Houses and their antics.

Gryffindor: Started a fight club. They meet on the quidditch pitch every other Saturday night.

Ravenclaw: They built a machine?? It is like. half flame-thrower and half carousel?? ?

Hufflepuff: They have a secret dog. 

Slytherin: They bet on everything. Literally everything. its becoming a problem. There’s a 5th year without shoes. He lost them gambling. 

574. It’s quite popular to “adopt” your secondary/hatstall house for a few days in March. Everyone is a bit fed up with their common rooms due to midterm preparation, so they decide “Hey, what’s it like to be a (other house)?” So they gather their friends, swap robes, schedules and passwords, and let the games begin. They find it hilarious and a good opportunity to explore the other houses and their hobbies

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Shoutout to the houses with ADHD

Here’s to the Gryffindors who can’t remember times, places, and dates, who feel a constant urge to just go, who feel like their nerves are electrical wires, who keep a rubber band around their wrist to snap when they aren’t focused, who don’t understand why it can’t just stop, who constantly say they need to throw something away or go to the bathroom or blow their nose because they need to move, who are accused of being lazy but in truth they just couldn’t remember or figure it out, who constantly feel the dense mixture of burning frustration, lukewarm regret and cold disappointment in their gut, who are fighting it as best they can.

Here’s to the Hufflepuffs who can’t sit through an entire movie, who have to actively tap their fingers to remember anything, who start making something for a friend but then get up and forget about it because they couldn’t concentrate, who are worried that whenever they spend long amounts of times with the people they love, they’re constant need to move will become annoying, who always feel the claws of self-hatred choking them, whose thoughts flit so quickly they say it’s more like a crash at an intersection than a train, who make jokes about their daydreamer tendencies that actually hurt, who just need someone to support and help and understand.

Here’s to the Ravenclaws who study for hours upon hours but can only remember what they crammed seconds before the tests, who start a project but never get around to finishing it, who know they’re smart but can’t help but doubt it because “ then why are their grades so low?”, who should have much higher marks but can’t remember more than 1/3 of the material, who feel humiliation and mortification and hopelessness whenever they look at their work, who find something new they’re excited to learn about, but forget to or can’t concentrate, who think that it’s somehow their fault, who are constantly looking for proof of their brain.

Here’s to the Slytherins who experiment with so many techniques for focusing that they lost count, who have to read one instruction five times before they get it, who fear that they’re a lost cause with no hope, who try working out while the study because maybe if they try to combine the problems, it’ll make a solution, who don’t understand how their classmates can just concentrate, who feel like they’ll never accomplish their goals or make anything out of themselves, who want to know more about their favorite subject, but also want to move and run and feel, who worry that failure is their only path, who can’t imagine a life where they accomplish their goals but feel like its the only possibility, who need help.

All of you are smart, talented, and so valuable, never forget that. You are valid, it isn’t your fault, just get help. I love and am here for you.

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Which houses do you think would be the most and least likely to want to get married and raise a family? I'm thinking Hufflepuff would be most likely, because they seem to be the type to desire a more down to earth, home life. Ravenclaws would probably be the least likely, because I see them as being a bit "aloof" and more dedicated to intellectual pursuits than to relationships.

I think it obviously depends on the individual in each house as I have friends in all four houses who want to get married and have a family and friends in all four houses who don’t. That being said, at least with my friend group, MOST of the people who want to get married/are married with kids are Hufflepuff and MOST of the people who are eh about it are Ravenclaws - however, my maid of honor, who is a Ravenclaw, loves weddings and children and marriage and all that fun stuff, so again - personal preference

Me, personally, ranking them based more on house stereotypes:

Hufflepuff > Slytherin > Gryffindor > Ravenclaw

-Amy (Hufflepuff)

I think it seriously hinges on their personal associations with marriage and raising children. Many Gryffindors see marriage as confining, and as a general rule, we prefer our freedom. But many Gryffindors (like myself) see a spouse as a Teammate for Life™ with whom we will get to experience all the adventures this world has to offer.

There is such a strong divergence along marriage lines within each house that I honestly can’t put them in order. I can see how many would see Hufflepuffs as most likely to want it, but I have a long history of dating Ravenclaws and more of them wanted to get married than not, so I find it hard to put them last. 

For me its just too personal of a subject matter to really define it on house lines.

-Jamie (Gryffindor)  

Modern Hogwarts Houses' Stereotypes

-only uses the blue heart emoji
-say they like bitter coffee but is actually a bitch for sweet caramelly cappuccinos
-tell everyone they sucked at a test but gets an A
-Twenty One Pilots
-probably bi

-watches anime
-owns a small cactus
-messy hair
-Ed Sheeran
-“I’m discovering myself!”
-gets talked into trying weed by their Ravenclaw friend

-sports merch
-most likely straight
-dog person
-forgets to water their plants
-whatever’s on the radio
-“the best things in life aren’t things”

-what’s “straight”??
-bitter coffee, caramelly pancakes
-owns a journal
-Beyoncé, Arctic Monkeys, Hayley Kiyoko

Inter-House Friendships #2
  • Ravenclaw: *laying on the floor having an existential crisis*
  • Hufflepuff: *quietly lays next to them*
  • Slytherin: *shakes head in defeat and sits next to the other two*
  • Gryffindor: *lays entire body on top of Ravenclaw*