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During his interview with Empire Magazine, Benedict Cumberbatch explained how hard it was aligning the schedules of all the actors in the MCU for the next Avengers movie. “To get us all together will be quite something. That’s why [my] character is being introduced, to open up the next chapter. So watch this space to see how that unfolds”!

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1. Nick Wilde (Zootropolis)

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2. Bolt (Bolt)

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3. Tod (The fox and the hound)

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4. Leo (Jungle emperor leo, couldn’t find a good gif)

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5. Brain Griffin (Family guy)

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6. Fry (Futurama)

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8. Rocket raccon (Guardians of the galaxy)

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9. Toothless (How to train your dragon)

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10. Baymax (Big hero 6)

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I don't know if this has been asked before. But, how do the Pratt Pack react when bae suggests period sex?

Faraday: He wouldn’t be into it. The main problem is that he has seen so much blood spill, violence, and death; and a lot of it he was directly involved in. Seeing blood come from you–someone he really cares about–in any way, shape, or form would actually act as somewhat of a trigger, even though he knows it’s something that happens to all women.

Owen: Depends on what phase you’re in. If you’re at the peak time of your flow, he’ll probably suggest to wait a day or two, but mild to heavy spotting he doesn’t really mind. He knows it’s simply a part of life and it’s harmless. He just doesn’t particularly enjoy seeing his own dick covered in blood. 

Peter: It takes a lot to phase Quill, and he has seen much stranger things than blood coming from a vagina. In his eyes, it’s just sex with a bit of extra lubrication. Not a big deal at all. 

Andy: He’s very squeamish about it, but if he’s sex deprived and a little bit drunk then yolo let’s do it.

To the cures people who are tires of lives with “severe low functions” autism...

I am talks to the ones who claims they wants to cures autism so the person they loves doesn’t has to suffers. I knows what you are says for reals because I fits the category you likes to puts on autistic people who doesn’t speaks, needs helps and communicates in ways that are hard to understands.

You wants to be cures of has to takes cares of them. It is not about them or what they wants it is about YOU and what YOU wants. You are tires of stops them from punch their faces or bites their skins until they bleeds. You are tires of sees property destroys and gets bruises from when they hits you. You are tires of stays up all nights because they can’t stops screams and nothing you try are soothes them.

I has nights likes that. I forgets how to uses my datapads sometimes if I gets overstimulates, sicks, triggers or has pains. I has days where nothing makes any senses and the worlds is noises and colors. I has days where I can’t stops bites or thrash myself. I ruptures my lefts eyeballs yesterdays when I thrash my heads against a consoles but it grows backs in twelves hours because I am a Flora Colossus and we regenerates fasts.

I keeps my friends awakes. I makes them worry. I mess up plans when I has behaviors crisis from being sicks, overstimulates, in pains or triggers. You could writes books about all the problems I has or why life clash with my brains a lot!

Guess what? Where I comes from autistic neurology is normal and aliens who doesn’t has brains likes me are the ones who looks disables! What if I decides your needs to talks nonstop is annoys and needs cures? What if I decides you are suffers because you doesn’t flaps your hands or collects pretty rocks so you needs cures? How about I tells people you can’t communicates at all while you are stands rights next to me and you needs cures? Here, lets me tells the entire internet about how you takes off your clothes to piss and shits and shows pictures of you does it to proves you are so hard to takes cares of and you needs cures!

What gives you the rights to decides an autistic person is suffers when the problems is you? You shoves them into environments they can’t tolerates and decides they suffers because YOU can’t takes them to that places. Boohoo cry me a rivers because it is more about how they affects and interrupts YOU than their quality of life.

YOU are the ones who sees only the burdens because you try everything and they are still screams, hurts themselves or attacks you. Maybe they wants you to listens even if you doesn’t understands. Maybe they wants to hears you says you knows they are communicates something and that you are not understands it. Because autistic people doesn’t fails to communicates but not-autistic people fails to recognizes they are being communicates to and calls it behaviors problems instead.

Aggressive behaviors is tells you something. Screams and self-injures behaviors is tells you something. Grabs something or push something away is tells you something. Runs away is tells you something. Spins and flaps and rocks backs and forth is tells you something. Giggles and squeals is tells you something.

You doesn’t frowns on signs languages which is a behaviors that communicates but you frowns on autistic people who punch and bites themselves. Signs languages vary depends on where you learns it from and nonverbal autistic people’s communicates vary depends on the individuals. You are hypocrites if you accepts signs languages as communications but claims autistic people’s behaviors is not communicates.

Fucks off with your beliefs that wears diapers, being nonverbal and has lots of senses issues means they are suffers. Autistic people who needs lots of help and has hard to understands communicates sometimes has comorbid conditions that makes their life hard and those causes the suffers, not autism by itself. Does you wants to cures things? Cures depressions. Cures gluten intolerance. Cures arthritis. Cures the migraines. Cures the seizures. Cures chronic pains. Most of all cures your shits attitudes.

By the ways fucks you if you gets mad and thinks my attitudes is dismiss and invalidates your struggles as a caregivers. You does it to autistic people all the times because you thinks anybody who talks positives about being autistic doesn’t has any struggles ever and anybody who can types is automatics labels as too highs functions to understands. It is always supposes to be about you, rights? Haha, makes sure you wears ponchos before you slings that shits because those of us who smears shits might mistakes your thick skulls for a bricks walls.

when Bucky saw Peter in the Spiderman suit the first time he was like “what the hell is that” so can we please just take a moment to imagine him meeting the Guardians of the Galaxy crew. imagine him meeting Groot and Rocket. Rocket would start speaking and Bucky would be like “…T'Challa man, I need you to put me back under bc my head still ain’t right, I’m telling you that Racoon just asked me for my arm”


                                                            Female are strong as hell. 

Detective Pikachu Movie Written By Guardians Of The Galaxy And Gravity Falls Writers

Things are starting to happen regarding the upcoming Detective Pikachu movie as Variety is reporting that Nicole Perlman and Alex Hirsch are both in talks to write the script for the live action film. The film is being produced by Legendary and Universal Pictures will handle the distribution outside of Japan. Here’s some more information on both of the talented writers being pitched with the task of writing the film.

Perlman cut her teeth in Marvel’s writers’ room, penning such comic-book hits such as “Thor” and “Guardians of the Galaxy.” Marvel has now tasked her with penning the “Captain Marvel” film with “Inside Out” scribe Meg LeFauve, as well as helping to develop the third “Sherlock Holmes” movie with Team Downey.Hirsch created Disney’s cult favorite “Gravity Falls” and is repped by UTA and Jared Levine at Morris Yorn Barnes Levine Entertainment Law Firm.