. You just keep coming back….pretty much like herpes..” The crowd ooed as Seth continue his rant. “I am going after that vacant title…im stepping into this ring tonight for the main event and easily, I am walking out as the WWE champion…and there is not a damn thing you can do about it…”

Randy Orton was a Multi- championship winner, across many fields of the WWE. He fought Deadmen, and beasts. Nobodies and those that claimed to be the top players.  And to him, Seth Rollins was just another nobody trying to have his spot at the top. He had no need for words as he dropped the mic and used his fists as a response.  Kendra’s eyes widened as she watched backstage as the two WWE superstars throw blows, going back and forth. This was the cue that Triple H told her about, he wanted her to make her appearance and go to Seth’s side. Though she would much rather see him get the crap beaten out of him. Pressing her lips tightly together, Kendra shook her head. She sucked in a deep breath before putting on her game face and bursting through the curtains and onto the ramp.

The crowd cheered seeing the young Guererro show up.  "What is this John? Kendra Jade coming out to the ring.. I think the crowd is just as confused as we are but all the same glad she is out here!“ Cole said into his microphone. 

"I’m digging the new look Cole, black hair is always my favorite on Kendra.”

Kendra ran her fingers through her long dark hair, she shook her head before she sprinted down the ramp, careful not to fall over in her black heeled ankle boots. Seth pushed Orton away from him with all he had trying to get a breather. He tossed some hair back and out of his eyes, that’s when he noticed his ex sliding into the ring behind Orton. God he was going to enjoy this storyline. 

Sliding across the mat, Kendra quickly got up. She glared at the back of Randy head. Reaching slowly into her pocket. She slid her slender fingers into the rings of the brace knuckles that used to be her father’s. As if feeling her presence, the Viper turned around, coming face to fist with the hard metal. The crowd ooed as he went down. Flipping her hair back, Kendra stood over Orton’s body a satisfied smirk on her face. “Don’t touch my man!” She yelled at his laid out form. Slowly, Seth made his way around Kendra and behind her, slipping his arms around her waist and resting his chin on her shoulder as they both stared down at Randy.

“They’re in cahoots!! Seth Rollins and Kendra Jade! Could she be the queen he has been tweeting about?”

“Of course she is Cole! Who else could be his queen? Move over Edge and Lita,  stand back Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. There is a new power couple, a new legacy has been started! And I couldn’t be more excited!” JBL bellowed.  

Feeling Seth all over her, Kendra wanted to throw up. But she kept up appearances, leaning into him and pointing down at Randy,giggling softly. Hearing her giggle,  Seth grinned cheekily. He tightened his hold on her,  and let out a content sigh. “That a girl…” He whispered in her ear before pulling away and taking her hand. He raised their arms up in the air. And turned her to face the audience.  "Welcome to the era of the King and Queen! Welcome to our kingdom! Bow down!“ Seth yelled, welcoming the boos emitting from the audience. 

- - -


I can’t help but think that I did something to upset you, I hope not. Meet me for drinks tonight? I’ll be at the hotels bar with some superstars. See you then.

Kendra must’ve read that text over a dozen times in her locker room. Probably 20 times at the hotel and even more than that as she stood in the elevator going down to the first floor. She had been more than rude to him earlier that evening. And she was feeling slightly ashamed about that. Sliding her phone into the pocket of her Victoria Secret 'Pink’ sweats she stood close to the elevator door. 'I’ll just sit down for no more than five minutes..then make up an excuse to dip out.' Kendra thought as the elevator dinged and the doors open. Letting out a sigh, she stepped through and headed out to the main lobby.

Passing the people checking in and checking out, Kendra turned to her left and stepped passed thethreshold of the dimlylit bar. Soft music played, as different characters enjoyed their drinks. Scanning the location, she spotted his crazy hair first. There he sat at the bar counter, he looked like he was ordering a drink or two. Behind him, some WWE superstars sat at a table. Laughing and chugging drinks. Kendra tugged at her plain white cropped tee, before sucking up her courage and heading over to Enzo.

In his peripheral, Enzo watched as Kendra climbed onto the stool next to him. He turned to look at her, taking in her outfit before shaking his head with a smile. "You made it.” He said softly. Kendra could barely hear him. “I’m glad.”

“Do you want a drink?”

