Guardians of the Galaxy

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I'm having a less than great day, any good movies or shows I should watch?

Yes! <3 If you haven’t seen it yet: Seven Deadly Sins is great for bad moods because its ridiculous and hype while still being serious.

If you have, even if its sad it’ll match your mood and its fucking hilarious to boot, Bridesmaids and The Heat are my new favorite movies. Fuck yes to strong willed women winning at everything.

Also Megamind is a good pick-me-up because it’s a comedy but also tragic and uplifting. Personally, when I feel shitty I watch Deadpool or Guardians of the Galaxy, because I love the comedy and the reject heroes getting a big spotlight, but if you need some quiet good feels Warm Bodies is a favorite of mine. Little corny, mostly awesome music and great actors.

Similar to this in my mind is Rise of the Guardians which is just like animation porn from start to finish with Chris Pine voice acting a teenage heartthrob in an identity crisis.
Ovaries = imploding. 

Do something nice for yourself, take a break with some snacks, and watch one of these movies, and I can guarantee you’ll at least spend two hours relaxing to some great cinematography. 

Take care! I hope you get some sunshine soon! <3

Sooo I’m p sure there’s nothing else for me to do on the mini gotg event, since the only quests available are about ranking up Star Lord and since I was able to recruit him in the first one I need to get like 30 of those stuff from the mission board and the other is about recruiting Rocket and Groot and since I’m a f2p player I don’t have the shards for them…
I wished they would at least re release Drax since I started playing at the end of the gotg event and only got Peter and Gamora in time
Although from the info gathered I believe we might get a p big event focused on Thanos soon and we’ll have the chance to recruit Carol and probably more space related characters

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You can tell a lot about a person by the music they listen to. Put your mp3 player, itunes, spotify, etc. on shuffle and list the first 10 songs and then tag 10 people. No skipping!

1. Panic Switch by the Silversun Pickups

2. Boondocks by Little Big Town

3. Damaged by Danity Kane

4. I’m So Sorry by Imagine Dragons

5. Pray to God by Calvin Harris feat. HAIM

6. Go All the Way by the Raspberries

7. Cherry Bomb by The Runaways

8. Meant to Live by Switchfoot

9. Instant Crush by Daft Punk feat. Julian Casablancas

10. I Want You Back by the Jackson 5

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Ships Are OPEN

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The time has come! SHIPS ARE OPEN FOR THE NEXT 24 HOURS. It’s about 10 pm where I’m at so they will be open until 10:00 PM CST September 25. I have things due for my history class tomorrow and need to get a test done in math so I will more than likely NOT be answering them until later in the week since I’ve got work and school too.

Now, onto the rules:

  • You may only request up two two fandoms
  • Please let me know if you’d like to be shipped with a male, female, or if you have no preference
  • Fandoms I do ships for: Doctor Who, Supernatural, Sherlock, Avengers, Teen Wolf, Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Hunger Games, Lord of the Rings/Hobbit, The Maze Runner, Guardians of the Galaxy, Once Upon A Time, Bones, Criminal Minds, Arrow, The Flash, Dragon Age (all three games), Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Deadpool, Daredevil, Ant-Man, CA: Civil War, 
  • Also, please give me a short description of yourself; hobbies, personality, looks (though I really don’t look at that), etc. 
  • I cannot stress this enough: please be somewhat thorough in your description of yourself. To give you the best possible ship, I need more information than just what you look like and three words on your personality. It makes it really difficult to ship you with someone if I don’t get a feel for who you are, you know?

And that’s it! Also, please, only send in one ask! I get overwhelmed very quickly when I have a ton of ships to do so I also ask that all of you be patient with me. 

So the magnificent seven was amazing, it was awesome to see a western “modernised” with some great set piece shootouts and solid practical effects. And every time I see Chris Pratt I remember the jail scene from guardians of the galaxy and if I could summon the motivation that would be my sort of fitness goal tbh.

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14 and 36

14. if you can live anywhere in the world where would it be? why?

I’d probably live either where I am now or in Ireland. The former for sentimental reasons, and the latter because I have family there that could set me up with a place to stay and stuff.

36. favorite movie?

Idk. I like Guardians of the Galaxy a lot, so I guess that.