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Since you're getting some wonderful asks about weird Terran stuff, I'd also like to add human reactions to pain. I got my chin split open as a kid (which was not fun, wouldn't recommend it) and after the first burst of pain I was just annoyed. What if Terrans aren't as durable but they can handle an insane amount of pain?

Ooooh, let’s see… I can totally see that happening. Coupled with the fact that Yondu probably snapped at Peter not to cry – because it’s annoying, he says, but he simply can’t stand seeing or hearing it – the boy would refuse to do more than go very, very pale and still, like…

The Crack that can be heard when Peter falls off the wall he was supposed to climb over is as loud as any blaster fire, and it makes the escaping Ravagers stop dead in their tracks.


Tullk is the first one back at Peter’s side, trying to move the whimpering, panting child, but Peter gives a strangled sound and rolls tighter together, escaping his hands.

“Move!” Yondu bellows, shoving his men aside as he kneels down next to the child. “Quill. Quill, open yer mouth, what happened?!”

“My arm…!” Peter is talking through his teeth, but already pushing himself up to his feet. They are escaping right now, after all.

Yondu grips the boy’s uninjured shoulder, whirling him around that he can see the arm Peter holds limply against his chest. The forearm shows a strange swelling at one point, visible even through the child’s clothes.

“Tche. Broken.”

Peter goes pale at hearing that, but doesn’t blink, holds the red gaze boring into his. Takes a deep breath. “It’s… it’s okay.”


“Kid, hold on, that’s a clean fuckin’…”

“Yondu, we gotta go,” Peter insists, even though there are unshed tears prickling in his eyes.

The men go silent, both impressed and confused at the child’s behavior. Peter is very open with emotions, easy to read as any book (for those who could read in this crew). He also easily tears up when getting emotional or seeing things that a child shouldn’t see.

But here he stands, with a fresh fracture splitting his forearm, and doesn’t shed one tear. Apart from his clenched jaws and paleness, one wouldn’t even have been able to see that he was injured in any way.

Just what exactly are Terrans made of?

Yondu is asking himself the same thing, but he can’t deny the mixture of pride and satisfaction burning through his chest, quickly stomped down again. His decision is quick yet precise.

“Oblo, ya carry Quill. Tullk, ya stay on his left, Kraglin on his right side. Can’t lose ourselves a good lil’ thief. Now move yer asses, we’re outta ‘ere, boys!”


Peter hisses as Oblo lifts him onto his arms, carefully but quickly arranging the boy that he won’t be in the way and the broken limb won’t be jostled too much.

“Sorry, kiddo,” Oblo says as he starts running and Peter has to grit his teeth again as pain laces up his arm.

“’S okay,” Peter manages. “Really.”

“Terrans really are tough lil’ guys, huh?!” Tullk bellows with a wide grin, looking as if he wants to reach out and pat Peter’s shoulder, but stops at the last second.

“’S probably just how Pete is,” Kraglin argues, sending the grinning child a quick smirk. “Stubborn git.”

Peter sniffles, determined to keep the few tears from falling. That’s the first time the crew as a whole seems to respect him as their thief.

He’s not going to cry and ruin it.

remember that time i won a marvel superfan contest to see the guardians of the galaxy vol 2 cast at jimmy kimmel during a commercial break jimmy called out me and my friend in the front row for being girls who are also big nerds but then stuck us on national tv for a bit that made women the face of People Who Actually Read Comics for once????

it was awesome.


Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Cast  Chris Pratt as Peter Quill

“I got my bell rung pretty, pretty good. One time I essentially got knocked out. They were gonna drop us. We are gonna land on a mat. I saw it and I thought, ‘That’s very fast. Shouldn’t you slow that down?’ And they said, ‘It’s gonna be half that speed. That’s only half the speed.’ When we did the stunt, I guess they accidentally did double the speed, so essentially just dropped us in midair.”



Imagine attending the Oscars with your husband, Chris.

A/N: Hi hi, I’m back at it with the requests. My brain is clearly not at its best ‘cause this is really not that great (I am so, so sorry; I don’t know what’s wrong with me.) I’ve mashed two requests up because it just seemed like it’d work, so @xonlypicturesx and @iamxelaover this is for you two. X

The limousine pulled up in front of the 90th Academy Awards’ red carpet. Your husband, Chris smiled at you as he took your hand in his. “Ready, my love?” He asked then kissed the back of your hand when you nodded, smiling. “Okay then, let’s go do this thing.”

He released your hand and got out first, giving the surrounding cameras a smile and a wave before giving you his hand and helping you with your gown as you got out of the car. Flashes went off, taking as many candid shots of the two of you as possible; a couple that the limelight loved. You both gave the cameras a smile before an Academy Award representative directed the two of you further along to pose for official red carpet photographs.

“Just over there,” the lady with an earpiece told you and Chris with a gesture of her hand. “We’re going to take some couple shots, then we’ll be doing individuals.” You and Chris nodded, getting into position; Chris slipped his arm around your waist and you leaned into him, pressing your hand against his chest.

Countless flashes went off as photographers called out for your attentions, you and Chris smiled until your cheeks hurt. “I still can’t believe that this time four years ago, we had no idea who the other was and now we’re here as husband and wife,” Chris whispered into your ear.

“I can,” you chuckled, “because you remind me every time we’re here together.” He chuckled softly, kissing the side of your head. “And you can’t say we had no idea who the other was ‘cause we did know who the other was, we’d just never met.”

