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Some say he’s part of the backwoods Appalachian population, others say he’s a confederate holdout trying to start a second civil war to turn brother against brother, but the one thing they all could agree upon is if you go into a darkened bathroom and you chant “I hate the mountain man” three times, he’ll pop up behind you and kill you the next time you hear Lynyrd Skynyrd on the radio. 

Season 9 episode 20, “Blood Relations” (directed by Matthew Gray Gubler) [1/?]

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 Jc Caylen

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Best Case Scenario Series

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Matthew Gray Gubler

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Harry Styles

1.Fingering you while driving

Matthew Gray Gubler

1. Eating you out

2. Dating, (dating part 2), part 3

3. BDSM, part 2

4. Public Foreplay, part 2

5. Day at the beach

6. Lazy day

7. Finding out you’re pregnant

8. Fingering

9. Spencer Reid- in bed

10. Jealousy, part 2

11. Cheating

12. Dates

13. Bottom

14. Pregnancy & birth

15. Getting him off

16. Dirty Talk, (phone sex)

17. Making you squirt

18. Kinks

19. Dating someone younger

20. Sex tapes

21. Biting

22. Unprotected sex

23. Toys, (part 2)

24. Neck kisses

25. Fingers

26. Watching you get off

27. Hair pulling

28. Morning sex

29. Doggy

30. First boyfriend

31. Spontaneous sex

32. Spanking


1. Luke Hemmings - blowjobs

Dylan O’Brien

1. Filming Away 

2. Roadtrips

3. Drunk Dancing

4. What he’s like in bed

Chris Evans

1. Rough sex

2. Eating you out

3. Pet names

4. Shower sex

5. Dating someone younger

Sebastian Stan

1. In bed

2. Daddy kink and spanking

3. Drunk sex

4. Submissive

5. Dating someone younger

6. Going down on you

7. Going down on him

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IT’s white.. it’s all white. I’m sorry to Zayn for surrounding you with basic but amazing white boys.

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me, waking up at 4am in a cold sweat: what if there was a serial killer who took old spinny carnival rides and made them into a human microwave and played pop goes the weasel as he baked people hire me Criminal M—

What Would You Do First?...Epilogue

I vote hell yes to an epilogue for WWYDF!!!

Well, you asked, so I am delivering.  Here is the Epilogue for Freaky Friday, comin’ ‘atcha!

(Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6  Part 7  Part 8  Part 9)

“Aaaaand, action!”

Watching your boyfriend of 2 years behind the deck of a camera was phenomenal.  Sure, you had seen him get wrapped up in writing a script, or editing a part, or casting a character, but to watch him be in control and give advice and tweak a line live and in person was an absolute treat.

You could see his eyes light up as he watches everything pan out on that little screen, the deck itself slowly moving around all of the characters as cushioned microphones and unmanned cameras pan around from above.

It really was a sight to behold.

As your lips part and your jaw lightly drops, you feel someone rub your back gently as you gasp, throwing your head in their direction as Shemar smiles down at you.

“He’s really good,” he whispers quietly.

“The way you guys talk about it has nothing on the real thing,” you say, your eyes wide as you shake your head.

Panning your gaze back to Matthew, his smile glimmering and his eyes glowing, you watch him throw his hand over his mouth to stifle a laugh as the crew begins to chuckle.

“Joe, you alright!?” he calls out.

Whipping your head over to the set, you see Joe still on the ground, laughing with his hand on his forehead.

He must have tripped coming into the scene.

Watching Matthew jump from his seat as he trots over, the other cast members helping him to his feet, Shemar cups his hands over his mouth as he begins to barrel his voice across the cavernous room.

“Hey, Pretty Ricky!  Maybe it’s time for some lunch!”

Furrowing your brow as you giggle at the nickname, you fold your arms over your throbbing chest as your hips begin to ache, your teeth clenching as you begin to breath slowly, in and out.


Smiling as Matthew comes running over, he opens his arms to you before stopping just short, taking in your baggy clothes and your messy updo bun and your lack of make-up.

He knew all too well what this meant.

“Oh, sweetheart,” he coos, wrapping you in his long, warm arms as he holds you close to his chest.

Sighing heavily as you wiggle your arms out, you wrap them around his waist as you clasps your hands, pulling him close as you press chaste kisses to his clothed chest.

“Did you run out of Midol?” he whispers into your hair.

Nodding slowly, you sniffle as you turn your face up at him, with Shemar shaking his head to the side.

“You two are so…in sync with each other.  It’s freaky,” he says, chuckling and patting Matthew’s shoulder before disappearing onto set.

“If he only knew,” you murmur into Matthew’s clothes, earning yourself a chuckle as the vibrations rattle against your cheek.

“You hungry?” he asks.

But you just shook your head.

“Thirsty?” he prods.

And again, just a shake of your head.

“Well, how about we take a nice, slow walk up the block to that food place anyway.  Maybe some hot soup and some apple juice might help.”

And you couldn’t deny how good that sounded.

“Thank you,” you finally say, smiling up at him as Matthew raises his hand to your face, his thumb gliding slowly over the rosy apple of your cheek.

“I understand,” he says, winking at you as you giggle lightly.

So, as he slips his arm around your waist, holding you close as he grabs your purse, Matthew helps keep a slow tempo to the walking as the two of you head for the door.  Feeling a smile peel across your face, you snicker as you turn your head, craning your neck so that you can take in the profile of his face.

“Could you imagine what me directing as you would’ve been like?”

And that sentiment earned you a hearty bout of laughter.