Kendra shook her head quickly, before looking at him finally.  "I can’t stay long…“ She said ignoring the disappointment that crossed his face. "Sorry..”

Enzo nodded, as the bartender set down his beer, he grabbed it with haste.  "I um….i know we have been flirting and what not for a while now…and I thought…“ He began, shaking his head in confusion with his thoughts. "Liv…she'smy ex. I mean She was…my ex.”

Kendra stared at him intently. Not understanding where this was going. But she knew where ever it went, she would hate it. “After our on-screen kiss, she reached out and we talked a bit.  Decided to give us another shot.”

And there it was.

Taking a deep breath Kendra slid off the barstool. Was this rejection? It felt like rejection. She placed her hand on her chest, it felt weird inside there. And she hated it. Enzo quickly stood up as well. “Baby girl wait…” He commanded, taking her arm. “I don’t this to-”

“You dont want to what?” Kendra asked pulling her arm away. She tugged at her hair in annoyance. “I feel like…such an idiot."she mumbled, stepping away from him. She began to walk away before she turned around. "Thanks for letting me know…it makes things so much easier.” With that, Kendra strutted out of the bar, ignoring Enzo trying to call her back.

“What the fuck..” She breathed out,  finally getting to the elevator. She pressed the button waiting for it to come down. “This is exactly why you should’ve Just focussed on this job Ken……no distractions.”

She was happy that Enzo had someone he cared for. Or rather, she wanted to be happy for him. But her mind and her heart wouldn’t let her. 

As she laid in the comfy hotel bed, she could only think one thing.

God, she hated Liv Morgan.


*Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to read my fanfiction. You da best!!




Flaritza - A video of their time together in Season 5

All The Pretty Girls

|Chapter 5|

“You’re doing your thang mama, and I see you. Just remember to never forget your roots. The truth of the Guererro name. Just because they stuck you with that little boy, doesn’t mean that he gets to out do you and steal your shine…nobody out does a Guererro!”

Kendra smiled at her cousin Chavo Guererro. They had both been in the same city at the same time, though for different things, and decided to meet up at a local restaurant.  She shook her head slightly and dug into her tamale, it was one of the best ones she had ever had. The pork inside was so tender and juicy. “No one can out do me Chavito..not even that egg head.” She told him. They got quiet for a moment, both enjoying their meals and the vibe of the establishment. 

“Listen KJ…i know you don’t like when we bring up your father to you….but when I look at you.  And I see you in that ring, and I hear the promos you cut, and I see your dedication…all i can do is think about Eddie. Especially with that attitude you have. I know you will fly high,  just like he did.”

Pulling the fork out from between her teeth, Kendra took a deep breath. She put on a brave smile, but her heart was stinging. “Will you help me with some moves that you two used to do…i wanna put forward the Guererro name, not run from it anymore.” She said, completely ignoring his comment. That was Kendra for you, and Chavo couldn’t even be mad at that. At least he got to say his part. He nodded his head and picked up his glass. “Of course.“ Raising it up, as if for a toast, Kendra quickly mimicked him with her pina colada. Chavito spoke in a proud voice.

"To the Guererro name!”

- - - -

Kendra scrolled through her social media, bouncing back between Twitter, Instagram and her own personal Tumblr.  Her feeds were full of any and everything that had to do with her and Seth. A thousand questions under her photos on Instagram. Tweets talking about how cute her and Seth were together. That she could deal with. But Tumblr was a whole nother ball field. A million pictures of her and Seth graced her dashboard. Some real, some photoshopped. Fan fiction had been written about them. One shots and imagines. And though she could admit that the WWE universe were talented writers, Kendra hated seeing herself paired up with Seth in various situations. Looking away from her cell phone, Kendra gazed around the hotel lobby. She had been occupying her seat and table for about two hours now. Phone in hand, laptop and paper decorating the table. She was stuck between writing up a new post for her blog, and taking a look at all the things people bad created for her and Rollins. It truly was a vicious cycle of glaring and trying to focus. 

“Looks like we are a huge hit.”

And there went any hope she had. Kendra looked over her shoulder to see Colby standing behind her. She rolled her eyes and turned back around. “Goooooooo awaaaaaaay” she sang, pulling her laptop off of the coffee table and onto her lap. “No can do Kenny. It’s obvious that we need to spend time together so we can strengthen our bond in the ring.” He replied walking around her and pulling up A seat. “We gotta get to know each other, really sell this.”

