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Kevin Fiege has confirmed that two different ‘Spider-man: Homecoming’ trailers will be released - a domestic one and an international one. “They will have some different shots and different lines of dialogue between them. Enough where I thought it would be fun for people to see both”. The domestic trailer will debut on Jimmy Kimmel tonight and is confirmed to be 1 minute and 42 seconds long!

Little Rascal (Guardians of the Galaxy)

word count: 894

summary: Y/N and Rocket bond and Groot gets himself into some trouble. 

a/n: Because baby Groot is so fucking adorable AND I just loved the Guardians so much! No romantic relationships (a little bit of gamora x peter) and the reader is protective of Groot (but who wouldn’t be?)

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Throwback Thrusday:PrattPack headcanons

Dedicated to @ursulaismymiddlename

Since you are now a proud mother, lets see how the guys would handle taking care of a newborn named after Steve Rodgers (Captain America).

Andy Dwyer (Parks and Recreation): When you got pregnant, he was excited and nervous, but everyone at the office (especially Ron) helped out through the pregnancy. After the baby is born, Andy would always get up when the baby cries so you can sleep. He even plays one of his MouseTrap songs to soothe him back to sleep. Loves playing peek-a-boo with him although he’s much too young to play. Nicknamed him ‘Lil Cap’.

Peter Quill (Guardians of the Galaxy): Completely lost his shit when he found out he was going to be a father. He doubts that he can be a good parent but you assure him he’ll be a great father. He loses sleep because the baby has an hard time sleeping on the Milano. The ship would stink of diapers at times because he poops so much. Sometimes has Groot rock the baby to sleep when he wakes up late at night. Always plays his Walkman with lil Steve. Is jealous that you named him after Captain America but calls him ‘Starlord Jr’ behind your back.

Owen Grady (Jurassic World) : Was extremely happy to found out he was going to be a dad. Like Andy, most of the time he would be the first to get up if the baby is crying. He would hum a lullaby to soothe him back to sleep. He takes him to visit the raptors when they’re nuzzle up. At first, Owen thought it was silly to name the baby after a fictional character but it grew on him over time. Hopes someday he’ll live up to the name (no pressure). 

Josh Faraday (Magnificent 7): Had no idea you were pregnant until after you had the baby when he came back into town. He gets frustrated easily because he doesn’t know how to handle a newborn when he cries. Moody because of the lack of sleep from being up all night. Gives up drinking, shooting and smoking for a bit so he can be sober. Secretly can’t wait until he’s older so he can teach him how to shoot and play cards. Preferred that you named lil Steve after him but doesn’t say to you directly. 


James ‘Bucky’ Barnes: He was unsure if he was a good person, let alone a good parent. Thought naming the baby after Steve was ‘the best thing in the world’. Is very careful with baby Steve because of his metal arm. Holds him in his metal arm when his actual arm gets tired. Sometimes, he would hum baby Steve a lullaby and tell him stories during his time in the war.