Guardians of the galaxy


Since everyone seemed to like my Voltron/Guardians of the Galaxy cross over here’s some more! :D Because Keith sees Lance as a disgusting heathen and… well… Rocket Pidge was necessary. + rover! (sorry it’s pretty sketchy)

I post more frequently on my Insta so if you wanna come say hi I’d love that! :D Thank you so much for everyone who followed me over the last 24 hours!! It means so much to me I couldn’t believe it.

A kind Anon asked if I would repost this drawing because they were worried I might be white washing Lance (who is canonically Cuban just in case you didn’t know :D :D) but when I posted it I think it appeared supremely tiny on my page. So here’s an edited version of my previous post.

I am sort of new to tumblr since I mainly use my Insta so I’m still figuring out how to respond to folks and all that fun stuff! :D Anyways, I don’t want to offend anyone so please do let me know if I get anything like that wrong and I will fix the mistake as fast as I can. 

Thanks so much for all the sweet comments everyone!!



anonymous asked:

Your art is great, but I feel like the skin tone is a bit light, and might be marked as white washing??? Do you think you can repost one where Lance has slightly darker skin?

I don’t want to offend anyone in any way and I will definitely get things wrong, so please please anyone tell me if I’ve made a mistake in any way, race, gender, ethnicity, sexuality etc. Thank you! I totally forgot Lance was canonically Cuban! (I think I just used the dropper tool to grab his skin tone from the show – but I am more than happy to change that.) So here’s an edited version of the drawing I previously posted. I hope this is better!

Thank you sweet anon! XD

I makes a changes!

I has a news avatars of me that is tells Autism Speaks to fucks off. Rocket helps me makes it by adds the rainbows infinity symbols and texts but I does the reds frames by myself!

Autism Speaks is fucksticks!

Me and Rocket are buys lots of reds sprays paints and we sneaks out at nights and sprays paints the equivalents to #REDInstead all over buildings but we are sprays it in Skrull because it is something I can writes in a little bits and also so nobody knows it is us haha! I does not recommends this on Earth because you will gets in lots of troubles if you are catch and I doesn’t wants you to gets arrests. Believes me when I says it sucks and it is bores to sits in a cells all nights.

This is what REDInstead looks likes in Skrull! They doesn’t has a hashtags symbols but it says REDInstead.

Sucks it, Autism Speaks!

It’s been 94 years


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2016 has taught me not to take any of my “celebrities” for granted so….

I appreciate

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Marvel is what keeps me going

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It keeps me fighting

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It keeps giving me reasons to live

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And, it has provided me with the best role model I could ever ask for (RDJ not Tony Stark, lol!)

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And I even got an OTP out of that :P

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All thanks to you, Stan Lee, the true superhero

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