“Trust me, I already know all about you.”

Colby shook his head and got comfortable in the chair across from her. A small coffee in hand.  By now he was used to the little quarrels the two had, didn’t really effect him. Because he knew that she would just have to deal with him no matter what, especially since they were in a storyline together. “So I heard you got dumped for that one blonde in NXT…probably because you dyed your hair back to black.” He stated sipping at his coffee cup. Her lips thinned into a firm line, as she continued to look at the blank page of her blog post. “I did not get dumped!” She yelled a little too loudly, causing heads to turn and look at her. Kendra sighed and leaned forward in her chair, eyes snapping up to look at the idiot across from her. “I wasn’t dating anyone…so I could not have gotten dumped. Sometimes things don’t work out. Simple…other times the guy is just a douchbag. And that, that is something YOU know all about. ”

“You’re so clever.” Colby replied finishing off his hot beverage and setting it on the table. “That I can’t deny Kenny. ”

Closing her laptop, Kendra slid it into her computer bag, her head shaking on its own. “I can’t believe you are still sitting here,  can’t you take a hint."she said changing the topic. "I don’t want to hang out with you. I don’t want to look at you. I dont want to speak with you. It’s bad enough that i have to work with you right now I’m my career life. There’s no way in hell that you are taking any of my personal life as well.”

“Kendra sit down!” Colby spoke, in a stern voice. 

Yeah, he had officially lost his fucking mind. Kendra’s eyes darkened, she slowly stood up, giving him a piece of her mind. “Listen here Lopez, I’m definitely not going to listen to your bullshit anymore.  You’ve definately crossed a fucking line. No infact, you crossed all the fucking lines! Starting with this stupid storyline! And now, you think that you can just sneak into my outside life? You’ve got another thing coming…”

“Listen to me!” Colby demanded as he too stood up. “I’ve already requested that you and I travel together while we are in this magnificent storyline.. Now I am just waiting for confirmation. I’ve got power around here Ken…the sooner you realize it, the better…for both of us.” He snagged his empty cup and tossed it in the trash. “Now, I’ve got some stuff to do…ill see you later beautiful.”

Kendra stood there stunned as she watched him stalk off. I’m the midst of his blabbering she some how forgot to breath. Letting out the breath she was holding, she looked around to see if anyone noticed them together. 

Colby fucking Lopez. Kendra knew that name was trouble the first time she heard it, and yet she ignored her guy instinct. As per usual.

- - - -

“You know he’s been gushing about you all over Twitter and Instagram all day you’re on those social media sites 24/7, I’m surprised you havent seen it.”

Kendra raised an eyebrow at the Bella Twin, glaring at her slightly as she stuffed a tiny pink frosted cupcake in her mouth. “Didn’t I just see you post 9 selfies about 20 minutes ago?” She asked, mouth full and all. “So who’s really on those social media sites 24/7?” Naomi snorted seeing Nikki’s face as she reacted to the younger diva. “She got you there.” Naomi told her, not being able to help herself, causing Nikki to glare at her friend. “Besides…i dont give a damn about what he does. I dont follow him on those sites for a reason. Bad content.” Kendra continued reaching for another cupcake. 

“Colby is an evil little troll, even I know that. He’s lucky he doesn’t get handled…well not by me, but my husband.” Kendra turned to look at Maryse and grinned. “See that is why Maryse and the Miz are mom and dad in my WWE life…you gotta step up your game Nikki if you and Cena wanna fill those large shoes.” Kendra spoke. Nikki rolled her eyes and grabbed her glass of wine. “Oh brother..” she mumbled. 

Kendra didn’t really know how she got sucked into a divas only activity. Especially one where her best friend wasn’t involved. Yet here she sat, sitting in a hotel suite enjoying pastries and drinks with many amazing women competitors, she was just glad there were no cameras around for Total Divas. She could not handle a whole universe in her business at the moment. Leaning back in her chair, she stayed quite while the others got back into conversations.  Ones that she didn’t need to get into. With every one occupied, Ken slid her phone out of her pocket and quickly checked her social media pages. She scrolled down her Twitter,  before clicking on a fans retweet of Colby’s post that day. It seemed to be a picture. When the picture loaded onto the screen, she whispered softly, “son of a bitch..”

