Tributo a la Parota o Huanacaxtle.
Árbol de las costas mexicanas y de Centroamérica que reinaba ahora tiene sus días contados como todo en este país enfermo por el desarrollo.

Su madera es hermosa pero difícil de trabajar, por las fibras encontradas. Ultra resistente al trópico y su ambiente.

Su sombra es un remanso ante rayos del sol, donde antiguamente se reunirán los concejos prehispánicos.

I can't believe this is happening right now

I’m sorry if ferguson posts annoy you, but honestly they shouldn’t unless the person posting them is only doing it for the notes ( that just fucking sickens me I swear when I see one of these ppl try to make it satire/lighten the situation I get so steamed). as the uncle of a child of color rn im actually really scared, mostly because the police in my town are known to be savages also (a blind black man was beat in front of the police station not a year or two ago, and absolutely nothing was done about it since we live in a small mostly white town), and my nephew isn’t that much younger than the latest boy who’s life was taken from him way too early.. keep ferguson in your thoughts and in your prayers even if you don’t believe in God. Keep every black child in America in your prayers, also please do not forget to pray for Guererro and the victims families and keep them in your thoughts during all of this..Children are dying everywhere #hellonearth

Men Charged In Vicious Machete Attack On Dog Head To Trial

Men Charged In Vicious Machete Attack On Dog Head To Trial

MERCED (CBS/AP) — Two men charged with tying a dog to a fire hydrant, slashing it with machetes and leaving it for dead were ordered to stand trial.

The Merced County District Attorney had charged 46-year-old Myron L. Pattillo and 29-year-old Aaron W. Carney for brandishing machetes to take the dog from a man who was walking it.

#NOW2nd suspect in brutal beating of a husky in Merced arrested…

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