“Strange, isn’t it?” He commented with a chuckle. “That we met at the first Super Bowl you went to rather than the Hollywood event of the year that we both attend annually. It must kill you to know that the thing you hate is the reason you met the man of your dreams,” he teased.

“I don’t hate sports,” you rolled your eyes and he laughed; yes you did. “I hate playing sports, I don’t mind watching it.” He nodded mockingly and you chuckled, slapping his chest gently. “Stop it. You should just be grateful I went, otherwise you wouldn’t have met me.”

“Well- that’s not true,” he corrected you. “I would’ve met you a few months later when you got casted for The Winter Soldier. But yes, I am very grateful you went to the game. I can’t imagine having to wait that extra few months,” he whispered into your hair when he pressed another kiss on the side of your head, “it would’ve been utter hell.”

“Aw,” you turned to him, smiling, “aren’t you as sweet as ever?” The second your lips touched his, the onlooking crowd went wild and more flashes went off. You and Chris laughed softly when you broke the kiss, “it’s nice to know they’re rooting for us.”
• • • • • • • •
You and Chris made your way inside the theater to begin the interviews, the first interview you were directed to was with a correspondent from E!News. “Hello there, Chris, Y/N.” She greeted both of you, smiling. “It is so good to see both of you here, you both look amazing.”

“Yeah,” Chris turned to smile at you as you did him. “She’s very beautiful.” He said as you said simultaneously, “yeah, he’s very handsome.” You both laughed softly and the interviewer smiled, absorbing the love and adoration the two of you had radiating off your beings.

“I must congratulate the two of you on a fantastic year even though you’re not being nominated for anything today, you’ve both made some incredible movies.” You and Chris both nodded in acknowledgment. “One that I have to mention is- of course- Infinity War as it is the one movie the two of you were in together this year. Now I know Infinity War does not premiere until May, but are you able to tell us what it was like working on such a big project together?”

“Intense,” Chris chuckled. “There is a lot of pressure to get it right the first time, especially when we’re surrounded by a group of amazing actors and actresses. You don’t really want to mess up and embarrass yourself, y'know? I remember the whole nine months, I kept telling Y/N how lucky I was to be married to someone in the same franchise as I was.” He looked over at you and smiled, “I don’t think I would’ve been able to survive if she wasn’t there with me.”

“Yeah,” you nodded in agreement. “I wouldn’t have survived if I wasn’t married to Captain America,” you chuckled softly when you heard Chris stifle his laughter. “I’ve worked with majority of the cast on other movies before, but when it comes to working on a Marvel set- the dynamic is so different. I honestly felt like a little fish in the big pond, I was really nervous.”

“You can imagine how intimidating it was working with like- The Guardians of the Galaxy cast and the Dr. Strange cast as well. We’re all friends, we hang out and have dinner parties and stuff- but on set? It’s different. The level of professionalism and the A game attitude that everyone had, it was very intimidating. You sorta just want to keep pushing yourself to match the others, which was great- it was a fantastic motivation tool amongst all of us.”

“Did you have a lot of screen time together, compared to the Captain America movies?”

“No,” Chris shook his head. “We didn’t have a lot of screen time together, did we?” He looked at you and you shook your head in confirmation. “We hung out a lot off camera, but um- she did more scenes with Sebastian and Anthony than she did with me.”

“In the Captain America movies, our characters were- well, not more important per se, but there weren’t competing characters. There was time for their relationship to build and brew, we could really develop that bond between Cap and Y/C/N.”

Chris nodded and continued, “but in a movie as big as Infinity War where there are so many significant characters and so many great relationships, it is really hard to focus on just one. But that’s okay, we all loved how the movie turned out. At the end of the day, it’s the movie as a whole rather than individual characters that matter.” You nodded in agreement. “We’re just glad we got to be apart of something great together,” he said as he entwined his fingers with yours.

“Speaking of,” the interviewer began with a excited smile. “There has been talk of the two of you working on a romance some time this year? Is that true, or is that just a rumor?” You and Chris looked at each other, smiling knowingly. “Oh wow, that’s exciting! Can you give us a little teaser on what it’s going to be about?”

“Just two people falling in-love,” Chris answered, a love sick smile on his lips even after he tore his gaze from you. “Both our contracts with Marvel have ended, so we thought we’d take this time to dabble in our other interests. She wanted to write something and I wanted to direct, so we’re going to do that. It should be interesting, we’re very excited to see the outcome. I’m very excited to work with the lead actress,” he looked over at you, trying not to chuckle when you did. “She’s just a dream, as beautiful as she is talented. I’m a little worried I’d run off with her,” he chuckled.

“I’m very worried I’d run off with the lead actor,” you bit back your smile. “He is very handsome, very talented, and he was Captain America.” Chris and the interviewer laughed. “What girl doesn’t want that in her life?” You teased, squeezing Chris’ hand.

“You two are adorable together, we can’t wait to see what you produce together.” The interviewer smiled at the both of you then turned back to the camera. “Chris Evans and Y/N Y/L/N, everybody.” The two of you waved at the camera then followed the representative to the next interview, hand in hand and laughing between yourselves.

“You know something, Y/N?”

“What?” You looked at Chris with raised brows.

“I love you,” his blue eyes watched you intently, a smile on his lips.

“I love you too,” you smiled back then kissed his perfect lips.