There stood Kendra infront ofba slightly tan Colby by a lake, their lips pressed together. It was at a time where Kendra could say that she was happy. Was it genuine? She didn’t know. She had begged Colby to come with her to visit some family that summer. And for some reason after fighting her for months about it, he finally agreed.  Of course Chavo didn’t like him from the start,  and Ken wished she would have listened to him. It would have saved her alot of wasted time. Naomi noticed that Kendra was off in another world, she didn’t mean to, but she had glanced at her phone, seeing the picture. Letting out a small sigh, she tried to place a reassuring smile on her face, as she nudged Kendra. “You know, Miss Banks herself texted to me earlier, asked me to take care of you while you were out with us. Didn’t want you to be sucked in to any weird and crazy ideas Eva or Nikki might have. And though we are pretty calm for the most part, I don’t think she would want you to be sucked into the gravitational pole that is Seth Rollins, girl.” Tearing her gaze from her cellular device, Kendra looked at Naomi. Her shoulders sinking slightly. Nao was abosulutely right. If she wasnt feeling the rejection of Enzo, she was stuck on emotions of Colby. And not good emotions either, ones of hate and destain. So much destain. She turned the screen off on her phone and slid it back into her pocket. 

“You’re right. I’m wasting too much energy on dumb stuff. I gotta reprogram my mind back to what it was. Dedication and grinding. ” She replied looking around at the others, realization hitting her. “Sorry guys, I got stuff to do.” She stayed standing up. “It was a blast, really.” Ignoring the protest,  Kendra grabbed her jacket and walked out the door. 

No more distractions. 


- - - -

Kendra tied up her combat boots, as she kept her eyes on the clock. Colby had an interview with Michael Cole for the WWE website in about 15 minutes, and insisted that she come with him. Well, more like had Stephanie text her to let her know about the interview. Yes, she could definately definitely see right through his little games. Every single last one of them.

“There she is! Looking as beautiful as the first day we met.”

Rolling her eyes, Kendra continued to stare at the clock. She preferred to just be in silence until the interview. “And she is ignoring me…” Colby continued. 

He honestly didnt care if she spoke or not. He preferred her with out the nagging and the snide remarks. Coming to a stop behind her, he brushed her long dark hair to the other side of her neck. Leaning in towards her ear. “Behave today, yeah?” He whispered. The blank look on her face slowly turned into a sneer. Behave? As if she were some sort of child. Unbelievable.

Yanking herself away from him, Kendra turned to face the unsufferable man. “I’m the wrong one Lopez.” Grinning,  Colby opened his mouth to say something, But it wasn’t his voice that was heard.

“Hey mama…”

Kendra looked away from colby, her eyes drinking in Enzo.  She really had no words for him at this point. Yet she really couldnt blame him as well. The way she saw it, Kendra new the only person she could count on was herself. Letting her guard down for any kind of relationship was a mistake. Colby glared at at the man. Though he knew that he had a girlfriend,  Lopez didn’t like anyone who showed an interest in his Kenny talking to her. 

It was definately an odd sight for Enzo. Seeing Kendra and Colby so close again. Though on his end it seemed a bit forced. Like Kendra wanted to run away at any moment, and Colby just wanted to hold her hostage. He ignored Colby, like usual, and continued to stare at Kendra. “I know you’re probably busy but-”

“Yes. Yes she is.” Colby stated his glare never leaving. If Ken rolled her eyes anymore she was sure that they were going to fall out soon. She shook her head slighlty, but remained quite. “But…” Enzo continued, “Carmella wanted me to find you, ask if you were going out to this club/bowling alley with the group tonight….I think Sasha might be there.” He said, it was a pathetic attempt to get her to come, dragging her best friend into the mix, he knew it. But he had to do whatever he could to get her to come out with them. He missed her. 

“Oh brother.” Colby commented, placing his hands on Kendra’s shoulders. “Don’t bother interacting with second rate superstars Kenny…not worth it.”

