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Name: Mihaíl
Nicknames: Mish, Misha, Mish Mish, Dix, Misha, Mishy-Mosh, Pingüinos
Birthdate: September 7th, 1597
Height: 1.60 m or 5′3 ft
Ethnicity: Mexican
Orientation: South East…jk…Heterosexual 
Favourite fruits: bananas, mangos, guanabanas, lichis
Favourite season: Autumn and winter
Favourite book: All books by Hermann Hesse, Frankenstein
Favourite flower: roses
Favourite scent: BLEACH, a wet garden, wet rocks
Favourite animals: cheetahs, cats, wolves, vultures, hyenas, bulls
Favourite beverage: water, mezcal ahumado, tequila, red bull, beer, MILK (chocolate milk), Schweppes
Average hours of sleep: 4 - 12
Favourite fictional characters: Dexter Morgan, Harry Callahan,  Antoine Doinel, Rango, Fox Mulder
Number of blankets: 1 - 3
Dream trip: outer space

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reasons why mexico and its 112 million of inhabitants are the bomb:

  • mexican cuisine was declared intangible heritage of humanity
  • we got 33 properties inscribed on the world heritage list by unesco
  • mexico is considered a “mega-diverse” country and forms part of a select group of nations that possess the greatest number and diversity of animals and plants
  • mexico’s got a rich cultural diversity, history and heritage 
  • we were home of important ancient civilizations (maya, aztec, miztec, olmec, toltec, etc) 
  • we got amazing beaches, dawns and sunsets
  • a mexican was the inventor of the color-wheel type of color television 
  • some of the fruits and vegetables mexico has given to the world: tomatoes, tomatillos, chayote, nopales, chiles, jicama, beans, avocados, corn, bananas, pineapples, oranges, lemons, guavas, papayas, strawberries, limes, mangoes, watermelon, prickly pear, dragon fruit, passiom fruit, guanabana, also a type of vanilla, cocoa (the bean that is transformed to chocolate) and chicozapote (the tree used to produce bubble gum), and so on.
  • mexico has 12 free trade agreements with 44 countries all over the world
  • mexico has a place in the top 10 of the most visited countries by international tourist arrivals 
  • mexico is the largest producer of silver. we also produce gold, fluorite, copper, bismuth, etc
  • mexico is an active exporter of lots of products
  • we are a country full of fiesta! we celebrate everything, even death 
  • even when we have a lazy reputation, we work hard
  • and we are considered one of the happiest countries of america, just saying

it is too easy to asume that we are a dangerous country, when, in fact, just a little portion of mexico is considered like that. but we are not the ones holding conferences to express the supremacy and privilege of our asses compared to other races, nope… we are minding our own damn business while working hard. and yes, our government sucks, and yes, there are a lot of corruption, but befriend a mexican person and you will get a real and loyal amigo. 

with that being said, racist people, keep saying we are the worst while y’all keep being trashy, we are too busy to fight against your stupid stereotypes ;)