OTP Wing

Person C: *wraps arm around A’s sholders* Hey A.

Person A: What’s up?

Person C: *points at B* You see B over there?

Person A: Yeah?.. What about B?

Person C: B thinks you’re really cute.

Person A: I would hope so! We’re married.


Thank you for bringing JOY to my heart, BEAUTY to my world and LOVE to my life

→ Fairy Tail main ships (+ Canajane)

OTP Prompt of the Day:

Person A: You’re telling me, that during the 5 minutes that I used the loo, you’ve managed to break four of this man’s fingers just because he gives you ‘bad vibes’??

Person B: What? I don’t like him.

Person C, the couple’s common friend: The dude wolf-whistled when you bent down earlier.