“Why I bother with you and you’re a third rate supetstar…" 

This caused Enzo to snort as he tried not to reveal his laugh. Kendra looked back at the clock seeing the time. Colby’s interview was in a few minutes. "I gotta go,” she said dismissing Enzo and some how Colby. She got out of his grasp and walked around Enzo heading towards the room the interview would be in. Leaving the boys behind. 

Colby tilted his head, his arms crossing as he stared at Enzo. He hated the guy. That much was true. And he was 100% sure that Enzo hated him just as much, not that he cared anything about what Enzo thought. 

“Don’t you have a girlfriend to go bother?” He questioned. Enzo remained quiet, eyeing the other superstar. 

“I wonder….does she know that you are still stuck on someone else? Bringing Sasha into the convo today,  how pathetic.” He walked passed Enzo but stopped abruptly. “Have a fantastic day…second rate.”

Enzo clenched his fist slightly,listening to the footsteps of Colby faintly go until they were non-existent. 



Crossing one leg over the other, Kendra scanned the room her and Seth were in. There were lights strategically placed around them, catching their “good sides” As Michael Cole had put it so kindly. Speaking of Cole, he say infront of them settling a few cardboard index cards in his lap. Kendra had had been zoning in and out of the interview the entire time. Remaining silent and “behaving” like Seth wanted. Though she really wanted to open her big mouth and say a million things. 

“And so,” Michael Cole began, “That leads us to the young lady sitting next to you. The daughter of the late, great Eddie Guererro. ”

That caught Kendra’s attention. She raised an eyebrow, finally tuning in. She was in no mood for dumb questions. Especially from Michael Cole. That was definately the heel in her coming out. “Why did you two decide to join forces and grace the-”

“Cole I’m gonna stop you right there. We didn’t join forces, we aren’t the Wonder Twins.”

Seth threw his arm around the back of Kendra’s chair, meaning over towards he a bit. “I was just a King who finally stumbled upon a queen. And quite the queen is she.”

Kendra tried her hardest not to make a face, to stay kayfab.  Whether it worked, she didn’t know. She took in a deep breath and glanced at Seth, smiling. All the while Chavito’s words echoing in her mind. No one out does a Guererro. No one! “Here’s the thing Michael Cole, I am a true superstar in every since of the word. I can’t just associate with everyone. Not everyone can just take a ride on my name. I am a Guererro! And that in itself makes my point. The man next to me, he is the face of this company. He was apart of the greatest faction to ever grace the WWE. He led the Shield. He himself destroyed the Shield, kind of poetic isn’t it. And he became WWE champion. A great one might I add. And when we laid eyes on each other, or rather, when he laid eyes on all of this greatness, he knew he had to have me. I’m not a prize to be one, you can quote Princess Jasmine on that, but if I was a prize, I’d be the greatest one.” She gave Cole a stiff smile, before standing up from her chair. 

“Bored now.” Kendra spoke, putting her hand in the direction of one of the Cameras,  blocking its view of her as she walked off set.  A smirk on her face. 

Michael Cole glanced her way before looking at Seth for confirmation. “Any-anything to say to that Rollins?” He asked. Wondering where this interview was going to go. 

“She’s perfect isn’t she?” He mumbled, staring after her. “Just….perfect.” Seth stayed in a daze for a moment, before shaking his head and standing up. “I believe this interview is over.” He stepped over some cords and followed after Kenny. 


“You made it!”

“And You’re actually here…" 

Sasha raised an eyebrow in confusion. "Of course I am here…where else would I be?” Kendra shook her head, looking down at her silver heels. “Nevermind.” She mumbled. She took in a deep breath before glancing at her best friend.  Sasha still looked at her with a confused look before she shook her head and smiled. “This place is crazy…they have arcade games, a bowling alley and plus a club so we can get our dance on! I officially love Lucky Strike! Now come, Big E said he’d meet us on the dance floor!” Grabbing Kendra’s hand, the smaller diva pulled her through the establishment, getting her closer to where the music was pumping.

Stepping into the flashing lights of the dance floor, Kendra felt her stress and her troubles melt off her skin. She was tugged in the direction of a shimmying Big E, a giant smile spreading across her lips. Sasha finally let her go, and she moved on her own accord.  Shimmying herself right up to Big E, and Xavier Woods. Laughing herself,  Sasha joined in on the dancing. The four of them pulling out all the stops as Big Sean’s ‘Bounce Back’ played. From a few feet away Enzo sat on a red velvet couch,  enjoying his drink and just straight relaxing. It was an easy going night. Liv was in another city for NXT house shows, so tonight besides Cass and Carmella, he was riding solo. Maybe he would jump on up and show the club how to really get down. He scanned the crowd of moving bodies for his coworkers, and that’s when he saw her. Kendra dressed in skin tight black jeans, red pumps and a silver tank top that she had tucked into the waistband of her pants. Her hair was slightly curled at the ends as it flowed down her back. God she was beautiful.  

There contact had been limited since he told her that he and Liv decided to work things out. It was obvious that she hated him. And that, that was something that he couldn’t blame her for. A large hand clapped him on the back, the deciding factor for him to look away from Kendra. 

“Stuck between a rock and a hard place huh?” Cass questioned, taking his attention off of Carmella who went to join the girls on the dance floor. “You know I don’t think Liv would appreciate you gawking at Ken. But what do I know about relationships. ”

Enzo sighed, finishing off his drink. Cass was his homie. The fam. But he really didnt want to hear this right now, even if he needed too. “You and Liv both made a choice to go at it again…" 

"More like she pushed me into it.”

Cass rolled his eyes, “Right. Well even if that’s the case, you got a girl man. Act like it. I’m pretty sure you fucked things up with Kendra anyways, at least that’s what ‘Mella said.” Cass said matter of factly. Enzo looked away from his friend in silence,  his eyes heading back to the dance floor. She moved around so effortlessly,  breaking into an impressive robot with Xavier Woods.  

Get over Kendra? Yeah right. That wasn’t happening any time soon. That was for damn sure. 



Pressing her for head to the wall of the elevator, Kendra continued to hum the rest of the song off key, causing Big E to chuckle. She was guilty of having quite a few drinks tonight. Okay maybe more than a few. And it just so happened that her and Big E both had rooms on the 7th floor of the hotel. Being the gentleman and best bud ever, he let everyone know that he would get Ken safe to her room. As the elevator came to a stop, and the doors slowly opened, E wrapped his arms around a swaying Kendra and led her to room 715. One she was sharing with Colby. He only knew that because she kept complaining about it and mumbling something about fighting Colby until he cried like a baby back to Iowa.

They stood in front of the door of the room, Kendra giggling to herself. “Do you have the room key?” She shook her head fast like a child, her long locks smacking her in the face. She giggled some more,  this time louder. 

The door quickly swung open, revealing a tired looking Colby. “Boooooo, Seth Rollins!!!” Kendra hastled once she saw him. Colby ignored her and gave his co-worker a thankful smile. “Thanks for bringing her safely back. I see she had a few drinks.” He took her from Big E, holding her close to him. “Say good night, ” he stated,  not waiting for any interaction as he shut the door. He was glad that the officials had decided it was a good idea for them to room and travel together. He wouldn’t want Kendra to embarrass herself in any way. Who knows what could’ve happened to her. 

With heavy lids, Ken drug her feet as she stumbled to her bed. A tired Colby following to help. As she threw her body face down, Colby was right there. Kneeling down and taking off her heels. He remained quite, trying to get her under the blankets. Kendra moaned and groaned as he continued to help her. “Look at you not being an annoying sick for once.” She mumbled. Colby glared at her a bit, tucking her into bed. “Look at you, actually being annoying…like usual. ”

“I’m a fucking delight!”

Colby smiled as he brushed some hair out of her face, slowly standing up. “Yeah you are….sweet dreams Kenny” He whispered,  he climbed into his own bed, trying to get comfort yet again. Leaning over he turned the lamp off and settled in. As he closed his eyes, the last bit of noise he heard came from the Diva in the other bed.

“G'night Lopez.”

She was smashed he knew that. But perhaps her words were a sign of good faith.





Tributo a la Parota o Huanacaxtle.
Árbol de las costas mexicanas y de Centroamérica que reinaba ahora tiene sus días contados como todo en este país enfermo por el desarrollo.

Su madera es hermosa pero difícil de trabajar, por las fibras encontradas. Ultra resistente al trópico y su ambiente.

Su sombra es un remanso ante rayos del sol, donde antiguamente se reunirán los concejos prehispánicos.